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Astrology of Parenthood: Your Gifts as a Mom/Dad According to Your Horoscope

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Ever wondered what type of parent you’ll make? Or maybe you already have children, and want to know about your gifts and challenges in parenthood – and how to work with them? Maybe you’ll want to know how you and your partner can harmonize as co-parents?

If any of these questions are yours, this article is for you.

Astrology shows your potential and your gifts in parenting, as well as shadow sides that may have to be balanced out. How you step into your potential is of course up to you: and you always have the capacity to learn more skills or more tools, no matter your astrological blueprint.

A full analysis that reflects all complexities of your gifts and challenges in parenthood can only be done in an astrological coaching session. (Here’s the booking link). However, I’ve made a comprehensive list about the two most important key players in the astrology of parenthood through the signs: Ceres and the Moon.

Ceres is an “asteroid” (a.k.a., it’s a dwarf planet, but astrologers are lazy) that’s responsible for parenting, also. Here we see how you give and receive love and nurturance. How you care about something, etc.

The Moon is one of the most important astrological placements we have in the birth chart. It speaks about our own mothers, our bodies, intuition, emotions, physical needs, the unconscious parts of our psyche, and our capacity to be parents or nurture something/someone.

These aren’t the only placements to look at when it comes to the astrology of parenthood.

These are:

- Your Ceres in its sign (which we’ll cover), aspects, and house (which we won’t cover)

- Your Moon in its sign (which we’ll cover), aspects, and house (which we won’t cover)

- Your Saturn (sign, house, aspects)

- The rulers of all three (houses, signs, aspects)

- Your 4th house with sign and planets

- Your 10th house with sign and planets

- Your 5th house with sign and planets

- Your IC and MC (house, sign aspects)

- The rulers of all of the above with aspect, house, and sign

- And your planetary placements in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn with houses and planets involved.

- … on top of the overall chart context, your Sun, and your Rising.

If I wanted to write about all that, I’d probably need three books worth of space and a masterclass. However, no one’s got time for this, so, for the sake of this article, we’ll keep it at the Moon and Ceres through the signs.

(If you don’t know your Moon and Ceres placements, you can either Google it or talk to a professional astrologer. If you’d like to work with me, here’s the link.)

Let’s jump right in!


Gifts: Aries is the warrior archetype. With this sign connected to your Moon or Ceres, you are not taking any nonsense from your kid, therefore great at raising respectful and boundary-sensitive individuals… and you’re also great at teaching your kids to stand up for themselves. You’re the type of parent that will not sit by when there’s an injustice against your child, and the type of parent that makes sure your kid doesn’t, either. Which is great: kids need to be assertive and learn not to be doormats. You are also a true cheerleader, trooper, protector, and always help your child to get ahead and be successful in life. You’re the type of parent who’ll sit through your kid’s soccer practice outside in the rain, who’ll show up to every game and sell hotdogs while you do, and who tells everyone to show up to your child’s theater play or concert. Lastly, you bring an energy and passion to parenting that helps you deal with anything, even triplet toddlers on a sugar high.

Shadow: The shadow side of these placements are: being headstrong, constant anger, a too dominant or too harsh parenting style in punishment or expectation, being selfish, and prioritizing your own development so much that it negatively impacts your child. Obviously, parents aren’t just parents, but also humans with their own needs and lives. Therefore, prioritizing your own needs and goals is healthy. However, over-prioritizing this is also not great, and that’s what I mean to warn against. A good idea with this placement is to always explain to your child why the rules are in place, the punishment happened, and/or why you’re angry with them – or why you’re angry about something else. Children of a certain age take things very personally and think they’re at fault for everything. A six-year-old may see you raving at a driver and think: “I made them mad,” even if it wasn’t on them. Explaining what’s up will do a lot here. And, if you let your child share where they’re at, too – you’ll prevent the shadow side of potentially coming off as too harsh, as well. Overall, this is a good combination: it just needs to be handled consciously.


Gifts: Your gift as a parent is your capacity to really stay present with the moment-to-moment realities of your child. And this gives you a big advantage for the earlier stages of child development, newborn through the end of elementary school, respectively. You easily understand your kid’s physical development and how it changes and informs their needs, moods, and lives. You’re able to work with these things naturally: You create peaceful and fun environments for learning new things or just living naturally. You can make complex things simple – and know how valuable the “simple” parts of life are for a child. Also, you find it easy to feed their needs for sensory exploration. Be it through buying pretty picture books or toys that feel very nice, helping your child learn how to weave, or always exposing them to different flavors of food, types of body movement, or music to listen to: you help a child understand and appreciate the beauty in the world. Most importantly, you have insanely good instincts for parenthood and nurturing. Your ability to parent improves when you ignore what the textbooks say and listen to your gut, your body – and your children as they move through the world.

Shadow: The downside of these placements is mostly in effect when you stop listening to your instincts and over-rely on teachings other people give you. If you just listen to what you feel rather than what you think, you’re very likely to not run into most of the following issues. That being said, nothing in the chart is ever bigger than the chart’s whole. Please see this placement in the context it’s in. That being said: the biggest Shadow of this placement is the predilection to following tradition or routines. While this isn’t intrinsically wrong, just doing something because “it was always done this way” may frustrate a child or hold you back as a parent because it may separate you from the reality of what’s needed. Another potential problem is letting go of your child once they start to become more independent and individualistic. Continuously getting to know your child through the changes of puberty, while releasing attachment to who you think they are, can really help balance out this side effect.


Gift: This is the archetype of the parent as the teacher and the magician that makes life interesting for the kid. With Gemini connected to your Moon or Ceres, you love showing your kid(s) new things and explaining the world to them. You identify with a kid’s curiosity and prioritize all parts of their education. Your household is a place of constant changes, chatter, and new people. You love learning from your kid as much as your kid learns from you. You also like to tell your kid about paradoxes and subtleties of truths, and how different truths can still co-exist. You love showing your kid the many different facets of humanity and can be quite the word wizard. This is a very good combination. You may love to switch things up when it comes to parenting styles or rules, and you may like to include your kids in little experiments so you can all (your kids included) have fun.

Shadow: If you are prone to carelessly say stuff or use harsher language (and I don’t necessarily mean cuss words, but harsh formulations), your kid may take that very personally. Especially if they are young or sensitive. Another thing here is that sometimes, people with the Moon or Ceres in Gemini are a bit too focused on exploring the world – more than their kids are. Follow your child’s interests and respect them if they aren’t, say, into astrology ;). Another thing here is that this combination may switch things up too quickly in parenting, or too often. Lastly, remember that you’ll need to stick to your own rules: Children don’t just pick up what’s said, they copy what’s done.


Gifts: Cancer is the archetype of the mother and nurturer. In Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, all life started with the primal waters that nurtured the seed of will until it became a being. And since astrology was born from those cultures, the archetype of the Cancer sign is very, very tightly interwoven with that energy. Effectively, this means that you are a very gifted parent. Just by being yourself and being with your child, you emit unconditional love, safety, and the sense of being anchored and grounded. You are capable of building and sustaining a tight parent-child (especially mother-child) relationship with your kid that grows with them, and you just “get” all stages of development. This doesn’t mean you’ll do everything right by any means, it just means that you’re intuitive enough to figure out what’s important the moment the child’s development or interest shift. You may also be particularly present in pregnancy, should you be the person to carry the child in your body. The home environment is a very important place for every child, and you excel at making it a safe and healthy place to grow up in. You’re attuned to all of your child’s needs, fears, and desires and know when your kid isn’t ready to do/face something scary… and you help them understand and accept what’s going on before guiding them to feel safe again. You are very, very empathetic and protective… and are a walking, breathing example of the born parent.

Shadow: With this archetype, it’s important for you to learn not to be a martyr or self-sacrifice for your children. While parenthood obviously requires dedication and sacrifices, your own health is not something to give up (this includes mental health and overall quality of life). If you do, it may lead to resentment of your children or life, emotional manipulation, and grudges that make you feel unsafe and deeply unhappy – that then also bleed into your child’s psyche. Another thing to watch out for is over-protecting your kids. People with Cancer placements seek safety by nature, which means that you may have needed a lot of safety and a tight mother-child bond growing up. But your child may not be the same way you are/were. Being too cautious with them may teach a braver child that their bravery is bad, or make a child see the world as a thing to fear… even if that fear isn’t necessary. Lastly, you as a parent may need to learn some tools to emotionally regulate in times of pressure. This depends on your psyche and the rest of your chart though.


Gifts: With the moon and/or Ceres in Leo, you are very gifted at making your child feel special – and at showing them that who they are is beautiful, and important. You recognize the importance of play, fun, and laughter for children and adults, and work hard to prioritize your kid’s quality time with their own creativity and imagination. With this sign, you’re likely to encourage a child’s interest in music, theatre, or the arts… and you’ll raise them to be genuine, warm, loving, supportive, and authentic individuals. With this placement, you’ll be your kids’ partner in crime when they need one and are likely to help your kid feel popular and beloved by their peers. You’ll always strive to be the “cool” parent… But still, at the end of the day, what really matters to you is that your kid stays in touch with who they are on the inside. You care a lot about your kid’s true, authentic self and will always support them to stand up for themselves, even if that makes them unpopular. Courage, authenticity, bravery, love, supportiveness, and ingenuity are things you role-model and preach.

Shadow: I hate to go there, so I’ll be quick. With Ceres and/or the moon in Leo, you may run into the problem of thinking that your needs and your perceptions are your child’s. Generally speaking, this doesn’t come from selfishness or a lack of empathy, but simply from not being aware that there is a different way to think, feel, need, or perceive than yours. Please learn to listen to your kid’s signals and their words to avoid this shadow side. Secondly, these placements can make you a bit prone to high emotional reactivity to your kid’s emotions or slights against either you as a parent or your kid. You may willingly or unwillingly create drama where it’s not necessary. Depending on the rest of your chart, you may need to learn to take a step back and breathe before you answer. Not everything is worth a fight.


Since Virgos usually can’t relax enough to take in the good stuff until they know the bad, I’ll start with the shadow.

So: With Ceres or the moon in Virgo you may be overly pedantic about details in your child’s life: such as how much bread they ate, or if they followed the Perfect™ Schedule you laid out for your kid’s optimal development. You may overly organize your child’s free time – please don’t. Play and unstructured time, or time where a kid gets to decide what they’ll do themselves, is vital for human development neurologically, and on a maturity level. You may be prone to anxiety and trying to keep your kid safe from any and all risks, which can lead to problems because children grow through taking risks. And most importantly: You may see every little hiccup or exposure to other “more perfect” families as a sign of your personal failure as a mother/parent. This may lead to you then putting pressure on yourself and your child to change. Please remember: no parent has it figured out. Some are just better at pretending they do than others. A baby’s inability to sleep through the night is not a sign that you’re doing something wrong, even if the Millers’ kids are all magically able to sleep and poop at the optimal level since before they were conceived. (Also, parents often lie about these things). A kid’s struggle in any area of life doesn’t mean you as parents have failed, or that there’s even a problem to begin with. Sometimes, giving it time and remaining calm is all that’s needed for things to sort themselves out. Lastly, children are more robust than medical journals or worst-case scenarios may make them look. Exposure to sugar won’t automatically cause diabetes and playing soccer won’t automatically lead to an aneurysm – so let your kid be a kid. Try to stay as calm as you can and trust the universe. Know that parenting is inherent and that you – YOU – are enough as a parent. Once you realize this and relax a little, you have the capacity to be the best mom/parent of the zodiac. That’s no joke – and no false compliment. Here’s why.

Gifts: Beyond all other signs in the zodiac, Virgo has the ability to learn from their mistakes, from other people’s mistakes, from new information coming in, from old information you’ve already had, from your intuition, and from the child/children your raising, to become the best parent you could possibly be. Virgos are the ones most likely to see each of their children as teachers as well as protégés, the ones most likely to base their parenting approach on their child and tailor it according to the experiences they make. You are also very efficient, organized, and dedicated parents that know when to make sacrifices and what can’t be sacrificed under any circumstances. You are very wholistic and care about the development of all aspects of your child’s life equally, rather than just picking out two or three. You are also very intelligent and intuitive parents that foster these qualities in their kids. Very health-conscientious and capable of doctoring your child in ways most people can’t. You’re aware of environmental factors and qualities of food, water, or social stimuli in your kids’ life, which can help you quickly figure out what’s wrong in your kid’s life when the first signs of discontent arise. This is especially practical with babies or sickly/overly fuzzy children. You’re highly likely to be very educated about raising children and child development… and you are very, very self-aware, which is something you pass onto your children, too. Overall: you have amazing parenting potential with these placements.


Shadow: Libra placements are very sensitive to social norms and peer pressure. At worst, this may lead to you raising a child to conform and people-please at the expense of their boundaries, sense of self, authenticity, or even health. This is not intended on your end (I generally assume all parents want their kids to be healthy and happy with who they are). So, in order to avoid that, I encourage you to remember that society is made of individuals, not perfect molds your child needs to fit into. Also, humans can be really, really cruel – which you’re aware of. Wouldn’t you like children to be able to defend themselves against this cruelty? If yes, let them have boundaries and encourage them to use them when necessary. Wouldn’t you like your child to find love with people that deeply value who your child is at their core, with partners who treat them well? If yes, then teach them that their natural, authentic self is nothing to hide or to give up to fit in. Other aspects of the shadow are: parenting through guilt trips or passive-aggressiveness, playing the perfect family, and being indecisive around when and where to set boundaries with – or for – your kid.

Disclaimer: The main problem with these placement’s shadow sides is that most cultures enable the Libran shadow in parenting. That being said, this is a good placement to have – so let’s get into the Gift Zone.

Gifts: Libra is the sign that’s most concerned with equality, love, and compromise. If you have multiple children, you’re very gifted at helping them to work with one another and foster a working sibling bond. But even if you “just” have one kid, you’ll help them adapt to and understand different social environments and make many friends. You’ll encourage your child/children to make compromises and help them deal with the reality of life that you can’t always get what you want… and that this is okay. You love beautiful things and peace and take special care that your child has access to both. You likely encourage your kid’s desire to self-express through fashion, their room’s environment (as long as they don’t go crazy), and the arts. You’re also highly likely to raise a kid to strive for peace, resolution of arguments, and fairness in all things. Politeness, kindness, and fitting in are important for you and you help your child forge a social network quickly – and role model the beauty of community by building friendships and supportive groups with other moms/parents. You may also go the extra mile to make sure your child/children never feel left out (or make others feel left out) and truly empathize with the people they meet. You may even role-model fairness through “breaking the fourth wall of parenting,” so to speak: a.k.a., by always making sure you’re not hypocritical but adhere to the same rules your child does. When they’re around, at least.


Gifts: Scorpio placements in parenting are uniquely gifted at showing up in the places most other parents throw the towel. These are the best placements for handling the harsh aspects of life. If your child ever went through trauma (which I sincerely hope they didn’t), you’re the type of parent who can catch them, make sure they feel understood, see what’s going on, get them help, and hold the intensity of what happened for them. You’re a natural at going deep with and on behalf of the child and building real trust with them – the kind that saves lives, goes beyond reason and is rooted in deep integrity. You may even be the reason a traumatic experience doesn’t impact your child because you intuitively feel what they need to have to process the experience at the moment. In general, you are very, very intuitive about your children and parenthood… maybe even to a point where it freaks people out. You also feel very deeply and need a trusted friend and advisor to vent to upon occasion. This is a powerful and very empathic placement.

Shadow: The shadow of these placements is a bit more complex than with the placements we’ve had so far, so bear with me. With Scorpio moon/Ceres, parenting may bring out all your wounds, insecurities, and trauma. So if you know you went through traumatic stuff and wish to be a parent – or are one already – seeking professional help may really support you in feeling healthy and calm in the chaos of parenthood. With this placement, there’s also a predisposition to carry secrets of the family or to keep your own struggles with parenthood secret. Please talk to others. Don’t let the shame isolate you. Just hearing that others go through the same things you do will help you so much. This is especially vital if: you have ongoing mental health issues, you know you’ll experience hormonal changes soon, you are in your first or second year of parenthood, and/or you went through a divorce or the loss of a child or pregnancy. While these things hit everyone deeply, Scorpio placements are the ones impacted the most. To switch gears a little; with this placement, it’s very important to learn to be kind and gentle with yourself and to learn to let a kid go and grow up. Being controlling of a child can be a side effect of this placement’s shadow.


Gifts: Sagittarius is the sign of meaning-making and adventure. Here we find the type of parents that seek out the best of the best in terms of education; not for a child’s CV, but so that they’ll learn. Giving your child the opportunity to experience the diversity of life may be your top priority in parenting, as is giving them the freedom to explore themselves and life. This may look like taking your child on vacations to different countries where you explore historical sites, different cultures, and the adventures of Mother Earth. Or it can mean constantly regaling your kids with different philosophical theories, stories from history, or explanations about how other people live. Having faith in life and being optimistic is a centerpiece of your style of parenting – and something you wish to teach your kid, too. You are likely very keen on passing your unique, deeply held beliefs unto your child and making them stand up and defend those beliefs. This may look like religion if you care for it, but it can also be things like political belief systems or ways of seeing the world. You always support your child in experiences that’ll spread their wings. When your teenage kid wants to go out partying or happens to date a lot of people, you shrug and remain passively or even actively supportive (provided that this doesn’t clash with your religious beliefs). You may also encourage your kid to experience what life or sex have to offer before settling down and fear that your kid may sacrifice their freedom for anyone, or anything. Most importantly, you try to help your kid understand, deeply understand, the world and the experience they’ll make – especially if they hurt. This is a valuable skill for any child to have and will make them grow into well-adjusted adults that aren’t devastated at failure or roadblocks on their path – which you know. You’re good at not overthinking or taking life, or drama, too seriously. Laughter and generosity come naturally to you… and are part of how you’ll raise your child.

Shadow: Learn when a good idea should remain in the “idea” realm rather than becoming an action. With this placement, the shadow is easily summarized: under-caution, and fanaticism. With the moon or Ceres in Sagittarius, you may be so chill/happy-go-lucky that you take risks that are stupid (and I don’t mean risks that don’t pan out, I mean risks that are stupid – the ones where you’ll know in advance that this is a bad idea, but you do it anyway.) You may also be overly trusting of your child’s capabilities of handling themselves. Kids can be overconfident and it’s their parent’s job to keep in mind how young they are when they set rules for them. Also, when your child is more on the safety-seeking side, you may need to learn not to push them as much to be brave. Give them time and learn to wean them off your support gradually. You may very fanatically follow the rules of one style of parenting, even if that style of parenting doesn’t really work for you or your kid. You may also fanatically stick to a specific belief system (politics, religion, etc.) that may impact your child. This is something to be aware of, especially if it seems like your child is suffering from its side effects.


Gifts: With the moon or Ceres in Capricorn, you are very gifted at recognizing that all children naturally mature and seek responsibility. And you’re also very gifted at facilitating that process. You don’t try to keep a kid “small and cute” for your own benefit. Rather, you help teach them the tools they need to grow up quickly and become a self-sufficient, capable, and organized person. Anything you do as a parent, you do with multiple angles in mind. You teach a kid how to ride a bike, you know that the exposure to freedom and independence will help them become a better adult. You teach them how to solve their math homework and you’ll think of their grades this year and their capacity of doing their own finances when they’re older. Efficacy and patience come naturally to you and are things you wish to pass on to your child. You know that accomplishment gives people a sense of inner peace, self-confidence, and pride… so you wish to raise a kid that can have all of that. You’re also gifted at seeing a kid’s progress, strengths, and weaknesses, and wanting to heighten the first, expand on the second, and balance out the third. You’re great at setting appropriate boundaries and being consistent with the rules you have for parenting. You also know that young children and teens need structure to hold them – and you’re likely to provide a financial cushion for education, potential emergencies, and/or career realization to the best of your abilities. To provide this financial cushion, you may make personal sacrifices and/or work especially hard and especially long hours, even when you’d rather play with your kid. You’re also very likely to plan for a child meticulously and pick the timing, number of children, and age difference with great care.

Shadow: with this placement, the biggest challenge is to learn to relax and put things into perspective. Children won’t remember financial things nearly as much as they’ll remember their father playing hide-and-seek on rainy days or any of their parents cuddling them when they needed love. Wanting to provide is amazing and so helpful for your child, but the first thing that needs to be provided is quality time… and unconditional love. Being too focused on your child’s success or lack thereof may lead to them feeling like a constant failure even when they’re 35, CEO, and overall successful individuals. It can also foster health issues on physical and mental levels. Firmer boundaries and more pressure aren’t a cure-all. Sometimes, a child who struggles with delivering the grades etc. just needs their parents to take a deep breath and say: “Regardless of your F in math, I still love you.” And that may be all that’s needed to turn the struggles around. You may also misjudge your child’s progress, strengths, or weaknesses. Please remember to actually get to know other children than yours so you can put your kid into perspective – and that the process of growing up and maturing isn’t linear. Just like some kids stay small until 10th grade and then suddenly become the tallest person in the room, some children are late bloomers emotionally. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to worry or act like an adult. Just love them as they are, where they’re from moment to moment, communicate that love to your child, and you and the kid will be golden.


Gifts: Your biggest gift is the ability to see any and all children as individuals with unique needs and personalities. This allows you to tailor your parenting to what your child needs, rather than following a cookie-cutter model that may not even fit the kid’s personality. This is also a great gift to have if you have multiple children that are different from each other in key ways. With this placement, you’re able to see where and how you need to break out of the societal mold or family traditions that don’t serve. This brings the courage to build the family you see in your mind’s eye, rather than be constricted by what other people tell you is possible, or necessary. Another gift is the capacity to raise a kid to be independent and speak their minds. Aquarius is all about walking to the beat of their own drum, and with this connected to planets of parenting, you’re able to encourage your child to do just that. You also have an easier time than most letting your kid go and grow up. You’re not the clingy sort of parent (all things being equal, of course), and help your kid create the freedom it needs.

Shadow: The biggest shadow you’ll have to work through is disconnection and dissociation. People with their Moon or Ceres in Aquarius approach a problem with the mindset of: “Let’s analyze the situation, play devil’s advocate to the child’s opinion, and then fix it or give the kid the tools to fix it themselves.” Overall, a good approach… but it’s not compatible with all types of children, or all ages. Children often just need a hug or feel emotionally understood and validated before “Devil’s Advocate” can start or the mental aspect of the problem can be dissected and solved. Also, it’s important to build up a child’s confidence by letting them feel that their opinion or point of view is right and complete (at least occasionally). Therefore, please be a little careful that your well-meant approach doesn’t make the kid question all aspects of reality. Lastly, these planetary bodies in Aquarius can lead to highly idealistic parents. The downside of that is, of course, being so idealistic that people lose track of reality. That being said, this is a great placement overall.


Gifts: You have the capacity to love unconditionally in a way no other placement can. You’re also capable of finding something beautiful and lovable about every age and stage of development. You’re skilled at understanding your kid on an intuitive level and are deeply empathic. You also know how to nurture a sensitive soul and how to instill kindness, compassion, and depth in your children as they grow up. There is something deeply healing about the Moon or Ceres in Pisces. For one, having children can be healing for you, for another, you may be very healing for your children in return. Spirituality and living with the idea that magic is around every corner, is something that’s close to your heart and that you can impart on your children. Lastly, you are able to always put your kids first where it matters and to always have their needs and the family’s needs on your mind. While this should be the status quo, not all parents have that ability: you do. You’re a very intuitive parent and often just “know” what the child needs if you just listen to the whispers of your inner voice.

Shadow: With Ceres or the Moon in Pisces, the shadow is: escapism, self-sacrifice, getting lost in feelings, addiction, clinginess, the children parenting you, lack of boundaries, over-empathizing, and high sensitivity to the possibility of loss. When people with the Moon or Ceres in Pisces lose sight of their intuition, they may be massively disconnected from the realities of life or their children’s lives. Because the placement is so highly emotional, you’ll need to learn how to ground yourself, disconnect from the empathic connection with your child at times, and find a healthy outlet for the emotions that you have. Anxiety needs to be dealt with in parenting, and you’ll need to learn how to pull yourself out of vicious circles. Otherwise, what happens is that the kid has to take care that they don’t upset you with their pain. And that’s not healthy for the parent-child bond. Another aspect here is that emotions are messengers. They need to be listened to and the message has to be understood, after that, the emotion can either be let go of, or the underlying issue can be tackled. Don’t get so caught up in misery that you forget to help yourself – or your kid. Lastly, kids need structure and structure includes boundaries and consequences. Without that, the child experiences reality as a terribly confusing place and loses the capacity to function well in life. So as much as saying “No” to big eyes and sweet voices may hurt you: it prevents further pain for your child.

Okay then! That’s it for this article. If you’d like to learn more about your chart, feel free to book a session! Otherwise, feel free to check out my other articles about astrology and parenting.

So much love and see you next time,



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