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Intuitive Kindness: Diving Deep to Understand the Mysteries of Jupiter in Pisces in the Natal Chart

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Jupiter in Pisces is one of the most magical combinations anyone can have in their birth chart (a.k.a. the astrological blueprint you were born with). It’s also extremely difficult to understand, which is why I wrote this article about it.

Jupiter rules two signs, Pisces and Sagittarius. Understanding a placement of Jupiter in Sagittarius is really easy: take the luckiest planet in the luckiest sign, and guess what you got? Not just that, but Jupiter and Sagittarius share lots of other properties: a love for exploration, a focus on the big picture, themes of belief systems, religion, higher institutions, culture, and foreign culture. The shadows of this combination are excess, recklessness, and over-saturation.

But Pisces? That’s an association that trips many people up, especially when it comes to their own personal astrology. So, we’re going to explain Jupiter in Pisces in the natal chart.

The Key Players

Who’s Jupiter?

Jupiter is the planet of growth, blessings, luck, miracles, expansion, beliefs, ethics, fame/flare/charisma, what’s very visible about you, gifts, authority/success, higher institutions (especially those coupled with codes of ethics/belief systems), money/fortune, culture, foreign culture, hospitality, generosity, good humor, and talents. In its shadow, it’s also a planet concerned with too much of a good thing. What sounds pretty harmless at first actually isn’t: just ask someone struggling with addiction how “too much of the high” ruined their lives.

Similarly, another shadow side of Jupiter is indiscrimination. Jupiter tends to magnify everything that it touches – astrologically, but most importantly, thematically. Let’s say Jupiter touches a significator for family in your chart. Maybe family is a big theme for you – or you have a big family. Nothing wrong with that, but now, let’s say that Jupiter touches a significator for woundedness. Hey, now you have a big wound – cool. (Not). So, Jupiter makes things bigger without asking first whether “bigger” is a great idea.

So, as with all planets in astrology, Jupiter is neither good nor bad. It’s both – that being said, Jupiter does have some serious goodness to it. Where it lies in your chart, you’re generally really lucky and/or gifted. For example, I know someone with Jupiter in Gemini who is incredibly good with words, and languages and is in general pretty intelligent. Another person I know with Jupiter in Leo is an incredible artist and musician.

Jupiter can also signify people in your life who’ll bring you blessings. If you didn’t know, we see symbolic representations of family members in your astrological blueprint (the natal chart), just as we also see representations of the type of person you’ll fall in love with, and/or the type of person you’ll marry – and that includes representations for “you’ll fall in love/marry but it doesn’t work out” and “happily ever after is down this route.” So, knowing the symbolism can help you find and cultivate lasting love. Same goes for friends, business partners, pets, and every other type of relationship.

If Jupiter touches one or more of those symbols, you’ll attract people who are blessings in your life and/or very gifted individuals (specifically for the type of symbolism triggered). For example, I know someone with Jupiter opposite their Moon – and their mother (signified by the Moon) is an extremely generous, talented, successful, and impressive woman. They’re close.

Now, let’s summarize the zodiac sign of Pisces real quick and then put them both together.

Pisces in a Nutshell

Pisces is by far the hardest zodiac sign to describe because it deals with something so spiritual that it’s hard to grasp cognitively. However, I’ll try to summarize it as best as I can and then put it in context with Jupiter.

Pisces is the part of us that can emphasize with something we’ve never experienced before, and maybe never can. This is the part of us (that everyone has somewhere in their chart) that allows us to intuitively pick up on information we can’t cognitively make sense of, but that’s still true. Here, we feel an unending amount of compassion. Here, we seek something greater than ourselves – a belief, a feeling, a reality, a spiritual concept – that we can lean on and merge with. Here, we are aware of the interconnectedness of all humans and all life on Earth. We may even seek to cultivate seeing that interconnectedness – we may wish to connect so deeply with others that there’s no “I” or “you,” but just a “we.”

Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac. Essentially, spirituality is the sense or the relationship we build with a divinity or the spirit of all living /living and inanimate beings in this life. It’s incorporating the knowledge into your life that there’s more to existence than we see or logically know. And it’s compatible (but not a package deal) with religion or religious beliefs. It’s also highly individualistic as YOU are the builder and maintainer of a relationship, not an outside institution.

Pisces is the part of us that’s capable of doing all of this.

Jupiter in Pisces: Miracles

Jupiter and Pisces rule miracles. But miracles aren’t just “I wished for lots of money and suddenly, a bag of dollars fell from the sky.” Miracles are often unexpected, sometimes very hard to understand, and a lot of times things that come in disguise. They can also seem really mundane until hindsight shows you that maaaaybe there was more to the “odd coincidence” than met the eye. It was a miracle. Example: you’re a pedestrian hurrying to make it to the stop light before it switches from green to red. You’re really in a hurry – but before making it to a street, you slip and fall flat on your face. Obviously, you won’t make it to the stoplight before it changes colors, and you’ll likely be late for whatever it is you hurry for. You righten yourself, and probably cuss, too. Just at that moment, the moment that would have had you in the middle of the street if you hadn’t fallen, an out-of-control car runs over the stoplight and comes to a screeching stop just before it can cause an accident with a waiting car. If you’d have made it to the light in time and crossed the street, you’d likely have been hit. Falling saved your life – that’s a miracle à la Jupiter in Pisces.

Another example: you’re sick – really sick. You don’t know what’s going on, the doctors can’t help you. Heck, they can’t even diagnose you. For some reason, you have this really strong but highly illogical knowing: If you just talk to that one person you see on the other side of the street – someone you’ve never met before, someone who doesn’t look like they could help you – you’ll have the answer. For some reason, you can’t ignore the feeling, so you put all your courage together and cross the street. You talk to the stranger (who probably thinks you’re really weird). Then, their eyebrows furrow. “You know, it’s so funny that you’d say that – my sister had the same thing you did, and she just got the test result for this really rare disease called…” And they give you a name, they give you the address of a doctor, and two weeks later, you have your first appointment for a treatment that saves your life.

What were the odds that a random person on the street could know what three doctors didn’t? What were the odds that you’d know they’d know something that would help you? This is a miracle.

People with Jupiter in Pisces have experiences like this multiple times in their lives. They’re often mundane, though they can be quite flashy at times. Like this person I know from my friend group who had a dream that showed her exactly how to avoid getting assaulted and raped. Completely weirded out, she did what was asked of her in the dream and ordered the supplies she was shown she needed to get. Two days after the stuff arrived at her doorstep, she actually got into a dangerous situation: a group of guys started stalking her, splitting up around her, and herding her into a back alley. In the dark. With no one around to hear her scream or come for help. Just as the dream said, she went to grab the supplies – grab them, not use or show them to the dudes – and at that exact moment, one of them said: “Not her.” All four guys veered off and she could get home safely.

Did the dream actually do anything? Would she have suffered a horrible fate if she hadn’t followed it? Or would they have veered off no matter what she did with the dream? As often with Jupiter in Pisces, the answer to that is unclear, the interpretation up to you. But what’s clear is that this was a very weird coincidence, a very lucky outcome, and quite the miracle that she was fine.

People with Jupiter in Pisces in their natal chart (a.k.a. personal astrological blueprint) experience things like this a lot – more often than most.

This means the following: listen to your intuition. You have a weird feeling about something? It doesn’t have to make sense, just do it. If something happens that is unfortunate (like falling on your face in the first example)? Look for the higher, more optimistic perspective because lots of times, there’s a fortunate, blessing-in-disguise-type side effect or even miracle along the way.


Jupiter brings natural gifts – Pisces rules intuition. Put them together, and you have an individual that’s massively gifted at intuition. But what most people don’t know: intuition doesn’t mean knowing everything in advance. It also isn’t always easy to use or understand – and this, plus the Western culture’s fear of intuition and the belief that “intuition is just nonsense” means that many people with this combination suppress their own intuition.

Actually, intuition is extremely common, not just in women but in all genders and all cultures. Intuition is a sense – and it’s one nature has honed in human beings over a long, long time. It’s a tool for survival. However, Western society is extremely good at explaining to us that intuition doesn’t exist, is magical thinking, is wrong, or that it makes you crazy. So, a lot of us learned to bury our intuition where it won’t find us.

Intuition can be incredibly strong in people, or it can be weak. It can be dormant, or awake and kicking. It can be extremely flashy – like, knowing that the plane is going to crash, or what the stock market is doing – or it can be mundane, about things that are highly relevant to your life but not so much for the greater good of humanity. It can be focused on the immediate future, the far future, or underlying currents in the present that aren’t easily understood. Intuition often works like breadcrumbing and gives us chunks of the puzzle, rather than the whole picture (though the later can happen, too).

Intuition is as different as people are – but with Jupiter in Pisces, you’re really, really gifted at your brand of intuition (whatever it looks like for you). With this combination, it’s incredibly important to listen to what your intuition tells you (and to, you know, figure out what your intuition is and how to access it in the first place). Because of that, we’ll quickly go over all the common ways intuition can make itself known to you. If you’re ever thinking: “Oh, that’s really common in the people I know” – again, intuition is not just for the mediums on television or people in fantasy dramas. Human beings are naturally intuitive to different degrees (your degree is higher than most, but still). You’ll know other people who are intuitive, too.

Intuition works differently for different people. But most people who are intuitive notice it through one (or more!) of 7 common ways.


Firstly, there are people who are clairvoyant, which means that you “see” things, either through second sight, which is kind of like seeing, but works somewhat differently (a.k.a. you can distinguish it from the 3D reality you see), or through omens that you intuitively know is important. Other signs of clairvoyance are also visuals you receive through dreams or visions in waking life that you know mean something, even if you can’t figure out what that is. This is the most widely known way intuition shows up, but not everyone who’s intuitive is clairvoyant, so, if this is not you: you’re still gifted (just differently). The next 4 ways work really similar to clairvoyance, though a bit differently.


Clairaudience is like clairvoyance, only through “hearing.” This can be a “second sight”-type of hearing, where you can differentiate between actual sound and intuition; this can be having a melody or the memory of someone saying a certain phrase that’s stuck in your head and later proves to be important information. This can be hearing someone talk in dreams or visions, and this can literally be hearing something seemingly with your physical ears, only to later be told that there was no sound. (There are people who report this phenomenon in life-or-death situations: in one example, a student heard someone yell “Get DOWN!”, did what he was told, and thus avoided being shot in a university school shooting. Later, he was told that no one had yelled “Get down,” as no one had seen the threat before it was too late).


There’s also clairsentience, which has a bunch of sub-designations but essentially works through feeling. You may feel a vibe that you can’t explain, you can have physical reactions to people, places, etc. This can be something as subtle as goosebumps or a contraction in your belly, or something much stronger. You may even feel a phantom touch or someone else’s physical pain; you may feel random warm/cold sensations or electric currents, etc. Sometimes, lovers of many years physically feel it when the other person’s heart stops, even if they’re somewhere else or unaware that something’s wrong with their partner.

“Tasting and Smelling”

Clairgustence and clairalience describe intuitive information coming through “tasting” or “smelling,” like smelling that something’s burning (when nothing’s burning and no one else’s smelling anything) only to come home from the three-hour trip to see that your house is on fire. And so on.

Up until now, we’ve largely talked about intuition that comes through in ways that are comparable to the 5 senses. There are, however, two other ways intuition shows up that isn’t one of the commonly named 5 senses: clairempathy, and claircognizance.


To understand clairempathy, we need to first talk about the difference between normal empathy and being an empath. Then, we’ll take it one step further. Empathy in society’s understanding is the choice to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and therefore emotionally resonate with what (you think) they’re going through. This is a process that almost always starts through your conscious or unconscious choice. If you choose to not feel for someone, you won’t – or at least, you’ll manage to tune it down. Being an empath is something that seems like it’s similar on the outside, but it’s actually not the same at all. Empaths feel exactly how other people feel, without their minds or logic filling in the gaps.

To explain the difference, let’s use an example. Let’s say you sit next to a person who’d just lost a loved one. Someone who uses empathy will then assume this person is in a lot of pain and feel for them, maybe subconsciously or actively remembering when they were in the same position. If they’ve never been in that position themselves, maybe they imagine what it’d be like to be in that position. That’s what empathy means. An empath will sit next to this person, imagining that they must be in a horrible place – but strangely feeling glee and guilt from them, something that doesn’t fit their logical narrative of the situation. They probably don’t understand it, either.

Almost all people with Jupiter in Pisces are empaths. There ARE exceptions to this rule (birth charts are very complex and there are things that can modify this expression), but almost all people with this placement do have empathic traits.

Now, let’s talk about clairempathy. You’re in a board meeting, thinking about a whole lot of work-related, not too stressful or too emotional stuff, when suddenly you feel a crushing wave of sadness. You’re not sad. No one around you is sad. What’s happening? That same day, you come home to your daughter who sits on your porch, balling her eyes out because her fiancée broke up with her. So, clairempathy is feeling what someone else is feeling, only on absolute steroids.


Now, let’s talk about claircognizance. In a nutshell, this is intuitive knowing. Ever just known something, with no logical evidence or thought process, and later on found out it’s right? Or opened your mouth and just said something and later on asked yourself: “Wait, where did this come from?” This is claircognizance. To some degree, claircognizance is part of all other intuitive senses because it’s the part of your intuition that allows you to accurately interpret your intuition, or even tell when something is intuition. But it’s also its own separate way of receiving intuitive information.

Tools or No-Tools

Now, there are people who receive intuitive information through tools, or without tools. An astrologer learns the craft, but at some point, your intuition is triggered and takes your textbook knowledge much further than it could go. Tarot and oracle cards are tools meant to enhance your intuition so it can give you your own answers. And so on (there are many tools out there). But there are plenty of people who experience intuition without the use of any tools, just through one or more of the seven clair-senses.

Regardless of what fits you and what doesn’t (and you may not yet know, specifically if you’re new to listening to your intuition), intuition is something that improves with time and effort. That being said – you can’t always accurately interpret your intuition or interpret it at all. You won’t even always know that something is your intuition. And you also won’t always see the bigger picture that your intuition fits into, and therefore only fully understand what’s up in hindsight. But following your intuition makes you a happier, healthier person and improves your life.

A Kind Heart

With Jupiter in Pisces, you have a kind heart and a gift for forgiving and understanding where others come from. Part of your journey in this lifetime is to understand that this makes you powerful, beautiful, and a truly lovely individual. Part of your journey is also when to love people from a distance and forgive – but not forget – what they’ve done. You can accept who someone is without accepting them in your life. Sometimes, that’s hard for people with this combination, but it needs to be learned.

More potently, people with this combination need to learn to keep their hearts safe, but open to love. This can be difficult, but honing your intuition can be a powerful tool to do that, as your intuition helps keep you safe from people who would use you.

With this combination, you also have the gift of caring about absolutely everyone – whether you know them or not, whether they deserve it or not, whether other people decide they’re lovable to them… or not. You likely love to help, people, too – just be careful to also help yourself when you need it.

For you, forgiveness leads to wisdom. Learning to forgive while still keeping yourself safe is the road to true growth as a person and a happier life.

Creativity and Imagination

Jupiter in Pisces brings creativity and imagination, specifically in the realms of music, photography, film, or fantasy. Many people with this combination are gifted artists, writers, and musicians, and manage to invoke deep emotions in their audiences, or adequately portray emotions they’ve never felt and tell stories that show a unique but beautiful understanding.

People with Jupiter in Pisces can also be healers of other people’s hearts – not just through their empathy and kindness, but also through their art.

Spirituality and Religion

I have yet to meet one single person with Jupiter in Pisces for whom religion doesn’t play a major role in life. Spirituality and religion aren’t the same, nor do they have to come in a 2-for-1 package, but they are often connected for people with Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter rules religious beliefs, Pisces spirituality – that’s why they’re often the same or closely connected for people with this combination.

Religious symbolism may also be part of your intuition – to give an example, let’s go back to the friend of mine who had a dream about needing to do something to avoid getting assaulted and raped. You want to know what the dream told her to do? It told her to get a symbol of Mother Mary and put it in her purse. She chose a keychain and put it on the purse’s zipper, the second she touched the metal (and it was dark, the guys couldn’t see the chain according to her), they decided against her and veered off. Fun thing was, she wasn’t even Christian. (Afterwards though… yeah, she went home and said, “Maybe I should convert to Catholicism after that.” So, she had a huge change of perception when it comes to the world around her).

Anyway, another theme that many people with this combination run into is wanting to learn (Jupiter) about spiritual and religious topics, specifically in university settings or theological schools; OR about religions/spirituality that are part of foreign cultures. This could be other cultures’ religions, different denominations, etc.

For you, religion should be something that helps you cope with and access your intuition (in order for the religion to be healthy for you – if your religion of choice doesn’t allow for that, it’ll do some damage). It should also be a religion based on compassion, empathy, and love, as well as forgiveness, rather than cruelty: otherwise, it truly breaks your heart.

Drug Abuse and Escapism

If your life doesn’t allow you to have a healthy spiritual life or access to your intuition and, essentially, your heart, you’re very likely to go through tremendous suffering. Your overall chart will show where and how this suffering shows up – it almost always shows up as a generalized sense of pain that’s so heavy it swallows you whole, but it can also cause more problems in areas signified by your natal chart that, in turn, make the suffering worse. Some people with this pain literally can’t stay in a relationship because of this, others may even have psychosomatic symptoms or get very sick, etc. But people with this combination who don’t feel like they can be intuitive and safe; have a spiritual outlook and be accepted, or be their truly caring selves and remain cherished (rather than used and abused by others)… these people SUFFER. There is no pain comparable.

And sometimes, people with this combination turn to escapism, drug abuse (or alcohol abuse, abuse of narcotic medicine/sleeping pills), or build other types of addictions (such as sleep addiction). This is to turn off the pain… and to avoid whatever it is they can’t accept within themselves, whether it’s their own heart, their own knowings, or their lacking/toxic relationship to/with the Divine. This is highly problematic because this combination carries a dangerous shadow potential: once you start taking drugs, you may never be able to stop. Addictions are extremely hard to break with this combination, particularly addictions to substances (a.k.a. alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and medication (particularly ones that suppress sensation)). Addictions also grab a hold of you much more quickly. If you ever want to “experiment” with drugs or other stuff that can be addictive – know that in advance.

That being said, it is possible to still break an addiction if you have one (and are a Jupiter in Pisces individual). The really counterintuitive thing is that healing from a drug addiction (for you!) is not something that happens medically or even psychologically – though that can assist the process. True healing, the only part that makes a difference, is spiritual work. Without building a relationship with a SPIRITUAL higher power than yourself (which is something programs like AA found to be the #1 lasting way to kick an addiction anyway), you’ll never get free. You have to look for a savior outside of yourself that is a divine being of some sort, and then you have to ask for help. But with it, you’ll meet the miracle of staying sober.

If you enjoyed this article so far, I would love you forever if you could donate to help me keep writing these articles that help so many people. You would also help me so much by sharing this article on social media or with your friends. Regardless of whether any of this is possible for you, I appreciate you so much - thank you!


Jupiter in Pisces is a combination that’s so much more than what I just wrote – I could write half a book on this subject alone. And then, there's the different ways your overall chart can be affected by or modify this placement - but this, then, is something only a one-on-one reading can do justice. If you're interested, book one here.

But overall, Jupiter in Pisces is quite the magical, mystical, and interesting combination. I have the pleasure and the fortune to know several people in my personal life with this and I can only say… if you, dear reader, have this combination, you’re a special being. I hope to see you again soon and will leave some article suggestions for further reading below.

Until next time,



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