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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (05/05/2023): Electric Endings, Big Changes

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Endings and culminations of long-standing cycles in our lives grace us on May 5th, 2023, as a Lunar Eclipse dims the light of the Full Moon. The Eclipse falls on 14°58’ Scorpio (while the Sun is in Taurus), making this a particularly intense event.

Eclipses in general, including the Solar Eclipse on April 20th, are times of rapid change. They are like catalysts that take what’s already been brewing behind the scenes and bring them to the forefront of our lives. Processes that were already underway are sped up, things we’ve held onto that weren’t ours to hold are being taken away, information that we haven’t been privy to (or that we didn’t want to face) is dragged up and thrown into our faces.

This is not a time to ignore the information that’s being handed to you by the universe. If there are secrets hidden from you, they will come to light if you know how to listen. If you’re deliberately looking away from something you don’t want to see, that thing will come up in a way that makes ignoring it hard or even impossible.

This Lunar Eclipse in particular is all about facing what’s already been there, right under your nose. Close to 15° and also opposed to Uranus, the energy is one of shake-ups and wake-up calls. We may get intense weather, too, at this point in time.

Electric Times

Eclipses are generally speaking times when we feel – in one word, weird. It often feels like there is electricity in the air. We may feel more drained than usual, which may leave us wanting to sleep more than normal or become hyper in some way. Dreams may become wonky, our intuition may be highlighted, and sleep patterns may be disturbed. We need more energy than usual.

Under an eclipse, it’s important to eat healthily and more importantly, regularly. Now, “healthy” doesn’t mean only eating salads – on the contrary, eat enough that you’re fully satiated and won’t faint due to a potential lack of sleep (some people have insomnia or trouble staying asleep in the weeks before eclipses), or other issues. It’s also important to take some time to yourself in the days around the eclipse, as you may find yourself needing to process things that come up in the present – or that come up from your past.

Many people report a mental rehashing of significant past events around eclipse season that takes a lot of time and energy.

A lot of times, the weeks around an eclipse can be busy and a bit hectic. Therefore, not filling up your schedule to the brim may make sense. This is particularly important as Mercury is Retrograde in Taurus. In summary, some weird stuff may be happening like unforeseen events and plans that don’t work out too well.

Wrapping Things Up

On a Lunar Eclipse, endings, and culminations are common, and so is the sense that you’re wrapping up something major. This is especially the case for this Lunar Eclipse, as it’s the last eclipse happening with the Lunar Nodes (a.k.a. the Axis of Eclipses) in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. This means that an overall story arch going over 1 ½ years is closed out.

What most people don’t know is that eclipses aren’t completely separate, they’re more like chapters in an ongoing story. Each chapter can contain a huge climax (doesn’t have to), but they all fit into the same storyline that’s determined by the overall axis (which, again, is currently in Taurus and Scorpio). For the past 1 ½ years, the storyline of the axis has been about finding stability. It’s been about resources/ resourcefulness, and needing to change in areas we deemed unchangeable. It also (for many people) had to do with the overall topics of life, death, and our relationship with both of the above. Many people confronted existential fears or made decisions about what they needed, truly needed, to have a good life that’s worth living for. Many lost their fear of mortality or at least the control that fear had over them.

On top of that, people always have their personal stories, their personal story arcs that play out through the eclipses that add to/modify the themes mentioned above. Part of how we can see your personal themes is by looking closely at your birth chart. Since I don’t have your chart while writing this, we can both generalize for all people of your Rising sign (which is a more accurate but incomplete picture). To further narrow it down, you, while reading this, can look at the dates of the eclipses and the time frames around them to see if there was an overarching theme.

Let's start with the dates.

Past Eclipses

In order to work best with these dates, please keep in mind that the energy of an eclipse goes on for 2 months in each direction. So, if something important happened close to the dates mentioned, that’s still relevant for the eclipse theme.

(Foreshadowing of the theme: November 18th, 2021: a partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.)

December 23rd, 2021: kick-off, the eclipse axis moving into Taurus and Scorpio.

April 30th, 2022: Solar Eclipse: a new beginning

May 15th, 2022: Lunar Eclipse: a climax/culmination

October 25th, 2022: Solar Eclipse

November 7th, 2022: Lunar Eclipse.

April 20th, 2023: Solar Eclipse, and foreshadowing of the next 1 ½ years.

May 5th, 2023: Lunar Eclipse, wrapping up the last 1 ½ years.

Whatever overarching theme connects those dates is one that gets wrapped up now, not to be revisited for the next 18 ½ years.

Your Personal Chart

Now, let’s look at generalizations of the theme according to your Sun and Rising signs.

Please remember that each person has a unique astrological blueprint that modifies or alters the effect of an astrological events as predicted through Sun/Rising sign predictions. If you’d like to get more clarity and made-for-you-advice, feel free to book with me here.

Aries Sun/Rising:

The overall story unfolding since December 2021 may have shown changes in your area of finances, worth, self-worth, and power in your life. You’ve likely had to simplify your life in some regards while building up your self-esteem and resources (which will continue to happen at this astrological event), get away from trust and collaboration, and more towards self-sufficiency and material independence. This is a continuation of that story.

Taurus Sun/Rising:

You may have been reworking your identity and lifepath since December of 2021. Who you were then is not who you are now – you’ve changed (and this is good). This change may have impacted your relationships in lots of ways: you may have had to say goodbye to patterns of relating, or even to people you used to be close to (in some cases, not for all). At this time, it’s important to take a close look at what’s under the surface of your relationships. Don’t leave resentments to fester, and be prepared for a change (for the better) in your love life. Your life path and changes therein may impact a relationship, and vice versa. (This goes for both romantic and business relationships). Love may test you. Also, you are getting heavily impacted by Mercury Retrograde at this time. Read about it here.

Gemini Sun/Rising:

The story unfolding since December 2021 has been impacting your house of rest, letting go/release, spiritual and karmic issues, intuition, and energy – maybe you’ve noticed that you need more rest than usual or more time to think of the big issues in life. Meanwhile, your house of routines (at work/at home), health, and work environment has been under fire: you may have had to change these things in your life to become healthier. On this day, take good care of your health and take a look at the work environment/routines you have. Where can you simplify? Where do you need things to change? Information may come to light that surprises you.

Cancer Sun/Rising:

The past 1 ½ years have been steadily reworking your community, groups of friends/allies, your vision for the future, your hopes and dreams, and your life on social media. You may have seen where you need these things more in your life and how to find them. Meanwhile, blocks built through immaturity and hedonism, uncommitted love, or childlike behavior may have become visible and fallen away. At this time, your romantic relationships (or lack thereof) may be subject to change. Maybe you’re single and realizing what it is you want/need in love. Maybe a conflict or important decision changes the trajectory of a relationship. Creativity is a tool for growth at this time, specifically as the overall story mentioned above wraps up.

Leo Sun/Rising:

In the past 1 ½ years, you have been drawn more and more to focus on your life mission – be it in your personal life, or the career sector. Plus, your reputation and status may have become to some extent more important than usual, and so has your relationship to your own/other people’s authority. Now, you’re being drawn back into your private life. What do you need to change at home? Do you need more time alone? How is your family impacted by all of this? With this transit, it makes sense to take some time to go back to your roots and take a look at how far you’ve come. You have good reason to be proud of yourself. (For some of you, parents are a theme at this time – be it something happening with your parent(s), or you as a parent.)

Virgo Sun/Rising:

In the past 1 ½ years, you may have reconsidered your belief systems (psychological, religious/spiritual, political, etc.). Part of this may have come through the realms of travel, higher education, or contact with people who are very different than you culturally, economically, etc. – but now, it’s time to take a look at your perceptions of the world… and how they feed into your beliefs. How do you communicate? What words do you use? What do you think about yourself and others? It may be time to clean the house mentally – and part of this may be to go back to school (proverbially speaking) and apply yourself to learning a new perspective or way of being. Lastly, talking things out may be incredibly helpful to you, especially when it comes to releasing doubts. Your local community, neighbors, siblings, and local travel may play a part at this time.

Libra Sun/Rising:

The last 1 ½ years have likely shown changes in the areas of your finances and resources. You may have been forced to trust others/a higher power more than usual, or even to need others more than you wanted to. Other themes were claiming power and healing your inner wounds. How have the past year and a half changed your view of yourself? It may be time for an update on your self-esteem under this lunar eclipse. Similarly, an ongoing theme in the realm of finances may come to a conclusion. Lastly, your values may have changed and may continue to change until July 12th.

Scorpio Sun/Rising:

The larger theme of the past 1 ½ years has been about changes in your area of relationships – and these had a giant impact on your identity and view of yourself. This eclipse brings the focus back to you: what do you feel is true to you? What do you need? Return to your own roots and ask yourself where you’re at. Are you happy with who you are when you’re alone? Can you bring that feeling to your significant relationships, or do you change to keep the love? A relationship that’s not built on a solid foundation may stumble under this eclipse, while healthy relationships can weather storms and become more stable. You are the sign most impacted by this eclipse.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising:

The past 1 ½ years have brought changes in your health and work-life balance. The duties in your workplace (or other chores) may have changed significantly, as has your environment. Now, you’re being asked to rest, meditate, connect to your spiritual center, and let go/purify/refine whatever you feel blocks you energetically from building the healthy and practical day-to-day life that makes you happy. What’s important to note is that you may have intense dreams or intuitive flashes, insomnia, or feelings of being drained at this time (until up to 2 weeks after this event). This should, however, pass – also, spending some time by yourself and prioritizing rest and meditation/prayer will help alleviate the symptoms somewhat.

Capricorn Sun/Rising:

The past 1 ½ years have shown changes in your life that seem out of character: namely, you were likely prohibited/drawn away from strategically planning your future or steadily working towards your hopes and dreams, especially for retirement. Rather, you’ve been drawn into the areas of pleasure, creativity, children (inner child, actual children, planning for children, fertility – not applicable for everyone), and enjoying the present moment. This may have felt very foreign. Similarly, you may have seen some changes in your friend group and even lost some false friends as you listen to and follow your heart. Maybe you met someone or had a fulfilling romantic life with someone you know. On this Lunar Eclipse, you can take what you’ve learned from the past 1 ½ years and use it to plan for the future once more: but the first step for that is to take an honest look at your future dreams and bucket list. Knowing what you know now, how many dreams are worth pursuing? Weed out the rest. Lastly, you may experience some turmoil in the area of romance and planning at this time. Don’t worry, this too should pass in two weeks or less.

Aquarius Sun/Rising:

The past 1 ½ years have been impacting your home, private life, family of origin, the family you founded, and your roots (culture of origin, etc.) – slash, your relationship to all of the above. You may have needed more alone time in order to hear and listen to your heart and deep needs. You may have been more involved as a parent or with your parents rather than your ambitions. On this lunar eclipse, the focus goes back to public life, career, work, and your mission… and it’s an important opportunity to change the above to serve the private area of your life. This is a time when ongoing themes close out, where you make necessary overhauls, and where the way you step into authority massively changes. You currently have an outer planet in your first house: this Lunar Eclipse will show you in detail how this impacts you.

Pisces Sun/Rising:

For the past 1 ½ years, your perceptions of the world have changed. You’ve been drawn away from the things you know for sure and towards the areas of life where you don’t yet know everything. Learning and keeping an open mind, communicating and giving to your local community, your siblings, and neighbors – these are the main areas of life you’ve been drawn to. Now, you’re being pulled back into the area of knowing for sure: how can you integrate what you’ve learned into your worldview? Where do you need to let go of beliefs that weren’t fully true, where do you need to double down on them? Travel, people from foreign cultures, and in-laws/grandparents/-children may play a role at this time.


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