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Learn Astrology: Sky Scholar 2023 (Discount Available)

I've got the enormous privilege to be a Teaching Assistant to one of my own mentors, the famous and extremely talented, wise, and lovely Virginia Rosenberg, Astrologer of Social Change (@virginiarosenberg).

Sky Scholar is a program to learn astrology that brings value, support, community, and knowledge to both newbies and people on the verge of becoming professional astrologers alike. It's starting March 28th, 2023, and since I work there now, I have a gift for you.

I'm offering each person who signs up to this year's Sky Scholar I cohort through this link a free session with me (redeemable whenever, also re-giftable). Let me clear: this is an affiliate link. But let me also be very clear: I've recommended this program way before I got the opportunity to get paid for doing so or before I became part of the teaching staff.

And, you are getting the opportunity to get more than you paid for, since I am the astrologer other astrologers go to for readings. My testimonials stand for themselves.

But... what is Sky Scholar?

What is Sky Scholar?

Sky Scholar is a a six month apprenticeship that combines intellectual with embodied teaching methods, a whole-brain, integrative approach to learning, and a realistic, wise, and choice-led perspective on astrology. It's always been Virginia's (and my own) perspective that astrology is a tool for you to use for self-empowerment and self-understanding as well as for creating options, rather than for doom and gloom prophecy, and self-imprisonment.

In Sky Scholar, Virginia teaches you not just how to read and understand astrology, but also the wisdom, boundaries, and application necessary to make astrology something that works for you, not the other way around. This isn't just to help you understand your own chart - though that will 100% be a big takeaway for you. It's not just a surefire way to understand astrology enough to move further through time and space with a greater understanding of your life as it unfolds moment by moment... though that too, is guaranteed. It's also a course on how to step more into your power and develop yourself as a person, without ever giving your power away to anyone - be it teacher, or planets.

Sky Scholar builds on a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise that's passed on while firing up your own creativity, wisdom, self-knowledge, life-experience, and unique gifts through various teaching methods. You get to create art. You get to write and book-learn. You get to move. You get to bring your brand of spirituality, (religion, if applicable,) and devotion into Sky Scholar as you learn how to dance with the flows of life. You get to bring your own gifts to the table here and use them to hone your own understanding of the planets - you get to be fully you, as you learn, in a way I've never seen in another educational program before or since.

Sky Scholar I in and of itself can be enough to qualify you as a professional astrologer (if you take the optional test for certification). However, you can also opt deeper for further studies during Sky Scholar II. So, Sky Scholar I can remain complete on its own, or become part of a greater journey.

And the best thing? The program is inclusive to people of different levels of knowledge without rushing people who know little or boring people who know a lot going in. It's inclusive to people who are neuro-divergent and "normal", able-bodied and not, and people with lots of time on their hands and people with little time.

Sky Scholar truly is for everyone, and that's what makes it stand out.

Personally, I can only say that Virginia's work was the reason I became a professional astrologer - through her work, I decided that I wanted to do this as a job. Through Sky Scholar, I got the tools to do so.

Here's my link for signing up and getting a free session with me. (You can also sign up through different links, the price is the same, but then you won't get the freebee. But hey, I'd be happy to teach you either way!)

Again, that's a free 90 min session with me, redeemable at your discretion.

So much love (and hopefully see you there),



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