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Solar Eclipse in Aries (04/20/2023): A Passionate New Beginning

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Eclipse season is upon us: and we’re starting with a quite intense New Moon Eclipse (a.k.a. Solar Eclipse) at 29°50’ Aries. Solar Eclipses are times of new beginnings and radical, life-changing events and new information that come to the surface. This one in particular is very intense as it’s bridging life as we know it now with the themes that are coming next (we’ll discuss that in depth in just a minute).

In this article, you’ll find a thorough analysis of this event as well as sign-by-sign predictions on how it impacts you. But first, let’s explore what an eclipse even is!

What are Eclipses?

We all know the phenomenon: you look at the sky during the day, everything is lit up by the Sun… and suddenly, the light dims for no apparent reason. The Sun is gone – or at least the Sun’s light is muted. In a couple of hours, the phenomenon is over, but back in the day, ancient civilizations were so spooked they thought the end of the world was near.

This is called a Solar Eclipse. Essentially, it’s a New Moon that aligns so perfectly with Earth’s position in space that the Moon blocks the Sun from our view.

Most of us have seen maybe one or two of those Solar Eclipses in our lifetime – but it actually happens a lot more often than that: twice a year at least! The reason most people only see a few of them over their lifetime is that the exact time of the Solar Eclipse may happen while it’s already dark where you are… Which means that you don’t see any change in the Sun (because the Sun is on the other side of Earth). Also, Solar Eclipses aren’t always total, which would mean that the Sun is totally blocked. Sometimes, just a little bit is hidden away, and if it’s overcast then you likely won’t notice anything different.

However, astrological speaking, Solar Eclipses are always powerful and something that people feel, even if we don’t see it in our sky.

The Lunar Nodes

There are two points in Space where the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon can align enough that a Solar Eclipse can happen: and in astrology, we call them the Lunar Nodes. One of them is called the North Node, the other the South Node, and if a New Moon happens close enough to one of those nodes, it’s a Solar Eclipse. (If a Full Moon happens close to the Nodes, it's a Lunar Eclipse - we have one on May 5th).

Right now, the Nodes fall into the signs of Taurus (the North Node) and Scorpio (the South Node), which plays into the themes of this coming Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse Itself

This Solar Eclipse happens at 29°50’ Aries: the very end of the sign of Aries, but still conjunct to the North Node at 3°54’ Taurus. 29° is a crisis degree: as the last degree of a sign, it’s the culmination of all gifts, challenges, and shadow sides of a sign (in this case, Aries). In astrological events, the presence of 29° also indicates a strong energy or a very intense event, such as a big change, etc.

On top of that, the Solar Eclipse is also in a wider conjunction with Eris and Jupiter in Aries and in an exact square with Pluto at 0° of Aquarius. So, the element of “big energy,” or “intense change,” and so on is being amplified to the nth degree. (We’ll discuss this in-depth later).

Let’s first focus on the sign of the Solar Eclipse and the North Node.

Time of Transitioning

Let’s start with the Nodes. The Lunar Nodes always speak to destiny and growth. Essentially, the South Node shows what needs to be reimagined, let go, or diffused in focus; the North Node shows what we need more of, what we need to grow into, where we haven’t been doing our work yet.

The Nodes have been going through the signs of Taurus (the North Node) and Scorpio (the South Node) for about 1 ½ years – as they travel backward, they started at 30° Taurus/Scorpio on December 23rd, 2021, and will transition into Aries and Libra respectively on the 12th of July of this year. (The last time the North Node entered Aries before that was November 30th, 2004). So, this Solar Eclipse being conjunct (= close to) the North Node in Taurus but already being in the North Node’s future sign, Aries, brings in the new themes we’ll experience from July 12th, 2023, to January 29th, 2025. But the themes of the North Node in Taurus (and the South Node in Scorpio) are still active: we’re in a transitionary phase.

And this fits the fact that we’re starting with a Solar Eclipse of new beginnings next to the North Node that indicates what we grow into, rather than growing out of it.

So, what are the old themes that are still active?

Taurus and Scorpio are all about the things we hold on to when shit hits the fan, or (you could say) that handle resilience. In Taurus’s case, it’s about the material and physical things that give us resilience. That’s the body, finances, food, stability, shelter, nature, the elements, the ground we stand on (literally and metaphorically), and everything we hold on to in times of change. Taurus is also about pleasure, peace, and quietness (and the arts, which aren’t always quiet) which are things that create stability after conflict. Scorpio is psychological resilience. Here, we are confronted with and able to deal with the harshest realities of life, and even be invigorated by them. Sex, truth, trust, power, death, trauma… all these things require much resilience, but Scorpio is also where we have that psychological resilience naturally.

So, the cycle of the Nodes that we’re currently in is all about recognizing where we need physical things to support our resiliency rather than just trying to make do with great changes through our psychological willpower alone. It’s also about taking a break from intense parts of life by mixing them up with pleasurable, peaceful topics.

It’s also simply about getting away from the complex (Scorpio) where we can and choosing the simple, yet profound that Taurus stands for. For example, you may feel really unbalanced. One of the possible solutions to make you feel better comes through therapy… (And therapy is great! But it's only one possible solution and not adequate to fix all issues). But sometimes, the hormonal imbalance that your body creates when you're chronically under-nourished, running on little to no sleep, (and have things like constantly crashing blood sugar) lead to people feeling so bad about themselves that they suspect serious mental health issues to be the cause. Therapy won't help here, but eating healthily and regularly does. So does sleeping regularly. A.k.a., a complex healing tool such as therapy won't be as effective as the simple solutions. Does that mean that food can replace therapy when you have depression, trauma, or other complex issues? No. But does it mean that simple tools can create healing? Yes.

December 2021, the world at large finally opened up again after the lockdowns - this was the time where the Nodes switched from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio. Lots of people came out of those lockdowns traumatized (Scorpio) and in constant fear of death due to Covid. Tapping into the simple pleasures of being allowed to go outside again regularly, to hug your loved ones, and to participate in pleasurable activities like singing or dancing that were forbidden before (which is all Taurus in a nutshell): all of that healed a lot of the trauma and helped us lose our fear (Scorpio). That's how the Lunar Nodes work.

This Solar Eclipse is a continuation of the themes just discussed, even if we now have more topics included.

The new themes have to do with Aries: courage, assertiveness, sense of self, fighting for your right to exist, identity, and healthy masculinity. Essentially, while the general topics of this eclipse are about simplicity, peace, pleasure, material realities, the body, nature, and life (North Node in Taurus), we’ll now have an identity-affirming, martial energy to it. Sometimes, you have to fight so you can lay down your weapons and enjoy the sunshine. You have to know who you are so you build a stable reality.

A New Dawn

This Eclipse is conjunct Eris, dwarf planet of strife, warped feminism, competitiveness, fighting for the underdog, and the capacity to do whatever it takes to survive/reach a goal, no holds barred. It’s also in a wider conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of luck, generosity, and philosophy (or other belief systems like religion). Whatever this eclipse brings us, it’s magnifying issues in society and bringing awareness (Jupiter) to inflammatory subjects in society (Eris) that will lead to a change (Solar Eclipse). That change will likely be seen as a seed on the day of the Eclipse (+/- a week), but we’ll likely only really see the full effects in a 2 ½ year window that’s the journey of the Lunar Nodes through Libra and Aries.

But before, we’ve also mentioned that the eclipse is square to Pluto at 0° Aquarius. 0° isn’t a crisis degree like 29° is, but it’s also a very powerful one. It’s the purest expression of a sign, which in Aquarius’s case speaks to rebellion, innovation, the bringing in of the future, technology, our differences, and society. So, we again have a change-bringing impact on the eclipse, and one that’s (through Pluto’s presence) going to be felt extensively. Likely, we’ll see a big activation of the themes regarding Pluto in Aquarius on this Eclipse, themes you can read about in these two articles: History Meets the Future. Analyzing the past 1,000 years to see what’s to come focuses on societal changes, while In Your Personal Life: Where One-Size-Fits-All Goes to Die focuses on how people will be impacted privately/on an individual basis.

Pluto is particularly important here since it’s one of the rulers of the South Node in Scorpio, the other, Mars, is also the ruler of the Solar Eclipse (Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio) – and Mars is currently in Cancer. Pluto’s involvement brings an element of radical transformation and things being unearthed. Mars in Cancer brings a very necessary containment to the energy, but also a renewed focus on our private selves and lives – so this won’t just be an event that impacts the world at large, but also us individually.

In any case, the Eclipse is the first new dawn in the story of Pluto in Aquarius, all while becoming the Prologue to the story of the North Node in Aries. Lastly, we’ll see a political and social new beginning that will only fully be understood years in the future. The fact that the Eclipse happens to be a total eclipse only ramps up the intensity even more.

In Your Personal Life

Look for your Rising Sign and Sun Sign to see more personalized specifics on how you'll be affected by this astrological event.


The Nodes: have shown changes in your area of finances, worth, self-worth, and power in your life. You’ve likely had to simplify your life in some regards while building up your self-esteem and resources (which will continue to happen at this astrological event), get away from trust and collaboration, and more towards self-sufficiency and material independence. This is a continuation of that story.

The Eclipse: will bring a completely new beginning of your identity, maybe even your life path. It’s time to stand up for yourself unapologetically and be who you are – visibly, and assertively. It’s time to own who you are and fight for your right to exist. You may find yourself at the start of a cycle that will change your life completely: but that’s directed by you, not the universe.


The Nodes: have been reworking your identity and lifepath since December of 2021. Who you were then is not who you are now – you’ve changed (and this is good). Relationships may have been reworked, maybe you’ve lost people. This is still a continuation of this story, so stand your ground and be yourself throughout this new beginning.

The Eclipse: falls in your house of rest, mental health, and spirituality. It’s time to dream radically, so you can do later on. It all starts with dreams and rest. Maybe you’d like to set boundaries for the sake of your mental health and/or your spiritual life. The deep things you believe in and intuitively sense may require you to fight or make sacrifices not just for yourself, but also for others who can’t fight for themselves. Spiritually, this is a time to pray or meditate.


The Nodes: have been impacting your house of rest, letting go/release, spiritual and karmic issues, intuition, and energy – maybe you’ve noticed that you need more rest than usual or more time to think of the big issues in life. Meanwhile, your house of routines (at work/at home), health, and work environment has been under fire: you may have had to change these things in your life to become healthier. On this day, too, make sure that your routines allow you time to rest and to dream, as this theme continues.

The Eclipse: impacts your community, social media, friends/allies, vision of your future, hopes, dreams, and strategies. It’s time to radically and (healthily) selfishly assert your vision of the future: act now to see it come to fruition later. Similarly, you may fight with/for/against social issues or groups of people. Be sure to keep your enemies close but your allies closer.


The Nodes: are steadily reworking your community, groups of friends/allies, your vision for the future, your hopes and dreams, and your life on social media. You may have seen where you need these things more in your life and how to find them. Meanwhile, blocks built through immaturity and hedonism, uncommitted love, or childlike behavior may have become visible and fallen away. Keep planning the future under this astrological event, it’s time to be strategic – don’t get too lost in the present to set yourself up for long-term success.

The Eclipse: brings a new beginning in your work, career, life mission, or relationship with (your own) authority. This can coincide with changes at work or in your career path as well as with you stepping up into a role of authority on the job, in your community, or at home. Fight for the right to assert yourself and follow your own guidance. This is a new beginning that benefits more people than just you. Use it wisely.


The Nodes: have been pulling you more into your life mission: be that in your career or the personal sector. You’ve had to re-evaluate your relationship with authority as well as grow into your inner authority, while you were likely being drawn away from your personal life, home life, and even roots/relationship with your parents. This is a continuation of this story.

The Eclipse: falls into your area of belief systems, teaching, travel, and foreign cultures. Stand your ground when it comes to your ethics, stand your ground when it comes to your right to exercise your spiritual/philosophical/religious/political/… beliefs. Don’t let others talk you out of them at this time – you can learn more things on another day. Today, you fight for freedom.


The Nodes: have been drawing you into the realm of belief systems (psychological, religious/spiritual, political, etc.). You may have also been in more contact with step-family, in-laws, or foreign cultures – and you may have become a teacher, though not necessarily in name. You were drawn away from areas of your life where you feel doubt or get too involved in your proverbial neighbor’s business. This time was – and is – more about the big picture than the small one. Keep thinking big picture to feel like you stand on solid ground. You know what you know, don’t doubt that.

The Eclipse: is happening in your house of sex, intimacy, truth, trust, and shared resources. First of all, this is a passionate energy – in all ways. Whether you wish to passionately stand up for yourself or others, or whether it’s the 18+ kind of passion is up to you. Another question for this transit is about your assertiveness in things regarding power and trust: do you need to fight to claim more space for yourself in your intimate relationships? Do you need to set boundaries? Or do you need to fight to truly claim your authority within yourself? Whatever it is, don’t be scared to do it.


The Nodes: have been changing up your finances in a lot of ways. You were drawn to trust more than usual, you were drawn to intimately need other people for the last 1 ½ years (and this topic continues). Similarly, you were also much more drawn to claim power and heal your inner wounds, rather than focus over much on collecting experiences that improve your self-worth – or net worth. Your values may have changed and may continue to change until July 12th.

The Eclipse: will light up a topic dear to your heart – relationships. You’ll see where you need to set boundaries with the people you’re committed to, and where to fight for love (in long-term/committed partnerships). Passion is on your side here, and so is you stepping up to get what you want from someone else.


The Nodes: have been changing up your relationships with other people, and the way you view interrelatedness with other people. While you may have been insular before in many ways, you’ve been shown the end of your capacity to do things alone – and when (and whom) to bond with. This astrological event continues this theme, though the energy may be a bit more contentious than before.

The Eclipse: brings in themes around your routines, your health, the realities of your day-to-day work, and your environment. Maybe you need to set boundaries with people at work, or step up and take charge of your health (set boundaries with healthcare practitioners, advocate for your right to receive the treatments you need/say No to what you don’t need). You may also set boundaries to where you’re being taken advantage of: you’re no one’s slave or service person. YOU decide whom you follow in this life.


The Nodes: the past 1 ½ years have brought changes in your health and work-life balance. The duties in your workplace (or other chores) may have changed significantly, as has your environment. Essentially, you were drawn away from the things that block you, hold you back, or are purely energetic so you’d be able to practically build the life you want on a day-to-day basis. This is the continuation of that story until July 12th, 2023.

The Eclipse: will impact your house of pleasure, romance, creativity, and inner child/actual children in your life. You may need to fight to take some time off and do something fun, or you may fight to integrate fun things into your mundane life. Maybe you meet someone or otherwise have a romantic time: be sure not to hold back on setting appropriate boundaries and on having all the fun you can. Also, this may lead to a serious relationship for some people (if that’s what you want, obviously).


The Nodes: have been changing up your life in a way that draws you away from future thinking and more into finding pleasure in the present moment. Right now, you’re being more creative for creativity’s sake rather than for an actual long-term goal; you may focus less on friendships and even lose some false friends as you listen to and follow your heart. Maybe you met someone or had a fulfilling romantic life with someone you know. This is going to be a big part of the Solar Eclipse for you.

The Eclipse: brings the focus back to home. 1) your home, family, and roots may see a change or significant new beginning: maybe you have to put more energy into a physical house or your family of origin/family you found. Alternatively, you could be welcoming a new member into your family. 2) This could be impacting the deepest, most private parts of you. You may fight to be yourself or wake up to a burning desire within your soul to change your life in some way. Listen! It’s going to be a part of your story throughout the next 2 years.


The Nodes: have been impacting your home, private life, family of origin, the family you founded, and your roots (culture of origin, etc.). You may have seen your focus switch from work, status, your community, and public life back to your inner world. You may have needed more alone time in order to hear and listen to your heart and deep needs. You may have been more involved as a parent or with your parents rather than your ambitions. This is a continuation of these larger themes.

The Eclipse: is about your siblings, cousins, and neighbors: you may have some fights here or need to set strong boundaries. Also, your perceptions and communication style may be up for/need a change, you may go back to school and learn something or become involved in a task that has to do with writing or teaching. Alternatively, local life and local travel may be a theme for you right now.


The Nodes: have been impacting your perceptions of the world and drawing you away from the things you know for sure to the areas of life where you don’t yet know and wish to learn. You may have been less involved in telling others about why your beliefs are right, and more involved in letting others tell you how else to see the world. Also, your local life and family may have been highlighted in some way (especially siblings) and led to some changes.

The Eclipse: impacts your finances, self-worth, other resources, and skills that you can monetize. You may have to fight for your money or to get a raise, or you may have to set strong boundaries and fight in order to keep your self-worth up (or improve it). This is not a good time for financial investments. Wait a week at least.

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