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Welcome to a place where astrology merges with intuition and Western psychology. Where the focus lies on you and your life’s potential – and not on trapping you in false ideas of doom and gloom. Where we use the ancient, mythic tool of astrology to help you plan your life, understand yourself and your present, and make important decisions for now and the future. 

Welcome to Astrology from the Soul!

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Sessions take place in English or German.

Who Else Uses Astrology?

Did you know that people like former U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt used astrology? They are not the only ones! Nowadays, celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. , Kelly Clarkson, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Cameron Diaz use this craft for good.

But even in the past, popes of the Catholic church like Julius II., Medieval kings like Emperor Frederick II. of the Holy Roman Empire and queens like Catherine di Medici (Queen of France) had their own personal astrologers.

Even lead scientists that changed the world such as Hippocrates, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Keppler, or Albert Einstein were practicing astrologers themselves. 

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My Philosophy

Astrology is meant for everyone, regardless of religion, spiritual world-view, walk of life, or background. It's an invitation to create better self-understanding, a more empowered life, and to gain clarity on your life path, present, and future.

Astrology doesn't trap anyone. It's like an instruction manual on who you are and what you experience - just like a cosmically written Life! For Dummies book. But what you do with the instructions is completely up to you.


With this tool, we can predict themes in your life, how you can best move within the cycles of your life, and figure out how you can capitalize on your strengths and build the life you feel empowered in.

Therefore, an astrology reading with me is an intuitive and collaborative space for all parties involved... and it's one where your self-understanding and your agency are and remain front and center.

That's why this is Astrology from the Soul.

What Others Have to Say

Amy Testimonial for headshot.png

Amy Meraki
Intuitive Business Coach

"Wow... I was SO impressed by Alexandra's astrology reading! I felt like she really saw my gifts and was able to translate them into tangible examples that applied to my real life. After leaving the session I felt so much more empowered in my life's work and business, and also in my love life and relationships. She helped me love and embrace my unique way of being in this world, and did so in a way that was deeply intuitive, compassionate, caring, and extremely helpful! Plus, she was GREAT at answering all of my questions. I'd highly recommend getting a reading done by her - it was the best reading I've ever had (and I've worked with several astrologers). Thank you, Alexandra! I couldn't be more grateful for your time and talent."

About Me

Hey there! I’m Alexandra and I’m a certified Intuitive Astrologer and Rising Woman-trained, certified trauma-informed Mystic Astrologer. On top of doing readings and writing about astrology, I work as an educatorin the astrology school Sky Scholar where we teach people intuitive astrology. I'm also an author, born and raised in Germany and am English-German bilingual.

I spent years studying psychology in different universities as well as more holistic, spiritual settings. Certifications include but aren't limited to Psychology of First Aid (Johns Hopkins University), Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health (University of Sydney), and Genetics of Human Behavior (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). While I'm not a trained therapist by choice, these teachings inform my life - and my practice as an astrologer.

For the last four years, I've then been studying, practicing, and now teaching astrology full-time, which included multiple apprenticeships and certification trainings with Astrologer for Social Change, Virginia Rosenberg, and astrologer, Andrea Depuis. At present, I'm an educator at the Sky Scholar Intuitive Astrology School.

I love cats and everything mythological and spend my free time baking and writing books. 


My Practice

Disclaimer: astrology is no substitute for therapy, medical, or psychological advice from trained professionals.

Whom I work with:

Absolutely everyone over the age of 18!

What I do:

I'll help you feel empowered in all areas of life and in who you really are. I'll help you understand the map of your life and your astrological blueprint - and how they affect you, your needs, your struggles, and your innate core gifts.

Together, we can help you find ways to create a more aligned life with ease, flow, and clarity. From that point, we'll look into your life as it is right now and (with your permission) what may come in the future and how to deal with it from an empowered and informed place. 

So, no doom and gloom astrology - but rather a perspective that supports your agency and creates options for you instead of limiting them. ​

At the Core of These Sessions...

My sessions are intuitive, trauma-informed, and centered around your free will.

There will be no trapping you in a "fate" that was never yours. There will be no telling you your life is doomed - or that your relationship is. (That's nonsense, anyway.)

We're a good fit if...

- you're able and willing to take charge of your life

- you're open-minded

- you want an approach that's scientific, spiritual, intuitive, kind, and honest, plus includes both common sense and a good dose of humor

- you're willing to speak up and ask as many questions as you desire 

- you're okay with working with someone from a different culture that may do things a little differently than you.

We are not the right if...

- you aren't open-minded or interested in an astrology reading

- you expect someone to swoop in and save you and refuse to take responsibility for your own actions

- you get offended by professional boundaries

- you expect to be lied to - I will be kind, respectful, and discerning with what information I share and how. But I will not lie.

Still here? Awesome!

I'm so excited to meet you if you want to book a session, or share some knowledge with you through my Blog. You can also scroll down and read what other people thought of their sessions with me - or you can click on Testimonials, if you so choose. 

Enjoy! xx

What Others Have to Say

Michelle Testimonial.jpeg

Michelle Evangelista

"Absolutely loved my session with Alexandra.  Her authenticity and sweetness shine through. She guides you though understanding your chart with much care, expertise and attention while explaining the nuances along the way in terms that are relatable and understandable. Alexandra shares a wonderful wealth of knowledge so that we can gain a deeper understanding of ourself and the complexities of our traits. Thank you Alexandra!"

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