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My Type of Astrology

What type of astrology do I do?

I am a Western Astrologer who includes various asteroids and primarily uses the Tropical zodiac and Whole Sign System. 

That means:

Western Astrology is a system that uses the sun, the moon, eight other planets, several mathematical points including your Ascendant, and as many asteroids as one wants to include to cast a chart. It focuses on individual personalities, choices, and agency.

The Tropical zodiac is a system that links the signs of the zodiac (like Capricorn) with the length of days on Earth (a.k.a. the sun’s alignment with Earth’s axis). For instance, Capricorn season always begins on the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day on Earth. The tropical zodiac is the one most often used in the Western world; I am open, however, to explore the Sidereal side of your chart if you so wish.

Whole Sign System is a specific way to calculate the houses of a chart. (Houses are portions of the sky that represent different areas of your life.) There are different ways to calculate houses – and they all work.

Asteroids in astrology are any number of small-ish bodies in the sky (even those that aren’t technically called asteroids). I work with the Goddess Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno as well as Chiron, Eris, Eros, and Psyche.

Psyche, who is lesser known than the rest of the asteroids, stands for soul struggles, soul-led transformation, the soul in general, the psyche and psychology, intuitive and extra-sensory gifts and soulmate/twinflame relationships.

Eros is an asteroid concerned with sexuality and passions of all kinds, Eris with fighting off oppression and unchecked anger, Chiron with our biggest wounds, our mentors, the healing paths that work for us, and the gifts we receive through healing.

As for the Goddess asteroids, Juno is the asteroid of marriage, the spouse, and archetype of the queen of heavens (so we’re talking about social justice, among other things), Vesta of devotion, cyclic giving of oneself, sacredness, being whole unto ourselves, and sexuality. Pallas signifies intuitive and non-linear creativity, intelligence, wisdom, and strategy, and lastly, Ceres stands for motherhood and nurture of all kind.

I am proficient in Steven Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology - an astrological system based on free will and human growth. I'm also an Intuitive Astrologer through Virginia Rosenberg’s Sky Scholar and a Certified Mythic Rising Woman affiliated astrologer trained by Andrea Depuis. This program mixes Western with Vedic astrology and includes modern-day psychology and trauma-conscientiousness.

I offer readings in both English and German.


About Me

My Story

Hey there! I’m Alexandra and I’m a writer, an author, and an intuitive astrologer.

I grew up as a very intuitive, empathetic child that always strove to help other people. I have an innate desire to show people how truly unique and lovable they are – not from a place of wanting to feed their egos. But from a place of wanting people to be connected to truth, to what’s truthfully inside of them. And that’s usually pretty amazing.

On top of being very sensitive, I’m also a very analytical person that sees the world in very wholistic terms. This has in part to do with one of the most impactful life experiences I had: health issues. I spent my entire puberty either in school or in the doctors’ offices, trying everything imaginable to stay alive and get healthy – including experimental means. Five years of extreme symptoms, fourteen years of different therapies in total; it’s a long time that taught me many things.

I learned intimately that seeing yourself in fragments is a recipe for remaining stuck. Nothing of ourselves lives in a vacuum: not our health, not our relationships, not the things we believe about ourselves, not the way we live life. Just as everything in our bodies is interconnected and affects each other, life is a larger jewel whose facets of “work,” “love,” “family,” “identity,” and so on are part of a greater whole.

Because of this worldview and how important it was in my life (its results are the reasons I can live a normal life now), it was hard for me to find a field of study that worked.

I first thought comparative studies was it for me: a science where you take different genres of literature, ways of making art, music, dance, etc. and compare them with one another – all throughout contexts of history, sciences, religion, philosophies, geographical contexts, political movements, and everything else you can think of.

It’s a very broad field, but I missed the connection to the individual human. So I switched first to medicine, then to psychology. For years, I studied different modalities of psychology. German university, courses like Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins University, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health by the University of Sydney, as well as further courses by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Toronto, and the University of Minnesota.

I learned everything I could about Shadow Work, energy systems, somatic healing practices, the mind-body connection, psycho-neurological therapies, and healing modalities that blend old, indigenous traditions with modern, Western science. I was mentored by Jordan Gray of for 1½ years and learned from Rising Woman. I even went through a coaching certification course (not affiliated with either of them) that later revealed itself to be ethically problematic, which is why I refused certification.

This time and these teachings brought a lot of gifts into my life. I even wrote a novel at that time about a man meeting Death after a failed suicide attempt – and learning valuable lessons about life and the beauty of aliveness. The Seven Faces of Death – Through the Darkness.

But eventually, I noticed that even psychology wasn’t broad enough for me. It surprised me that this was too narrow – but it was too disconnected to the wholistic worldview I had, even though it was so so close to it and so valuable in and of itself.

Astrology entered my life through a miracle (and my mom, truth be told).

And I finally realized: there is a discipline out there that doesn’t see people in their fragments. That doesn’t break life’s facets down and says: this I work with, this I don’t work with.

A discipline where psychology, the human body, natural sciences, belief systems, spirituality and religion, finances, career, job, and work environment, learning, teaching and communication, archetypes, statistics, astronomy, home life, family, love, and children, sexuality, pets, and everything else you can think of is somehow represented and out into context.

A system that creates a roadmap completely tailored to each individual. That offers the User’s Manual I’d always wanted to be born with. That doesn’t work via one-size-fits-all statistics that come from 18-22-year-old college students that need to fill out surveys to get credit points… or pieces of folk knowledge and advice that works wonders for some, but not at all for others.

A system that tells you from minute one what you need. What works for you. Who you are in every aspect of yourself and your life – and how you can use it to solve problems, plan ahead, find clarity, and have agency.

I remember thinking: that’s it. That’s what I need to do for a living. That's my job.

For the next two years, I threw myself into my studies. I absolved several programs by Astrologer of Social Change Virginia Rosenberg, and am finished both her Sky Scholar Certification courses. I am also a affiliated certified Mythic Astrologer.  

With each step, I realize how much astrology can help people. (Want to learn more? Here are my Testimonials).

With each step, I am in awe of the people I meet and the wisdom in their charts.

And with each step, I am so grateful for the work I get to do – that is different, for sure, but so valuable.

If you’d like to book a session with me, click here. I’d love to have you. Also, make sure to check out my Blog if you want to read more about how astrology works and the different articles I wrote.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Love, and see you around!


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