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A War to Strive for Peace: The Micro Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra (March 25th, 2024)

Updated: Feb 29

This Lunar Eclipse in Libra asks us to fight – in order to close out the hurt, the woundedness, the false expectations, and unjust realities, that keep us from having peace.

Sometimes, laying down our swords is not enough to bring lasting peace to our lives. Under this eclipse, we’re all called to put in the effort and fight the good fight so that a future disarming leads to peace, and not further injustice.

This Full Moon eclipse is special in many ways and frankly serves as a turning point in the big and little conflicts or fires in our lives. We’re always fighting for, or striving for something: under this eclipse season, the necessity for that fight becomes more apparent, and new conflicts can erupt.

Therefore, it’s smart to pay close attention to what’s really going on underneath the surface (specifically in the time frame of 2 weeks before and after this eclipse), so you don’t miss a tell-tale sign of things heating up.

Craving Peace

Under this astrological event, we may find ourselves craving for peace both globally and personally, and much stronger than usual. This goes especially for peace at home or within our families or domestic situations. However, the energies are complex, the issues complicated. There may be no shortcut, nor an easy solution, and seeking one will just add fuel to the fire rather than put out any flames. Peace needs to stand on a firm foundation, or it will crumble at the first sign of adversity.

The craving for peace may not be fulfilled at this time yet. However, the craving, the longing in itself shows us the path to what needs to happen to fulfill the goal: under this eclipse, it’s easy to be strategic and to look into the future and picture what it is you really want (the answer may surprise you). This then shows you the way to fulfilling your desire.

Past Wounds Rearing Their Heads

With the North Node still conjunct Chiron, part of this astrological event is a flare-up of collective and personal wounds around authority, self-actualization, masculinity, anger management, and desire. Just because an old wound rears its head, it doesn’t mean that something necessarily bad or catastrophic happens. Sometimes, we’re thrown into a tailspin because of an off-handed, well-intended comment from a co-worker, at other times, it’s a bad dream that leaves us in a funk for the rest of the day. That being said, the wound may be intense – and may cause you or others (who’ll inevitably deal with their own nonsense) to be short-tempered. Please be aware that everyone is more sensitive than usual, and fill your cup with all the self-care you need.

Other than that, please be careful not to idealize people or have expectations of others that human beings just can’t fulfill: this goes particularly for the men in your life (Aries North Node). Being burdened with more than you can fulfill – and then being punished for being human – is unjust.

A good adage for this astrological event is the simple, but profound truth: If you wouldn’t want others to treat you a certain way, don’t do it to them, either.

De-escalate Early, Clear Up Misunderstandings

Under eclipses in general, specifically ones as emotionally charged as this one, it’s very easy to lose your cool and stop listening to what others are saying. Because of this, it’s particularly important to communicate clearly (and concisely, if possible), and try and keep things fool-proof in communicating logistics. Can you leave a note on your partner’s desk about that thing they were supposed to take care of? Can you write an email about that deal to your co-workers so they won’t forget?

It’s also particularly important to choose kind words whenever possible while you’re setting appropriate boundaries or giving orders. If the message wasn’t received, you can always escalate things after.

Take Care of Yourself

I’m not going to lie, this eclipse in particular is very emotionally intense, specifically on the relational level. Relationships that were meant to die (because they aren’t serving anyone involved, because they are too unequal and can’t become equal, etc.), will end or erupt at this time. If this is something you encounter, please know that this is for the better. Also, the relationship may fall apart to come back later after a considerable time of growth. This is so the parties involved can treat each other better and have a more equal relationship – however, that doesn’t apply to everyone or every circumstance.

Because of the emotional intensity going around, it’s important to rest – especially if you’re highly sensitive or highly empathic. Sometimes, the best way to fight is to rest and get clear on what the situation is. No one operates well when they’re emotionally overwhelmed, so fill your cup when you can. Some of us will be the emotional pillars for others who are going through it: if that’s you, it’s doubly important to hold your center and make sure you have what you need. And for the rest of you, please know that this intensity won’t last for long.

Other Eclipse Symptoms

Under eclipses, it’s highly probable to have intense dreams, states of mental confusion, feeling out of it, or moments of forgetfulness. If this is something you’re dealing with, slowing down and meditating, praying, or spending time doing nothing can help you process the energies.

Other than that, eclipses speed up processes that were already going on – out in the open, or underneath the surfaces. This is why under eclipses, time can seem to speed up in intense ways. Keep an open schedule and remain flexible.

Lastly, eclipses can be felt for up to 2 weeks before and after the event (with the three days around the event being the most intense ones). They also come in pairs or triplets, so stay tuned for the next articles. However, even eclipses end: so please don’t worry. You have agency and you can make this a good time for yourself, too.

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In the Signs:

By Rising Sign, this eclipse lights up your areas of…

Aries: Relationships, love, open enemies, business partnerships, commitment.

Taurus: Health, well-being, work-life balance, daily rituals/chores/work, being of service.

Gemini: Pleasure, fun, romance, dating, children, inner child.

Cancer: Family, home, private life, parents, psychology, fertility.

Leo: Learning, studying, local life, neighbors, siblings, perceptions, mental world.

Virgo: Money, self-worth, values, net worth, income.

Libra: Self, life path, identity, body, new beginnings, the way you’re seen by others.

Scorpio: Endings, spiritual life, karma, entanglements, self-sabotage, sleep, the collective.

Sagittarius: Society, friends, groups, social media, visions/plans/dreams of the future, life after 50.

Capricorn: Career, public life, life mission, authority.

Aquarius: Belief systems, what’s foreign to you, higher education, travel, religion.

Pisces: Truth, shared resources, intimacy, regeneration, death/life/rebirth, intuition, the occult.

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