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How do I book?

Just reach out to me via the form found under Book A Session and we'll take it from there :) Same goes for if you want to gift someone a session!

What languages do you speak?

English and my native language, German.

Can we record our session?

Yes! The fee is $5 and the recording will be automatically sent to you through Skype itself, which means that no 3rd parties such as clouds etc. are used and privacy remains intact.

What's your policy on refunds?

I have a no-refunds policy for singular sessions and packages (even if the package wasn't done yet). Reason for that is that prep for multiple sessions starts before session 1 and is a multiple-week process.

Exceptions are the recording fee ($5) if recordings can't be delivered, or the Quick Fix if I can't deliver within 72h. Once the report is sent, there will be no refund for Quick Fix, either.

Do you really need my exact time of birth?

Unfortunately, yes. Astrology isn't as accurate without someone's exact birth time and can be completely inaccurate with a wrong time of birth (so please don't make anything up). If you don't know your birth time, you can check your birth certificate or go to an astrologer who specializes in chart rectification.

What if I don't want to know the future?

Then I’m not telling you. :) I really care about consent in all areas of life, so if there’s something in your chart / in this session you’re not willing to discuss, I’m happy to accommodate you. Astrology is also a LOT more than just prediction, so we can have a highly valuable, ninety-minute session without ever touching “the future.”

What type of astrology do you use?

I am a certified Intuitive Astrologer and trauma-informed Mythic Astrologer. I use the Western systemTropical zodiac, Whole Sign, and the astrological asteroids.

That means:

Western Astrology is a system that uses the sun (which you may be aware of), the moon, eight other planets, several mathematical points including your Ascendant, and as many asteroids as one wants to include to cast a chart. The system focuses on individual personalities, choices, and free will.

The Tropical zodiac is the zodiac system most people are familiar with already where the signs (Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and so on) align with the length of days on Earth. Capricorn for instance is where the Sun stands on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. This is different from the astronomical fixed stars of Capricorn (which would be another way to measure the zodiac called the Sidereal Zodiac). I am open, however, to explore the Sidereal side of your chart if you so wish.

Whole Sign System is a specific way to calculate the houses of a chart. 

Asteroids are smaller planetary bodies with specific meanings. I currently work with eight, Chiron, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Ceres, Eros, Psyche, and Destinn.

I am certified in Intuitive Astrology as taught by Virginia Rosenberg which is a co-creative, intuition-based system. 

Mythic Astrology is a trauma-informed blend of Western and Vedic astrology based on free will and psychology.

Can you check out someone else's chart in my reading?

Due to ethical reasons, I only read the person who’s present in the session.

In the Couple’s Package, the singular readings only happen if the person who’s being read is present. A.k.a., Person A for session A, Person B for session B, Person A + B for co-joint session. If that can’t happen, the package will be canceled.

The only exception: for recurring clients with a kid under 16 years who show me the legal paperwork proving that they are the kid’s guardian/parent/…, I will look into the chart for parenting-relevant information only in a dedicated parenting session. What I’ll share: “These are needs your kid has that’s the parent to fulfil/this is NEED TO KNOW information that helps you understand your child better" and so on. What I won't share: "Your kid's love life is going to be ___/this is the best career for your kid" etc. Those are choices your kid has to make in their own time. Again: your kid HAS TO BE under 16. You HAVE TO show the paperwork. I HAVE TO already know you. This is to protect your kid's privacy: kids over 16 aren't kids anymore and can answer all questions you have about them. The paperwork etc. are to make sure I don't pass on information to the wrong people.

What if astrology tells me that I suck, that my partnership will fail, or that my future is doomed?

Truth time? Astrology doesn’t tell you any of that, ever. Astrologers do – and only the highly incompetent ones who don’t actually understand their craft.
The thing is, astrology allows a lot of room for human choice, and human choice can shift "negative potential" in your chart or your relational chart into something positive and worthwhile. 
Astrology shows us the potential that we have, our partnership has, and our future holds. It also shows underlying dynamics, hidden links, and blind spots. But those are all things we can work on and by doing the work and becoming AWARE of what’s going on, things shift from bad to good. To give an example, “bad” aspects in my chart saved my life and gave me some of my greatest, most valuable gifts as a person. Same for a couple I’m friends with: their relationship chart is hard, and yet, these growth edges made them grow stronger together. They didn’t break them, they’re actually the happiest couple I know.
We all have agency over our lives, and astrology is a tool that empowers said agency. How? By giving clarity, showcasing options, and revealing connections you hadn’t seen before. Astrology gives you a roadmap. What you do with that map is your choice – and choices aren’t fixed.
So, I won’t tell you that you’re trapped, that your partnership will fail, or any of that nonsense. That just isn’t astrologically correct.

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