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Asteroid Destinn in the signs: Aries-Virgo

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

The asteroid of dharma, your soul’s calling, and your destiny. In this article, you find an in-depth analysis of the unknown asteroid in the signs – information you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

But first, let’s recap the asteroid’s meaning – for more information, please refer to my article on Destinn, Astrology, Dharma, and Fate. Asteroid Destinn in detail. that also includes a breakdown of how astrology and “fate” work together and most importantly, how it doesn’t work together. Why you still have free choice, how to use it, and what happens when your destiny involves other people. Here’s the link again. For now, a summary:

Asteroid Destinn

Asteroid Destinn talks about your relationship to fate vs. free will. It’s the starting point to your journey of remembering your dharma, a.k.a. your soul’s purpose. It’s also your calling, what you wish your destiny to be and how you choose to live into your fate. This also goes for people who don’t actually believe in fate: where Destinn lies, you may get those “fancy, empty words” out of the closet (not my words, but words of a person I know who’s very anti-fate, and – once we talked about their Destinn placement – used those words). Or you may use different words that carry the same feelings for you that other people associate with destiny and such.

The key to Destinn is that you want to go there yourself. No one forces you. But things do get remarkably easy as it feels like opportunities flow to you with remarkable ease. You also naturally – almost accidentally – impact more people than just yourself.

No matter how personal the purpose of your choosing, living into your Destinn has ripple effects on others. These effects may not be as obvious or direct depending on what you do, but are still powerful and noticeable, like inspiring someone who needs it or helping them in some manner.

Lastly, Destinn is where you manifest your fate/destiny of choice and try to realize a broader purpose in real-world steps. The world seems to conspire in your favor, especially when it comes to helping you reach success. Here, you find many opportunities and even career pathways. However, Destinn doesn’t just express through your work or public life. Destinn can talk about your relationships or family as well and may talk about things that aren’t monetizable.

If your Destinn includes other people, know that you can leave a “fate-approved” relationship for any and every reason. As a matter of fact, leaving a relationship that isn’t good for you is always the right action and in alignment with Destinn. Likewise, if you lose a relationship important to you, it is not, I repeat, not a failure on your end or a problem in the “grand scheme of things,” if such a thing exists. You’ll find other people to fulfill the role indicated. Often, the loss or choice to walk away is an important part of the destiny you try to manifest.

Now, let’s break it down through the signs.

Destinn in the Signs:



With Destinn in Aries, part of your “calling” or where you want to go requires courage, combat, conquest, or creating your own path. You may be the first in your family to realize a specific goal or be the first person ever (slash one of the very few people) to attempt something. Often, this combination can indicate a calling that is physical in some nature, though this very much depends on the overall chart. What’s safe to say is that you’ll have a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in attempting to reach your goal.

Aries is the archetype of the warrior and the self-made person, the part of us most attuned to our individuality and our own will. With this sign combined with your Destinn, you will reach your calling by listening to what you want to do, and how you want to do it. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing all caution into the wind or ignoring everyone else’s life experience. But you do need to take advice like it’s a buffet: take what resonates, and don’t be shy to leave what doesn’t. You’re meant to be brave, to trailblaze, and to follow your own head. If you don’t, your destiny may not be achievable.

Aries is also the part of us that’s capable of great courage – and actually, that needs to be courageous in order to burn off excess energy and evolve as a person. Part of your destiny or calling includes keeping challenging yourself. It may involve competition with others or conflict in some ways, it may even include standing up to authorities for what it is you believe in, no matter the consequences. But the most important thing is to stretch out of your own comfort zone. That’s how you live into your calling and do what you’re meant to be doing.

Lastly, Destinn in this placement means a path that includes taking calculated risks. Don’t burn the house down but whatever it is you need to be doing, it may not come to fruition if you don’t risk it for the biscuit.

Jobs with this combination include (but aren’t limited to): vocations that include leadership, assertiveness, high energy, creativity, opportunities to generate many different ideas, actual competition, or the need to fight something (say, standing up against racism at the workplace, etc.), activism, an individualistic work approach, a degree of independence, opportunities to overcome measurable obstacles or reach measurable success. With zodiac signs, it’s more about how you do a job and why you do said job than what the job is. Aspects to planets and houses bring much more specific info.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


The zodiac sign Taurus talks about the wisdom of our bodies and our instincts. It’s the part of us that thrives when we have food in our belly, enough sleep, fresh air, and a home that feels stable and safe. With Destinn in this placement, the first thing to note is that you need these things in order to even get to a place where “life purpose” or “dharma” start to matter (or become achievable). While other combinations have no issue with quitting their jobs and living on the brink of homelessness, for people with Destinn in Taurus it’s the wrong path to take. You need stability. You need safety and most importantly, peace. There is also no tuning in to your life purpose without cultivating silence in your life.

Destinn in Taurus teaches you that following your purpose means to follow ease. Following ease doesn’t mean going on and only going the easiest road, or the road that requires the least effort. It means to really listen to what feels right, is in flow, and appears easy to you even if it requires a lot of effort. There’s nothing more time- and energy-consuming than to fight who you are or what your soul wants. So avoid those types of drains and complications: do what’s easy by tuning into yourself and what your soul wants. Then, you live into your destiny.

Secondly, people with Destinn in Taurus often have a calling that is very material or easy to physically grasp. Your calling may be environmental or have to do with Earth-centered activities like gardening, caring for animals, taking care of a house or other type of property, remembering the wisdom of the Earth, and the old traditions that foster it. Handling money or finances can also be part of your life purpose, as can be creative work that involves the body. Pottery, dance, music, and different types of hands-on arts or creations are meant for this sign.

Destinn in Taurus also has to do with following the wisdom of your body and tuning in to the body, which means that many people with this placement are gifted at hands-on healing arts or helping others connect with their physical side. Learning to trust your instincts around food and how you make your choices will also work wonders for you. For you, gratitude and being connected to your 5+ senses is medicine.

Jobs can include (but aren’t limited to): body-based, intuition/instinct-based, nature-connected, animal-connected, financially safe, secure, tradition-based endeavors that stand the test of time and aren’t necessarily subject to much change. Can include art, work with the physical body in some way, healing, construction/architecture/…, finances/property managing, food industry, jobs with a sensual side, etc.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing. Also, Destinn isn’t necessarily just lived in one’s job (or monetizable) and often, the best jobs for your Destinn are found in your house and aspects to the asteroid.)


Gemini is the part of us that sees the multi-faceted nature of life, ourselves, and other people. Nothing is ever black-and-white for Gemini, so with Destinn here, it’s part of your life purpose to play with shades of grey and all kinds of other perspectives on “obvious” or “straight-forward” questions.

Gemini is the part of all of us capable of learning new things, walking in someone else’s shoes (mentally, at least), and dealing with completely new information from all sorts of people, from all walks of life. We all have Gemini somewhere, so we’re all capable of the above. However, with Destinn here, it’s a much bigger part of you than for many other people you may meet. Everyone is a teacher, no one has it all figured out, and no answer is truly “final.”

With this combination, it’s also part of your path to become the heretic. Not in the sense that you ditch religion, should you even follow religion in the first place (you can do whatever you want with faith, that’s not what this placement is about). But in the sense that you question and re-think everything that’s considered too obvious, sacred, or set-in-stone to put on the table for discussion. “That’s how it’s always been done,” “Because I said so,” “This is the only way to do this,” and “You just gotta trust the authorities” is not an argument you should ever believe in or that should ever stop you from asking, thinking for yourself, and coming up with different solutions. Whether those solutions are implemented or not is another matter. Your job isn’t to change the world, it’s to rethink it and hold the people accountable who attempt to police people’s speech, expression, and thoughts.

Part of this placement is also communication, perception, and anything in the mental realm, especially abstract mental theories or concepts. With Destinn here, your calling may be realized in areas of life that include these (but aren’t limited to): giving people advice, helping people learn new things, writing, teaching, researching things, oratory skills, anything involving argumentation (say, being a lawyer, for instance), and work that’s perception-based. This can be f.e. being a filmmaker, publicist, media manager, influencer, or another job where controlling the narrative/people’s perceptions is important. Another job worth mentioning is that of an actor. Let’s explore why for a second.

Gemini is nicknamed the shapeshifter for a reason: because this zodiac sign is hyper-aware of how multi-faceted human beings can be, including yourself. More than that, Gemini doesn’t just want to know people are like gemstones, they want to live into every single sparkling facet and make it shine.

This may lead to you being really outgoing with Friend A, introverted with Friend B, really geek out on role-playing games with Sandra, and then hyper-Christian with Sandy B. from church. To an onlooker, this may seem so extreme (depending on circumstances) that you may seem fake or even as if they’re just making personalities up as they go – and that can be the case. More often than not, it’s just a sign of how adaptable you are. To you, it may look like you’re finally giving your hyper-Christian side room to breathe and express with Sandy B. while being aware that Sandra probably doesn’t understand – but Sandra and you share something different, that you really love talking about, so there you go. Also, many people with a lot of Gemini feed off other people’s energy, which explains the introvert/extrovert-depending-on-who’s-around part. Some people call this overall phenomenon shapeshifting, and it gives really good advantages in acting and writing fiction.

Another aspect of this is sometimes wanting to play the devil’s advocate or just take on a random perspective in an argument to see where the mental exploration of the topic leads you. Both aspects of this are part of your calling in some way – either, part of the actual (career-related, or career unrelated) work you’re doing in this world, or part of how you do what you’re doing.

It also brings three important keywords: versatility, variety, and curiosity. Part of finding and following your life path is putting your fingers in all sorts of pies and getting to know many different fields of interest, rather than just learning ONE thing and then becoming the world’s best tax instructor. Many people with this combination have multiple jobs or degrees that are extremely different from each other, and eventually bring about a person who creates new jobs or does something completely different than anyone else ever has, simply because they have a very multi-faceted background. That’s the gift of versatility.

Variety is something you need with Destinn in Gemini: your life purpose can’t just be one thing, and the way that you live into it can’t just be by doing the same thing over and over again, either. However you attempt to realize your life purpose, it either requires you switching things up regularly, or it has to involve you doing multiple things in the first place. To give you an example, your life purpose may have to do with teaching. With this combination, you may teach your own kids, teach your students, help your adult friends learn stuff, and also teach sciences, languages, and music, plus cooking lessons for your nephew. And all the while, you switch up teaching techniques so that stuff doesn’t get boring. This type of variety is what I mean.

Lastly, curiosity is both how you find your dharma and how you learn how to embody it. Let’s read that again, only with a different formulation: following what you’re curious about ultimately leads to your calling and helps you realize it. This also means that part of your life calling is to never be done experiencing life, doing something new, or learning/studying a new field.

Again, Destinn doesn’t just work through career, but also in other areas of life. With Gemini, your local life, and people society deems as your equals are in the limelight. With this combination, people already living in your community/moving into your community, people you grew up with, your siblings, cousins, and other people you feel are your equal will push you further towards your life path. Your life path may also directly affect these people: and the same goes for any students or student-type figures in your life. Lastly, one of the most important parts of Destinn in Gemini is communication. You’re meant to constantly be in exchange with other people because this is where you thrive. It’s part of what gets you on the right path and helps you make the difference you’re here to make in the world. Regardless of who you talk to, you talking is you living your destiny.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


Disclaimer: The zodiac sign Cancer is not linked with the disease Cancer! The name comes from the earliest known Cancer patients walking funny or “crab-like” due to the location of their tumors. Since “cancer” lit. means “crab” in Latin and crabs are also associated with the zodiac sign, the disease and sign share the name – but that’s all they have in common.

At its core, Destinn in Cancer is about nurturing and protecting. This goes for the parts of yourself that are the most sensitive, the things you love and cherish, the people you love and cherish, and vulnerable individuals like children, sick individuals, or the elderly. It also goes for your home, your pets, and your plants (should you have a close relationship with pets and plants).

The core of the archetype of Cancer is sensitivity. Where we have Cancer in our charts (and remember, we all have Cancer somewhere), we are most sensitive. Our hearts are wide open to love, to our loved ones, to other people’s pain, to the beauty and the cruelty of the world, to literally everything. As everyone alive knows, being so wide open can be dangerous and extremely painful. So the zodiac sign doesn’t just deal with sensitivity, it also deals with the walls we build up to protect our vulnerable parts. With Destinn here, this means multiple things: One, you are a deeply sensitive individual and it’s part of your life path to lean into that. Two, because you are a deeply sensitive individual, it’s also part of your life path to learn how to protect yourself. Not everyone deserves access to your vulnerable, beautiful, big heart and soul. It’s part of your path to learn who is and is not good, safe, or appreciative of you.

The second thing Cancer deals with is love. And not just any type of love: but the love that’s so powerful that it makes or breaks you. The love that stays for you until the end of your days, even if the person you loved is long gone by the time you die. The love that asks you to place another individual above your own needs, and the love that makes putting the other person first feel good. The love of a mother for her child, the love between soulmates. The love we’re all scared of but surrender to anyway. The type of love that leaves us lying on our deathbeds saying: “I had a life worth living.” The kind of love that requires absolute bravery and deep, deep compassion. With Destinn here, this love is the driving force behind your soul’s calling. Which means that part of your path is to love other people and yourself and that your soul’s calling may be intimately connected to the people you love or “love” itself.

The third thing Cancer contains is family, specifically the archetype of the mother and/or the nurturing parent. With Destinn here, you may feel called to have children or to “mother” in some way. You will also likely have a very impactful relationship with your family of origin or choice: “impactful” can mean anything in this context. Family goes under anyone’s skin, people with Destinn in Cancer experience that more intensely because family pushes them onto the path of their soul’s calling by a) being great and supportive, b) being horrible and inspiring you to make the world better, c) being gone, which may lead you to attempt to find them, which may bring you to your soul’s calling, or d) any of the above combined. The impact is big, whether it’s good or bad is up to you/them. Another aspect of “family” here is “home:” With Destinn in Cancer, finding, maintaining, protecting, growing, or creating a home is part of your life purpose and gives you immense joy. This can be a literal building, a culture, a country, or the home within yourself/another person. Be careful whom you live with, they’ll have a big impact on you.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspects to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


With Destinn in Leo, stepping into your calling requires courage and requires you to be big. You’re not meant to hide (a house position may drastically modify this). You’re definitely not meant to play small. You have gifts to give to this world and it’s your job to find the audience who’ll love and appreciate them and help them to shine.

This placement makes an excellent leader in any field of your choosing. You may be continuously elected to be the group figurehead by your peers or seek the position yourself. Fact is, you know how to spearhead and get things out there. Any and all jobs that have to do with the public, presentations, the limelight, or getting groups to work are good placements for you.

The core of Destinn in Leo isn’t just leadership, but authenticity and following your own heart. You know you’re following your destiny when you tune into what your heart wants, what’s most aligned with you, and what makes you feel like you’re a giant star who shines. The path of least resistance is usually the path most aligned with your truest self: follow it, and don’t be confused when “following your destiny” looks like a lot of fun, even in work. You’re still doing what you’re meant to be doing, just because the hustle and grind don’t look like you’d expect doesn’t mean you’re not working in some way. (Career or otherwise).

Another part of following your destiny has to do with art. Leo is the entertainer of the zodiac, the part of us that takes our emotions, wounds, rough edges, desires, and moments of being utterly human and transforms them into art. This process may be deeply cathartic and appear selfish – until we realize what it does to people who witness it. Seeing, listening to, or experiencing rough, honest, unapologetic, vulnerable, sometimes even too raw art (of any kind) has a way of cracking us open and revealing what’s really true for us. It also gives us hope and reminds us that we’re not alone and that there’s a way out of the human suffering we experience. You have a gift to give the world through creative means: don’t be afraid to step into it, and give it. Even if it feels selfish at times, it’ll do more good for the world than you know.

Lastly, you’ll know you’re living into your calling when you want to be out there when you trust yourself and are proud of your creations. You may have nerves, but you have the inbuilt courage to still do what you know is right. So, step up when you’re ready (don’t rush though!) – and roar.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


First of, this combination does not have anything to do with virginity – the word “Virgo” is older than our present-day understanding of “virgin means no sex.” Originally, virginity just meant “being whole unto yourself” and not being owned by anyone – which later came to mean an unmarried woman slash a woman who had not had sex (yet). The origin of “Virgo” isn’t related to sexuality or lack thereof.

So, what does Destinn in Virgo talk about? The core of Destinn in Virgo is dedication. With this combination, part of your purpose is to double down on something and put yourself and your life in service to it. This can be your family, a relationship, being someone’s caretaker, environmental work, community service, or a career of your choosing – or more. It doesn’t matter, what matters is how you do it and how much of yourself you invest. With this combo, it’s going to be 100% of you. And, in order to live your calling, you need to build your entire life in such a way that you can be this dedicated to your cause and still have a life. Ideally, with people who support you and hold you back if you get close to burnout.

With this combination, you have the ability to see into the very core of something – a faith, the values of a company, a person, etc. – and to strip the entire thing down to said core, only to build it up again so core and expression become aligned. This can look like rebuilding a business so that it works more efficiently – or restructuring it so it reflects the company values. It also can look like taking an honest look at your life philosophies/religions/other belief systems and going through each and every area of your life with the question: “Am I true to myself here?” If you are, you’re happy if you’re not, you change things around.

Using this capacity is part of your calling. Whatever or wherever your dharma: work, home, family, relationships, community, and more, you use all of the above to “get things done right” – whatever that means for you.

With this combination, any work can fit quite well into your destiny. However, the most common ones are the healing arts, things that require systems that get set up, adapted, maintained, or taught; science, organization, cleaning, and fields that require a lot of precision, and a cool head. Crises management or being in stressful situations doesn’t deter you – and if your work somehow serves a larger collective or just a couple of people, it fills you up and helps you feel alive.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)

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