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Beauty and the Beast: Asteroid Juno Meets Pluto

Updated: Feb 13

Pluto: Planet of Soul. Trauma. Abuse. Power. Hidden things. Transformation. Sexuality. The taboo. Riches under the Earth – literally and figuratively. Secrecy. Death. Truth – and everything that makes you naked before Life.

Juno: asteroid of marriage. You perfect spouse or life-partner you intend to spend forever with.

Who you should marry

  • Someone who’ll take your secrets to the grave

  • Someone you have great sexual chemistry with

  • The person with the MOST amount of integrity and personal responsibility you’ve ever met

  • Someone not scared of taboo subjects or hard truths

  • Someone who can take a No, take criticism, and also not bend over backward for you

  • Someone willing to go to therapy with you should you ever need that (not saying you’ll necessarily need therapy – BUT. A partner with the willingness to work on their own stuff is the #1 priority for you. Putting the word “therapy” on the table is a nice way to figure out if they have the willingness it takes to make this relationship work. If they aren’t open to therapy, asking about the “why” behind the No can give further insight on whether they’re able to handle this relationship and turn it to gold.)

  • Someone who wants to know you inside out, from what you ate in school when you were six to the biggest trauma you had to a happy memory last week to your exes and what they did right in bed

  • Someone willing to stand in their own power and support you in yours

  • Someone determined

  • Someone who can handle the intensity, big emotions, transformation, and bad pasts

  • Someone who knows you at your worst and doesn’t walk away

  • Someone who shows you their deepest depths

  • Someone you can laugh with all day, every day, about potentially everything

  • Someone who continuously calls you out on your bs, and wants you to do the same for them

  • Someone you can get kinky with

  • The most honest person you know

  • Someone safe

  • Someone committed to you who lets you take your space and doesn’t dominate your life

Who you should be wary of:

The darkest possible potential of this transit is marrying an abuser. This doesn’t have to happen, but it makes sense for you to do some research on how to identify abusers quickly. Don’t ignore red flags under any circumstances. Keep yourself safe even with strangers (they could see you as your future spouse and get creepy).

Since Juno isn’t just your spouse but also business partners, clients, people you have other types of one-on-one relationships with, and people that see you as a spouse, I highly recommend being careful with all kinds of people in your life. If you go on a first date, have it in a public place, google the person beforehand, tell someone where you are – let your date know that others know whom you’re with. If you take on a new client, vet them beforehand. (I have an aspect like this in my chart. This is why you can’t book readings with me without reaching out to me first through the contact form, which serves as a safety measure in case of creeps reaching out to me through this website.)

If you notice any sort of shady stuff that makes you question their integrity, how safe they are for you, or makes you feel uncomfortable, take care.

Again, you can go a lifetime without encountering any of these negative potentials in people in general, or a partner specifically.

Still, please do your research on how to notice manipulation tactics, how to recognize narcissists, and how to safely end relationships if things got difficult. This includes information on ending relationships with people who have mental health issues that makes leaving hard. Not everyone who’s toxic chooses to be so, some people have disorders that make them that way. But that doesn’t make them less dangerous or require you to self-sacrifice to stay.

Be especially careful with power dynamics in your relationships. They can go really well or really, really bad.

An additional potential problem is magnetizing people who are actively suicidal. My heart goes out to everyone who goes through the hell of wanting to end their own lives. As a potential partner to someone like that, there are several things I want to name here:

  1. Suicidality is not a cry for attention. If someone tells you they’re thinking of ending their own lives, they want help – and need it. The fact that they talk about it also doesn’t mean they’re making this up and it doesn’t they’re out of the woods, either. While there is a myth that “only people who don’t talk about it kill themselves,” that is just that: a myth. Please always, always take it seriously when someone talks about suicide, even if they’re joking. Inform yourself on how to help them, what to avoid, and what you can do. Help them help themselves. It may not look like it, but with every second they stay in this world, they’re fighting for their lives.

  2. Suicidality is not a life sentence or death sentence. Just because you feel it at one time, doesn’t mean you’re stuck in that state forever. You can survive this, and so can your partnership.

  3. Educate yourself on suicidality in general. There are so many myths – and symptoms that will help you recognize what’s going on.

  4. I really hate to say this, but there are people who use threats of killing themselves or pretend-suicidality as means to manipulate their partners. Please still take symptoms of suicidality seriously, even if you’re not sure if your partner is truthful or not. Reach out to professionals to figure out what to do. If you know you need to break up with someone, figure out a way to keep yourself and any children safe. You still get to leave a relationship even if your partner is actively suicidal. You’re not responsible for them, and you deserve to be safe.

Lastly, with an aspect like this: going through significant breakups or divorce can be particularly hard on you. If you know you need to leave a relationship, please build a safety net in advance. There’s no shame in getting help. You matter.

Again, you can go a lifetime without encountering any of these negative potentials in people in general, or a partner specifically. Awareness is key in avoiding bad situations, which is why I cover this in-depth. Please know though: you are not stuck with a “bad aspect” that’ll “ruin your chances at healthy love.” More on this now:

The positive side of Juno-Pluto.

I may be biased, but this is one of the best aspects to have – if you handle it with awareness.

Pluto is a planet of growth, soul, evolution, and sexiness. With this connected to your asteroid of marriage, you can have a partner that can handle it all. There’s no dark that’s too dark for them, no wound or scar on you that turns them off. As a matter of fact, this is the type of partner that will love you for your wounds too, and sees the strength it takes to live with your past.

There are no taboos with Juno-Pluto. Whatever you need to talk about as a couple, you can handle it. This is the type of relationship that’s unbreakable, close, that creates powerhouse individuals… and has people naked on the level of your souls.

Did I mention that it’s also really, really sexy?

Juno-Pluto relationships foster transformation and call for integrity. Whatever obstacle you face, it will make your relationship more beautiful. However you may change as an individual over time, your partner will support you and match that.

It’s a relationship that rewards truth and authenticity. It truly is “until death do us apart.”

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