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Amy Testimonial for headshot.png

"Wow... I was SO impressed by Alexandra's astrology reading! I felt like she really saw my gifts and was able to translate them into tangible examples that applied to my real life. After leaving the session I felt so much more empowered in my life's work and business, and also in my love life and relationships. She helped me love and embrace my unique way of being in this world, and did so in a way that was deeply intuitive, compassionate, caring, and extremely helpful! Plus, she was GREAT at answering all of my questions. I'd highly recommend getting a reading done by her - it was the best reading I've ever had (and I've worked with several astrologers). Thank you, Alexandra! I couldn't be more grateful for your time and talent."

Amy Meraki,

Intuitiver Business-Coach

“Alexandra created a very safe environment to explore very intimate topics. She offers a beautiful approach which feels like a blend of spirituality and science. I am so grateful for the reading that I received, it gave me so much to think about! I felt very validated throughout the reading and she was spot on about many areas in my life. I was blown away!”


Simon Testimonial.jpeg

“I recently had the pleasure of being read by Alexandra. I must admit to being an enthusiastic sceptic and not expecting too much from it.
However, I was so wrong and really came away with a different outlook and understanding of who I was. Really fascinating insights into my future and a healthy understanding of how I think and why.
Very different reading to the normal and delivered by a truly lovely and talented person. Fully recommended to anyone looking for intellectual guidance."


“In such a delicate and sensitive way, Alexandra has an amazing ability to peel off all the layers to our own self. Harboring our vulnerabilities and helping us to redefine and integrate, what could be sometimes a painful issue, into a truly empowering experience.
Astrology has been a passion for 15 years, which is why I would like to thank her for what was such a different perspective and a beautiful experience.”

Marta Corouche,

Professioneller Astrologe

Michelle Testimonial.jpeg

"Absolutely loved my session with Alexandra.  Her authenticity and sweetness shine through. She guides you though understanding your chart with much care, expertise and attention while explaining the nuances along the way in terms that are relatable and understandable. Alexandra shares a wonderful wealth of knowledge so that we can gain a deeper understanding of ourself and the complexities of our traits. Thank you Alexandra!"

Michelle Evangelista

“Alexandra was such a great guide on our recent in depth exploration of my natal chart.  She was professional from the get go - beginning with clear prompt communication even before we met.  When we met for the reading, I felt like she really listened and was very intuitive in her approach.  I loved that she began by asking me what I wanted from the session, and tailored her reading to my intentions and questions.  That being said, she was willing to go with the flow when something caught our attention in the moment (based on what she was sharing).  I really appreciated her ability to pivot and spontaneously explore a different area of the chart, or go deeper into our current focus.  The depth of her knowledge was impressive!”

Lynn Bos
LCSW, Reiki-Meister, NARM-Therapeut

Anna Testimonial.jpg

"I really enjoyed my chart reading with Alexandra.  Her style is open and engaging and she instantly puts you at ease.  Her communication too, is factual and informative.  She is also intuitive and I found the analysis of my chart to be extremely precise and I very much look forward to the outcomes of her predictive readings!  Finally, working in a tech company I really appreciated how she has automated administrative tasks to create a seamless booking process.  Thank you Alexandra, wishing you every success with your business venture and looking forward to future readings."


Daniela Testimonial.jpg

"In order to be able to share from the heart and create the intention to be a channel in translating the language of the sky I believe you have to be passionate about Astrology and the meanderings of all the teachings that arise from not only understanding your own chart but opening the gate for others to understand their own charts and how they can better work with all that is happening energetically in the Cosmos. Alexandra has that passion. I am deeply grateful for her guidance."


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