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BLACK FRIDAY SALE! (Til December 5th, 2023)

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Basic Reading

From 149.99$ to $99.99!

The reading for everyone. Includes a deep dive into your astrological blueprint, predictions (if desired), and answers to any questions you bring.

All sessions happen online and can be recorded for an additional fee of 5$.

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Quick Fix


(Only for recurring clients)

Have a time-sensitive question? Problem you need to solve right now? Big decision to make? Everything in your life is odd and you need to know what's beneath the surface?

I gotchu! Send me your question and I'll put a report together within 72h.

Only for recurring clients.

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Your Year Ahead Reading/Report

From $199.99 to $144.44!
90 min or written report

Whether it’s your birthday, New Year’s Eve, or a regular day in life where you'd like to plan the next 365 days: this reading is all about where you’re at and where you’re going, what themes and questions you’ll encounter, and when your plans are most supported.

Can be done in a written report or in a 90 min online reading depending on preference! (Session can be recorded and is more interactive, a written report is easier to refer back to.)

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Soul Purpose Reading

From $199.99 to $144.44!
120 min

What are you meant to do in this world?

This reading explores why you’re here, what you brought, why your present life is how it is, and how you can realize your destiny. Free-will focused & trauma-informed.

Includes: your natal chart, prenatal solar eclipse and prenatal lunation charts, various forms of karmic analysis, your Vedic and Western lunar nodes, the asteroids (including Destinn.)

Sessions happen online and can be recorded for an addition $5!

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Couple's Package

$499.99 for 2 x 90min + 1 x 120 min
Now $444.44!

Have questions about your relationship? Want to know how to best plan for the future with your partner? Want to know how to keep the love alive or love your partner better? Do you have specific questions or choices to make you'd like help with?

This couple's package is for you! Includes 2 90min sessions for each you and your partner + 1 joint 120 min session at the end. Both parties need to be present for the joint reading, and singular sessions only happen when the person who's being read is present.

All sessions happen online and can be recorded for $5/recording.

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