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Asteroid Destinn through the Signs: Libra-Pisces

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Asteroid Destinn: asteroid of fate, dharma, your soul’s calling, and your destiny. In this article, you find an in-depth analysis of the unknown asteroid in the signs – information you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

But first, let’s recap the asteroid’s meaning – for more information, please refer to my article on Destinn, Astrology, Dharma, and Fate: Asteroid Destinn in detail. that also includes a breakdown of how astrology and “fate” work together and most importantly, how it doesn’t work together. Why you still have free choice, how to use it, and what happens when your destiny involves other people. Here’s the link again. For now, a summary:

Asteroid Destinn

Asteroid Destinn talks about your relationship to fate vs. free will. It’s the starting point to your journey of remembering your dharma, a.k.a. your soul’s purpose. It’s also your calling, what you wish your destiny to be and how you choose to live into your fate. This also goes for people who don’t actually believe in fate: where Destinn lies, you may get those “fancy, empty words” out of the closet (not my words, but words of a person I know who’s very anti-fate, and – once we talked about their Destinn placement – used those words). Or you may use different words that carry the same feelings for you that other people associate with destiny and such.

The key to Destinn is that you want to go there yourself. No one forces you. But things do get remarkably easy as it feels like opportunities flow to you with remarkable ease. You also naturally – almost accidentally – impact more people than just yourself.

No matter how personal the purpose of your choosing, living into your Destinn has ripple effects on others. These effects may not be as obvious or direct depending on what you do, but are still powerful and noticeable, like inspiring someone who needs it or helping them in some manner.

Lastly, Destinn is where you manifest your fate/destiny of choice and try to realize a broader purpose in real-world steps. The world seems to conspire in your favor, especially when it comes to helping you reach success. Here, you find many opportunities and even career pathways. However, Destinn doesn’t just express through your work or public life. Destinn can talk about your relationships or family as well and may talk about things that aren’t monetizable.

If your Destinn includes other people, know that you can leave a “fate-approved” relationship for any and every reason. As a matter of fact, leaving a relationship that isn’t good for you is always the right action and in alignment with Destinn. Likewise, if you lose a relationship important to you, it is not, I repeat, not a failure on your end or a problem in the “grand scheme of things,” if such a thing exists. You’ll find other people to fulfill the role indicated. Often, the loss or choice to walk away is an important part of the destiny you try to manifest.

Now, let’s break it down through the signs.

Destinn in the Signs:


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Destinn in Libra means that your destiny is to some extent tied to relationships. No person can do it alone in this life – and you personally are deeply affected and inspired by other people when it comes to your soul path. This doesn’t mean that you need one specific person called Jeff Johnson, 35, proud owner of 3 dogs and a rattlesnake. It means that specific people (indicated by your Destinn’s aspects and house placement) will be the vehicle to your soul’s path… and play a huge role for you in other ways, too. However, these people are interchangeable astrologically speaking.

To give an example, let’s say you were dating our fictional Jeff Johnson (to any Jeff Johnsons reading this: sorry! Also, hit me up, and I’ll give you a discount ;).) Let’s continue to say that one day, discount-getting Jeff decides to ditch your butt and move to Canada. Does this mean you can’t fulfill your soul’s calling anymore? Is your life over? Is your purpose done?! Nope. Cue Adele’s “Someone like you,” because there will be other people who’ll fit the description that your Destinn gives us. Your purpose lives on. You’ll find different people to do that with.

As a matter of fact, when people who feel like destiny leave our lives, their disappearance is as much a part of your dharma, fate, destiny, etc. as their arrival in the first place. Maybe you’re ready for a new destiny-coerced relationship, or a different one that brings you more joy, more life lessons, more authenticity. Maybe the breakup (friend, romantic, business partnership) is meant to teach you something in and of itself. Fact is: a specific relationship not working out isn’t the end of the world – and also not a failure on your part.

This goes for being left, outside circumstances ending things for you, and also deciding to end things yourself. If you aren’t happy with someone (or worse, someone’s harming you in some way), then leaving for happier shores is part of your destiny and what you need to do to step into your soul’s purpose. Living our calling always makes us happy in some way – not 24/7 sunshine with no clouds, but the overall picture is a good one. If your relationships don’t help you feel that way, then change things if you can (with your partner, it’s both people’s responsibility), and leave if you have to. Destiny ain’t shackles. You get to be happy and do you.

Another way that relationships play into Destinn in Libra is that you may feel called to relate a lot with other people in your career, or actively work with things that have to do with love or public relations. This can entail but isn’t limited to marriage counseling, helping people find a date, the entire wedding industry, human rights, the field of law, politics, talk-based means of therapy or coaching, customer service, and negotiation. Other jobs for this placement should have to do with peace, harmony, socialization, and beautification – which can entail but isn’t limited to arts, designing, event planning, architecture, hairdressing, and so on and so forth. There are many more jobs, but your imagination should be able to take it from here. Think about related career paths and you got it.

Fact is, being social and communicating with people is part of your soul’s calling. It should weave into everything you do. But there’s another aspect here that I’ve briefly touched on: stress relief. When we are in a state of being where we can enjoy beauty and have harmony and peace, we automatically let go of tension. With Destinn in Libra creating this kind of stress relief in others and yourself is part of your destiny. Also, you’ll notice your soul’s calling when you step back enough to feel this release of tension in your own body. So, relax and let your soul speak to you.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


Destinn in Scorpio is an interesting combination that’s, at its core, about the right use of power. With this placement, you’re continuously called to cultivate high integrity – and to watch what happens when people don’t have that. You may see through people’s lies or manipulation attempts easily and may feel called to others out for it. Whether you do this for a living or privately: this is part of how you can live into your destiny. Others benefit from you doing that as much as the inner voice that drives you to dish out what’s really going on.

Part of this placement means that you’re meant to be disruptive in some way, mostly to the people or practices that aren’t rooted in truth and responsible, consensual, good uses of power. If you notice patterns in people that don’t serve them or others, you’re likely the only one who does – and it’s part of your purpose to step up and let people know about this. You’re a born truthteller and may even be a whistleblower in some way, shape, or form. You may be a detective, investigator, historian, social critic, psychologist, or someone else who digs deep – especially in areas of life other people don’t really want to look at. The darkness in humanity doesn’t scare you as much or if it does, it fascinates you enough that you know it’s part of your purpose.

In any case, part of your path is to always open your eyes to what’s really there – good and bad. You’ll likely live a life of many epiphanies and moments of intense soul-searching, especially when it comes to big life choices. Trust what comes up.

Intuition is another part of this placement that’s extremely important. With Destinn in Scorpio, part of the work you need to do is to listen to your intuition about things. Your intuition will also lead you to the things you’re meant to do in this world – and the trick is that you often just “know” what you need to do without feeling any sort of desire to actually do the things you’re guided towards.

Another part of this combination is having a calling that leads you to the taboo. This will differ from culture to culture, but your calling may have to do with/be initiated by sex and intimacy (f.e. work as a sex educator/being nudged on your path by someone you’re sleeping with). It may have to do with death (f.e. working as a mortician/being pushed onto your path after having a near-death experience). Other areas are birth, crime, mental health issues, or occult things like tarot or astrology.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


Destinn in Sagittarius is, at its core, about freedom and wisdom from experience. Part of your destiny is to just do a bunch of stuff you’re feeling called to do and see what comes out of it. Yep, that’s meant to sound nuts. Part of this placement is to trust that there’s a higher purpose behind seemingly random experiences, mistakes, or “stupid” things you’ve decided to do. At the end of the day, you’re meant to convert experiences into lessons learned, wisdom, and things you get to pass on to others as teachings. So few things are completely random… and you’re meant to follow your inspiration to the oddest places because of it. At the very least, it can lead to some interesting stories.

This can mean traveling or choosing to have LOTS of adventures. To give you an example, the first lead in the TV franchise the Bachelorette has Destinn in Sagittarius. And what’s more adventurous than getting on a TV show that includes lots of travel to date a whole bunch of guys until you get engaged to one of them?

Part of this also talks about something else: storytelling. With Destinn in Sagittarius, part of your destiny may be to tell your own story or to tell other people’s stories in some way. This can be straightforward (being an author, actor, filmmaker, history teacher, and so on and so forth) or more indirect: a lawyer may fight for a client so their side of the story gets told. Social media managers tell their own stories. Being free to live your life as you want is another way to tell your own story.

With Destinn in Sagittarius, stories of any kind may lead you to where you need to be life-path-wise. As does adhering to a path of belief systems be it political or social beliefs (for instance, doing activism or bringing activism into your pre-existing work, relationships, etc.), religion, philosophy, or values you deeply believe in. As a matter of fact, your calling may be a vehicle for living out the things or values you most deeply believe in. And engaging in practices tied to your belief systems (f.e., praying if you’re religious) may help you connect to your life path.

Destinn in Sagittarius is also the guide, teacher, or priest archetype. ARCHETYPE means that the motivation for those things is ingrained in you and may guide you: you can be the guide, teacher, or priest to your work colleagues, family members, or strangers at a bar as easily as you can realize those roles in their name-sake professions. You also may be called to life areas or jobs that foster believing deeply and require specific ethics (f.e., professions that require an oath, etc.)

Another part of this is to experience different ways to do life: by being exposed to people of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc., and learning from and with them.

Lastly, with Destinn in this placement, freedom is a big deal for you. It’s part of your life calling to experience this – and to experience having plain fun. It’s also a sign that you’re on the right path if you feel free, unburdened, and joyful. Not just that, but when you live your life purpose, luck and synchronicities will be on your side. Lucky you!

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


With Destinn in Capricorn, part of your life's purpose is to grow up and become wise. The astrological sign talks about the human needs for mastery, striving for success, efficiency, and making the most of whatever has been given to you, which means that this is also part of your life calling. It doesn’t matter where you live it out – though career is very much tied to the sign of Capricorn. But whatever it is you do should be well-structured, efficient, resource-friendly, and done in a way that makes you proud.

That sounds a bit ambiguous, but Destinn in Capricorn’s main motivation is to do a job well and be successful with it. The secondary motivation is to do something that brings benefit to more people than just you. Because of that, you may be drawn to leadership (esp. if you think you’re the only one who can get the job done right, whether it’s the job of being the family head, leading your sports team to victory, or being a restaurant chef somewhere.) You may also strive to provide for other people, such as your employees, family, and friends.

Part of this requires for you to get really good at something. You may then feel called to invest a lot of time, discipline, effort, and resources into climbing some sort of ladder to the top tier, and then using what you’ve amassed to create something that lasts beyond your own lifetime. Capricorn usually seeks to leave a legacy, be that in the form of children, a business that outlives you, or writing a book/creating lasting art. You may become a boss or authority figure, take an important role in your community, become a parent, or do other work in which you guide people.

Destinn in Capricorn specifically talks about the corporate world, established structures (social/commercial/other types), traditions, socio-political realities, family, and anything that’s considered high status, “mainstream/the norm,” well-respected, and hierarchical. While Not every person with this combination has a life calling in their career, a job you choose may be along those lines. Please know that with this placement, you’ll need to be patient, keep a cool head, trust your instincts, and play the long game to fulfill your destiny. Rash decisions don’t get you anywhere.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


Destinn in Aquarius brings a life path that’s centered around being different and being fully you. Aquarius is the archetypes of genius, rebel, innovator, and renegade. So, part of your calling may be odd, new, weird, or something that goes strictly against the norm or status quo. It may involve bringing something new to the world that hasn’t been there before, or reframing something old in such a way that it’s a shockingly new discovery.

You may also feel called to go against structures or figureheads that you feel are not serving anyone. You may rebel against the world you’ve grown up in, the things you consider “normal,” and the life other people lay out for you: and that’s great. With Destinn in Aquarius, it’s your job to break out of pre-existing molds in some ways that feel aligned with who you are.

It’s also important to live life for yourself and to walk the beat of your own drum. You’re not meant to follow anyone on anything if that isn’t what you want to do. You’re also not meant to live someone else’s dreams or take more responsibility for others than is actually necessary. You’re meant to do you and be you in ways that may upset other people but are deeply aligned with who you are.

Destinn in Aquarius also deals with freedom and technology. This may mean becoming a digital nomad, fighting for your rights to decide for yourself, or working in some technological or information-based field, if you so choose. There’s more than one way to live into this.

Another piece of the puzzle for you is groups of people: You’re not meant to be Joe Average or agree with most of society. BUT you’re meant to interact with groups of people that are aligned with you (a.k.a., friends), and also groups of people that can learn from you, and that you can give your gifts to. This may just be to become a social media starlet that influences a bunch of people but physically interacts with few. Or it could be to be part of human rights organizations, work groups, etc.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)


Pisces is the archetype of the dreamer. The mystic. The visionary. With Destinn in this placement, you may have a vision of the world you want to live in and the drive to make that vision reality. You may also be really drawn to spiritual work, or the realms of fiction, illusion, and fantasy.

This can mean (but is not limited to) work in creative fields, the beauty- or film industry, marketing, or hypnotherapy. You may also work in fields (“work” either in a career sense, or other types of work) that include you making use of your two superpowers: intuition, and acceptance of people as they are.

First, this placement is very driven by intuition. This means that intuition is part of the work you’re meant to do here or leads you to that work, it also means that learning about how your intuition works as well as things like synchronicities, manifestation, etc., is going to be extremely fruitful for you here. You may always have known that you had a purpose, be into past life stuff, etc.

Another thing that drives this Destinn configuration is the feeling of longing. Part of your soul's purpose may be to find whatever it is you long for. Your desires in that way may lead you to your life path, and fulfilling other people’s dreams may be part of what you’re meant to do here. Handling emotions is also something that should be mentioned: with this placement, you need to learn to handle your feelings appropriately. You may also teach this to other people in f.e. the counseling field. This placement in particular is not overly focused on outside jobs and career expressions, but more on why and how you do a specific work.

In order to stay grounded and connected to your vision or calling, you may feel called to withdraw from the world every once in a while. It’s important for you to feel deeply and cultivate compassion for yourself and others (Pisces is the archetype of the empath). Fields related to religion, volunteer work, non-profit organizations with a larger cause, or works where you’re putting yourself in service of someone (like a nurse in a hospital), and generally helping other people just because may be your calling.

Lastly, your destiny may require you to give something up – to give your gifts to the world in such a way that it feels like an emptying. Personal profit may not be your main motivation, and while you should make sure you have enough to live comfortably and healthily, a mindset that’s focused on more than money is healthy for you.

(Please remember that a full interpretation requires not just sign, but also house, ruler, and aspect to the asteroid as well as the overall context of the chart. This is just one piece of the puzzle, not the entire thing.)

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