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Reconsidering Destiny: Mercury Retrograde in Aries (April 1st-25th, 2024)

Expect: impulsive decision-making, sudden and life-altering changes, having different energy levels than usual, disrupted sleep, miscommunication that leads to conflicts, re-making past choices, and re-shaping your destiny.

Mercury Retrogrades is a time of upheaval: technology goes haywire, plans take an unexpected turn, communication misfires abound, and your shipment lands in Timbuktu rather than Tulsa. However, this particular Mercury Retrograde also includes a lot more interesting energies than this – and don’t worry, there are ways to deal with Mercury Retrograde that makes this energy a lot more palatable. Let’s dive right in.

What’s a Retrograde?

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In astronomy, retrogrades are the optical illusion of a planet turning directions and hauling butt through the zodiac in reverse. In actuality, the planet and Earth are passing each other (and similarly to how highspeed trains pass each other, it briefly looks like the slower train is stopping, moving backward, and then going forward again).

Astrologically, retrogrades are a time of heightened intensity and a strong desire to go inwards. In the case of Mercury Retrograde, the areas that are affected by this are:

  • Communication

  • Decision-making

  • Your mind

  • Your attention span

  • The information you receive or previously have received

  • Travel

  • Shipping

  • Plans

  • Technology

Let’s cover what this looks like.

Impulsive Decision-Making

Mercury Retrogrades are always a time when we think it’s a great idea to shoot off the hip and just tackle something, anything, and it’ll turn out alright… even though we haven’t really thought things through at all. (This astrologer may know this first-hand… potentially). This potential is even stronger this time around as Mercury moves through impulsive, quick-acting Aries, sign of running straight through the wall instead of taking the time to find the effing door.

The good news is that this energy supports you in getting rid of seemingly immovable obstacles. Things that may have scared you before suddenly don’t seem as scary, or you’re just so full of adrenaline and bravery that you decide to do things anyway.

The thing to keep in mind though is that Mercury Retrogrades aren’t the best times for decision-making (or at least the implementation of those decisions). This is a time when information is still being revealed to you. A.k.a., you’re not playing with the full deck of cards until the retrograde is over. So, you may want to cool your jets (no matter how much that job infuriates you) until April 26th or risk moving forward before having gotten life-changing information that would alter your path.

This is not a good time to make new commitments, sign contracts, or move into homes. Literally, the last point here can be a big problem: Mercury Retrogrades in Aries tend to bring big potentials for accidents, so doing lots of physical work you don’t normally do (like lifting furniture or carrying a washing machine down some stairs) is a bigger risk than I’d recommend you take. Memberships, especially for gyms, are also not a great thing to sign: wait til the transit is over and then decide how much energy you really have.

Sudden Life-Changes

Mercury Retrogrades have a way of making us rethink past decisions we have made as well as the plans and dreams we have for our future. This is also a time when opportunities tend to come a-knocking, especially since this particular Retrograde happens on a point associated with fate itself: The North Node. If you’d like to read more about the North Node in Aries, which I’d personally recommend, you can do so here.

This Mercury Retrograde also starts right in the middle of Eclipse season, a.k.a. between the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra and the New Moon Eclipse in Aries. Eclipse season is always a time when things speed up considerably and opportunities come up that seem like fate itself is intervening. Whether that’s comfortable is another question: it’s almost always good for you in the long run.

Under this astrological event, expect the unexpected, lighten your load in terms of schedules, and stay flexible.

Miscommunication leads to conflicts

Miscommunications are always something that can happen – but under Mercury Retrograde in Aries, it’s highly likely to occur. Specifically, the ones where “telling it how it is” in one or two sentences can cause a colleague to flare up and start Office World War III – not because they disagree with your meaning, but because they thought you were saying something else. Prioritizing clear communications and double-checking the facts before flying off the handle are recommended at this time.

That being said, this is a GOOD time to set verbal boundaries with people and get honest, specifically with yourself. One, you won’t be able to hold things in any way, and two, you’ll have the bravery you’re usually lacking so you can say things clearly. Of course, please don’t burn the house down. But this Mercury Retrograde has a huge element of fate being at play, with the Nodes being part of this event and Eclipse season happening simultaneously, so I wouldn’t be too shocked if honest communication had solid results.

Be aware that under this particular event, diplomacy will get you nowhere if you aren’t able to back it up with bluntness (when appropriate)… and that you can’t manage other people’s feelings, only your own.

Secrets come to light… with the force of a sledgehammer

I hope you’re not keeping any type of secrets worth getting upset over. Because under this Retrograde, it’s highly likely that they’ll come to the surface… and they’ll be about as subtle as Miley Cyrus’s infamous Wrecking Ball. On the other hand, other people’s secrets are also going to be revealed – though not necessarily right away at the start of this astrological event.

This is a good time to pay attention to the world around you. Also, please check your electrical devices and check potential fire hazards. Specifically for people who smoke, vape, or own a fireplace.

Other things to look out for:

Mercury retrogrades tend to mess with people’s energy levels a little. We’re talking about being a mix of hyped up, exhausted, confused, awake at 3 a.m., speed-cleaning the entire house, not being able to do basic chores for a week, lost in familiar surroundings, and having the oddly specific desire to go into sports. Having a version of this during Mercury Retrograde is perfectly normal. You may want to monitor your caffeine and energy drink intake though.

Other than that, your intuition may be fired up more than usual, specifically in dreams. Synchronicities abound, and you may want to back up your technology as, again, tech may go haywire at this time.

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