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Juno-Uranus: Divorce Bringer or Radical Love? Asteroid of Marriage meets God of Liberation

Updated: Feb 13

When Juno, asteroid of marriage and long-term commitment, meets the rebel and freedom-seeking Uranus, interesting things happen in love.

In my experience, having an aspect like this in your chart is an absolute superpower. But relationships may look a little different than the status quo and come together in unexpected ways – hence this article.

A quick reminder to start with: astrological placements never happen in a vacuum. Your chart as a whole will add additional layers of meaning that may alter, support, or balance out this aspect. Consult a trained astrologer for further insight and always listen to your own intuition and life experience. At the end of the day, astrology talks about potential – and it’s your choice what to do with the potential your life holds.

That being said, let’s jump right in.

Juno and Uranus

In astrology, Juno stands for marriage, spouses, long-term commitments, business partners, timing, and social justice. For the sake of brevity, we’ll narrow the interpretation down to long-term commitment akin to (but not limited to) marriage, as well as the partner(s) you have said commitment with.

Uranus is the rebel planet. It stands for freedom, being odd, individuality, outcasts, innovation, and the kind of change that turns your whole world upside down. It’s also the place in our charts where we can not stand confinement of any kind.

If someone wants to pull our strings here, we start a revolution.

If someone wants to control us, we blow up, break out, and fight for our freedom.

If the world pushes a way of life on us that doesn’t to who we are, we reinvent life and do something different.

When these two are connected via aspect, it means that the principle of committed love and freedom want to work with one another in some way – whether you want them too, or not. With an aspect, you can’t fully separate these two principles. Which can be difficult when the planetary bodies are as different as Uranus and Juno are.

However, here’s the good news. Regardless of the differences of Juno and Uranus, they can work together, and quite beautifully so.

And don’t forget: an aspect means that to planets strive to work with one another. Regardless of the type of aspect (harmonious, strained, or blindspot-creating), those two principles want to integrate. Which means that bringing them together is absolutely possible, and that’s where the magic begins.

Freedom and Commitment?

There’s a long-standing question for everyone with Juno-Uranus links (or other astrological configurations such as Uranus in the seventh house/in aspect to Venus, or Juno in Aquarius): why would I want to commit in the first place? Isn’t all commitment confining?

With the planet of individuality and freedom linked up with a relational point, there can be a big desire to skip commitment entirely. A long-term relationship can seem like another prison, like something that keeps you from fully living life on your terms and expressing yourself as you are. You may go years or even decades without wanting to date at all, or not wanting to date seriously.

However, not everybody feels this way. Some people with this aspect really do want a relationship. But they don’t know how to make it work. And most of all, they still struggle with finding a relationship that allows them to feel free.

Regardless of whether you want to find love or not. With this aspect, you need to find the type of commitment that feels more liberating than not being committed at all. You can’t settle for less.

Depending on your cultural background, this kind of thing may seem like an oxymoron.

But it’s the truth: with the right partner(s), commitment feels more freeing than being uncommitted and a relationship feels like a truer expression of your individuality than being single.

If you don’t have that with someone you’re seeing, then this isn’t the right relationship for you. However, a relationship that includes this feeling may come of nowhere, even if you’re 100% convinced that a freeing commitment doesn’t exist.

The Core of Juno-Uranus

Every astrological placement has a core desire that’s expressed in it. With Juno-Uranus, that core desire is individuality and authenticity in love.

Basically, your long-term relationships need to be vehicles that help you follow your own path in life. They need to be containers in which both people can be true to themselves and live out who they are inside.

If you have a relationship like that, then you feel happy and healthy. If you don’t, your relationship is going to turn toxic and come to an abrupt end one way or another.

Either you realize it doesn’t work and you move on, or the universe breaks you apart.

Sounds silly, but it’s what happens. Wherever Uranus sits in your chart, true individuality is rewarded and shackles that keep you from being yourself are stripped off. With or without your active consent.

The latter is the reason for the (false) myth of Juno-Uranus as divorce- or breakup-bringer. This aspect requires both parties to be very, very brave by prioritizing themselves and even by saying No to “relationship 101 rules” that don’t apply.

And let’s face it, not everybody is capable of that bravery or willing to see its necessity. And that’s okay. However, relationships with one person unable to prioritize individuality and freedom eventually all fall apart.

Rebel Commitment

There’s another facet of the Uranus-Juno aspect, and that’s rebel love. With Uranus-Juno, you may look at the standard for love and marriage around you and realize that it’s not aligned with your core values or your needs… and that you need to break out of the mold in order to be happy long-term.

This can lead to a relationship that looks massively different to the outside world than the “standard” relationship.

This can look like:

  • Ethical non-monogamy

  • LGBTQ+ marriage/relationship

  • Asexual marriage

  • Really kinky marriage

  • Choosing not to marry at all but staying together for 30+ years

  • Joining a different faith or moving countries to get married

  • Marrying a rock star if you’re from a conventional family

  • Choosing not to live with the person you’re marrying

  • Getting married after five divorces

  • Having an age gap, huge financial differences, different cultural/racial/political backgrounds

  • Having your first marriage at the age of 81

  • Getting married at 18

  • Going on a TV show to get married

  • Choosing an arranged marriage if you’re from a 21st century Western liberal, non-religious culture

  • Living with your spouse and the person you have children with

  • And so forth.

There’s literally no comprehensive list. But whatever’s rebellious or odd to others or yourself, this aspect may bring to your love life.

But here’s the thing: sometimes, the oddest thing to do is the most traditional – if that’s at odds with what’s lived around you, or what you think you should need.

  • If you…

  • Marry a tax inspector if your parents are hippies

  • Get married at all in a world that talks about the “uselessness of marriage” given the growing divorce rates

  • Go full gender stereotype in your relationship if that’s not what you’re used to seeing

  • Move from ENM to the White Picket Fence 2.5 kids, 1 cis-hetero-marriage, and 3.2 dogs (and a possible canary)

  • Or you choose to commit to someone to flip someone else the bird…

Then this is just as much Juno-Uranus than the examples above.

The key to this combination isn’t what’s odd, different, rebellious, or new to 99.9% of humanity: it’s what’s odd, different, rebellious, or new to you.

To give you a further example:

A friend of mine got married quite young to someone who’s already second-in-command in a lucrative business. She lives in an environment that’s very feminist and sees financial dependence from a woman to her husband as a huge no-no. My friend and her spouse had a dream: to buy a big house in the middle or nowhere where they could play host for all their friends and family, have kids of their own, and grow old together. One day, they got a once-in-a-lifetime deal for a house that was perfect for them. BUT. She wasn’t yet in a place where she could afford to pitch in financially since she was still getting her education. Would they accept the deal, have the spouse finance the house, and deal with society’s backlash? Or would they postpone their dream until she was ready to pay, too?

This is a typical Juno-Uranus situation. Being married, having some financial dependency that favors the cis-hetero woman, and buying a house… all of that is pretty conventional. But for this couple, it would lead to a lot of social backlash because of the status quo of her community.

She had to decide if she wanted to rebel by getting the house now or stick to the status quo of “a new way to see women” and sacrifice her dream for now.

It’s all about the standard around you and the standard you were born in.

(They got the house, by the way. And now my friend has to deal with a lot of gold-digger comments and other nice things.)

Which proves my point: with Juno-Uranus aspects, your individual expression as a couple and the lifepath you choose to have may rub some people the wrong way. Which requires bravery, and rebel love.

The Uranus-Juno super-powers

This aspect comes with some side-effects – obviously, since all aspects do – but it comes with pretty amazing super-powers.

With Uranus-Juno aspects, no matter which type of aspect, no matter what signs… you’re able to leave any relationship that doesn’t serve you. It may take time, it may require courage, but you can leave.

Unhappy but with a great partner? You can leave.

Toxic relationship? You can walk away.

Abuse going on? Off you got.

Financial dependency, children, and/or death threats going on? Again: You. Can. Leave.

You can get out of every single bad situation you want to get out of, and that’s amazing news. No one wants to be trapped in a nightmare. For you, astrology guarantees that you don’t have to be trapped at all. You can always leave. Always.

The second amazing superpower is that you don’t have to worry about losing yourself and your individuality to your partner(s) or your relationship. The very health of your bond is intimately tied to you and your partner’s authentic self-expression. If you lose yourself, you’ll notice because the bond suffers. And if things go too far, you’ll notice that you want to leave. The relationship will also not last very long regardless.

The third amazing super-power is that you redefine relationships for everybody else. Because the “general rules for relationship” you grew up with don’t always apply to you, you naturally model a different way of life by being committed. This means you get to truly create a bond that’s custom-made for you and your partner… and by doing so, you inspire others that need what you have, but don’t have the courage to get there.

On top of that, Uranus-Juno relationships are never boring. You’ll always have plenty of surprises and fun with one another, as well as a bunch of adventures and growth. You’ll have your best friend by your side while you explore what it means to be you in a container of love – and, even better?

Juno-Uranus brings a lightning-like passion to the relationships that keeps things spicy, playful, and fun.

So this is a really good aspect to have.

Okay, so far so good. Now that you understood the nature of this aspect, let’s get down-and-dirty with the fun part. What type of partner do you need?

What type of partner do you need?

“I am so lucky I’m marrying my best friend.”

This is one of the most typical things people say when they have Uranus-Juno in their natal charts.

Uranus is very associated with friendships and equals – your partner should therefore feel like they’re both to you. Friends first, lovers second is often a solid foundation for commitment (though other placements may temper that, so don’t freak out if that’s not you.)

Your partner should be freedom-loving, individualistic, someone who walks to the beat of their own drum, and someone who stands against the crowd if need be. They care more about creating the right relationship for you both (or three, four…) than staying true to convention or tradition. They need to be able to change things up in your relationship if it’s necessary – and not leave you hanging because they’re too scared.

Your partner should also support you in being the truest version of yourself – even if the truest version of yourself threatens their own comfort zone upon occasion. They should be someone who stands by your side when you rebel against something, not try to suppress that side of you.

Granted, a good partner will also inform you when you make a mistake, makes you reconsider when you’re too impulsive, and set boundaries with you if you get too extreme – but they don’t shut down your rebellious streak. They know it’s a part of you and they value that.

But most importantly, being in commitment with your partner needs to feel more freeing than not being in commitment with them.

Your partner (and you) should also be willing to handle leaving with care. Sometimes, with an aspect like this, the first warning signal that something’s going on in this relationship is that one party feels the desire to leave. However, there’s almost always the possibility to fix things between partners by really getting clear on what’s going wrong. Almost always, there’s something to be done if all parties are willing. So you and your partner need to be open to looking deeper and staying with each other for long enough to give the relationship time to heal. (This is not applicable to relationships where abuse is going on).

Lastly, because the Uranus-Juno relationships are often so centered around all parties being on their own paths: your partner should be both able to walk their own path/let you walk yours and still include you in their journey. Likewise, they need to be committed to staying in touch with you while you do you.

Since too much individualism without any reconnection to balance it out creates distance, there needs to be an ongoing willingness to make time for your relationship even if your work/passion projects/… are really important right now. This goes for both you and your partner, though.

Whom could you end up marrying that doesn’t fit?

With an astrological placement around love or commitment, you’re automatically drawn to live out the archetypes – healthily (see the above), or in ways that ultimately don’t work out (read this section). For Juno-Uranus, this may look like…

The rebel without a cause.

The totally conventional partner, who is that way only because they suppress their true needs.

The person that wants to rebel against something else – but takes it out on you (rather than on Coronavirus, the world, or their own boss/parents).

Someone on an ego trip who’s so focused on wanting to be themselves and live their own life that they forget you, your needs, and your path in this world. Someone who refuses to see your relationship is affected by their choices – or refuses to take responsibility.

The surface rebel who may look like they’re doing their own thing, but still subjugate their individuality to someone else – it may just be a different group than most people choose.

Someone who refuses to truly commit in the ways you need to be happy.

The friend and colleague, who never becomes a true spouse or partner, even if that is what you want or need.

The person who breaks all the rules and boundaries of your partnership (even ones you really, really need to be there), just because they don’t want to feel trapped. This can look like cheating, abandoning you and coming back, ghosting, etc.

The person who doesn’t prioritize reconnection in a relationship after long periods of being focused on other things such as family or work. This is something to watch out for, because it can create real unhappiness.

But enough of that. How could you possibly meet this person?

How would you meet them:

With Juno and Uranus in combination, it’s often a partner that comes out of nowhere into your life but shakes your life up quite significantly (other aspects or zodiac placements can modify this effect). Uranus rules accidents – so you may “accidentally” run into them, maybe literally. It’s also associated with technology, so online dating can be very fruitful for finding a life partner. As can experiences that are “odd” in some way or another.

For instance, Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind both have Juno-Uranus aspects – as do other members of the cast.

With Uranus-Juno, you may realize very quickly that “this is it” – or it hits you all of the sudden, like lightning. You may also go a long period of time fearing commitment and the loss of freedom or choice you associate with it – and then change your mind rather quickly.

What also happens a lot is a surge of intuition when you meet your partner… and a surge of suddenly needing to be fully yourself, fully free of the shackles life placed on you that no longer serve, etc. Marriage or divorce could lead to big life changes.

So… to conclude.


With Uranus-Juno aspects, happy, healthy, loving and fulfilling marriage and long-term commitments are possible. Not just that, but Uranus-Juno people are more likely than others to find such relationships, since this aspect keeps them from staying in relationships that aren’t fulfilling and can’t be fixed… or settling for less than they deserve.

Key to this aspect is to find a commitment that feels more freeing than not being committed and a relationship that promotes their own individuality. They may need to rebel against the status quo of love and relationships around them.

If they choose to subjugate their individuality to conventionality, their relationship may suffer.

A partner or multiple partners can come in many different shapes and forms and most importantly, should be able to support and love you as you are – while being who they are, authentically, and still prioritizing the relationship.

That’s it, my loves. These are Juno-Uranus aspects in the natal chart. Please keep in mind that every astrological placement is affected by the rest of the chart. No two people with Juno-Uranus are the same or need the same things, so what you need may differ a little from what I wrote here. The archetypes however stay the same.

If you want to learn more about astrology or your chart specifically? Feel free to book a reading. I also offer a couple’s package, so feel free to check it out here.

I hope this helped.

So much love,


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