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Forged in Fire: Tempers Erupt; Claiming the Future (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 04/08/2024)

The second eclipse in this particular season is upon us: and it’s a total Solar Eclipse (a.k.a. an eclipse happening on the New Moon) in Aries.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon hides the Sun. This means that planet Earth, the Moon, and the Sun align in such a perfect way that the Sun isn’t fully visible from our planet’s point of view. Eclipses aren’t something that needs to be feared, but they do bring intense energy and can act as a catalyst for life changes.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries

This particular Solar Eclipse in Aries acts more like a catalyst than is normal for eclipses because it’s in the action-oriented sign of Aries. The last eclipse of March 25th showed us what it is we really want, and while the energy was more tentative than this one (and while many people will have thought long and hard about taking action), it showed many of us what future action is required. This eclipse now is a good time to get the ball rolling.

Tempers Erupt

Part of this Eclipse’s title is “Tempers erupt.” This is because a Solar Eclipse in Aries (specifically close to Chiron) makes it easy to lose your head. This includes but isn’t limited to feeling lots of anger, “seeing red,” or taking other impulsive actions such as quitting your job after little to no thought, or hopping into bed with a stranger before you’re ready. None of those things are bad – sometimes, they’re the catalyst for future transformation and healing. However, it’s still important to try and keep a cool head and think things through. Strategy will work better under this astrological event than blowing up.

Part of the “losing your temper” theme is something we’ve already covered in March’s eclipse post: past wounds are getting activated. While this eclipse is future-focused and causes us to learn from our wounds by choosing a different path than the one who hurt us, the hurt we carry in our souls may flare up and cause us to punish people who didn’t hurt us. So, please be mindful about whose heads you’re ripping off, and why. Did they really act that bad, or are you in your head about an event three years ago?

On the other side of the equation, you may become the target of other people’s displaced anger based on their past wounds. Please be compassionate, but don’t let others walk all over you. It’s okay to set boundaries with people and then forgive them after they apologize. No one gets to use others as a punching bag.

Claim Your Future

The second part of the title was “Claiming the Future.” This eclipse is a whole new start. You KNOW what you want (whether you’re aware of it or not). You KNOW what doesn’t work. Now, it’s time to claim the future that you always wanted to have – not passively wish for it, not dreamily sigh and say “Oh, this would be cool,” no: grasp it with both hands and start to work for it. The future is now.

Act as though you’re ready, even when you’re not (within reason – remember, strategy).

Take a chance.

Walk off the beaten path.

This is the time to walk your talk and make things happen. You will not regret it, this choice will lead you right.

Forged in Fire

Under this astrological event, take the time to look at your past and the pain you’ve gone through to see how far you’ve come. You were forged in fire and what came out of it was a version of yourself that’s harder, more capable, and stronger than you were before. Build on the skills you’ve learned through pain to make the future of your choice happen. You are no one’s victim, even if you were victimized in the past. You are self-made. Claim it.

Other Eclipse Symptoms:

Under eclipses, it’s highly probable to have intense dreams, states of mental confusion, feeling out of it, or moments of forgetfulness. If this is something you’re dealing with, slowing down and meditating, praying, or spending time doing nothing can help you process the energies.

Other than that, eclipses speed up processes that were already going on – out in the open, or underneath the surfaces. This is why under eclipses, time can seem to speed up in intense ways. Keep an open schedule and remain flexible.

Lastly, eclipses can be felt for up to 2 weeks before and after the event (with the three days around the event being the most intense ones). They also come in pairs or triplets, so stay tuned for the next articles. However, even eclipses end: so please don’t worry. You have agency and you can make this a good time for yourself, too.

Before going into in-the-sign interpretations...

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In the Signs:

By Rising Sign, this eclipse lights up your areas of…

Aries: Self, life path, identity, body, new beginnings, the way you’re seen by others.

Taurus: Endings, spiritual life, karma, entanglements, self-sabotage, sleep, the collective.

Gemini: Society, friends, groups, social media, visions/plans/dreams of the future, life after 50.

Cancer: Career, public life, life mission, authority.

Leo: Belief systems, what’s foreign to you, higher education, travel, religion.

Virgo: Truth, shared resources, intimacy, regeneration, death/life/rebirth, intuition, the occult.

Libra: Relationships, love, open enemies, business partnerships, commitment.

Scorpio: Health, well-being, work-life balance, daily rituals/chores/work, being of service.

Sagittarius: Pleasure, fun, romance, dating, children, inner child.

Capricorn: Family, home, private life, parents, psychology, fertility.

Aquarius: Learning, studying, local life, neighbors, siblings, perceptions, mental world.

Pisces: Money, self-worth, values, net worth, income.

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