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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (10/28/2023): Past the Point of No Return

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Electric changes, upheaval, and information coming to light. This eclipse will be intense, and it’s going to change the way we’ve done things. This is the second eclipse of a pair and the last one of the year… and it’ll show us where we need to close the door.

But before that, what are eclipses?

Introducing Eclipses

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow hides (or partially hides) the glow of the Full Moon.

Most of the time, the Moon is partially hidden which creates an odd red-brown color that makes it look like the Moon is bleeding. The event of the eclipse is only one day, but the energy will be felt for 2 weeks on either side of the date in question.

Extra information: The opposite of the Lunar Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse, which is when the Moon blocks the Sun from our view because it’s right between the Sun and Earth. This can only happen on New Moons and is something we witnessed on October 14th.

The Axis of Eclipses in Aries and Libra

Eclipses can only happen in two locations (signified by the Lunar Nodes) because the Sun, Moon, and Earth have to align so perfectly that this effect takes place. Because of this, the Lunar Nodes are of particular importance.

I have written two articles that go in-depth on what the Lunar Nodes (a.k.a. the axis of eclipses) brings in its current position. To make a long story short, the point we’re going towards destiny-wise, the North Node, is in the sign of individuality, forging your own path, bravery, fights, and masculine energy. Read the full article here. The South Node, what we are releasing and reworking (the past we’re leaving behind) is in Libra, which is all about compromise, fitting in, politeness, harmony, and keeping the peace – as well as topics around the arts, relationships, and femininity. Read about the South Node in Libra here.

Does this mean that we’ll leave behind everything I just mentioned? Nope! If we did, we’d routinely lose all feminine energy, relationships, arts, and peace every 18 ½ years – because the Nodes come full circle quite frequently. However, it does mean that everything that doesn’t serve us gets flushed out or reworked around that time. Imagine a snake shedding its old skin: that’s what’s happening here. The snake itself stays – a.k.a., your relationships, femininity/feminine energy (take what resonates), etc. might very well stay, but whatever isn’t working around those topics gets transformed.

The Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra show where eclipses can happen in space, but there is a bit of a margin. If a Full or New Moon happens “in the neighborhood” (f.e. the sign before/behind the Nodes) it can also be an eclipse. This is what’s happening right now: the Nodes are in Aries and Libra, but the Full Moon in Taurus is close enough that the Moon’s light is still partially blocked. That’s what makes it an eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus:

Taurus is the sign of the body, of earth, of peace, stability, and everything we need to feel nourished which includes but isn’t limited to material values. However, this doesn’t exactly give us a “peaceful” or “stable” energy at this point in time. Rather, this Eclipse asks us to solidify something in our lives even as we’re navigating upheavals and changes. The focus here is on achieving peace and stability and nurturing life in the far future. In order to get there, you have to break some proverbial eggs though.

Be Wise and Discerning

The ruler of this Lunar Eclipse, Venus, lies in Virgo, while the Ruler of the North Node, Mars, lies in Scorpio. Virgo and Scorpio both have to do with being very truthful with yourself about what the reality of a situation is. This theme is enhanced by the various aspects of the Lunar Eclipse.

This also means that we’re being asked to be very wise and discerning about how we search for, act on, and speak the truths we find. Change works best when it’s done methodically and this eclipse gives us the capacity to methodically make it work… and (with Mars in Scorpio), to change things on a deep and sustainable level.

This combination is also the reason why a lot of the themes of the eclipse will either be initiated by you, or they will be things you deep down feel is necessary or inevitable.

The Catalyst For What’s Already There

The good news about this eclipse is that it won’t really bring anything completely new into our life, but rather that it makes everything that’s already there BIGGER – so big that it leads to changes eventually.


You’ve always been exasperated with your boss. Maybe now, you’ll feel that additional push that makes you apply for a new position.

The relationship you’re in hasn’t been going well for quite some time. Now, you found out your partner’s cheating. Nothing per se new, the problems have already been there – less intense, maybe, but there nevertheless. Now, it’s so big that you have to deal with things in a way you’ve maybe not wanted to deal with.

You’ve been doing a great job at work, and now you’re being offered a promotion. Maybe the offer of the promotion is new, but nothing comes from nothing on this eclipse: this is a consequence of your good work.

You’ve been having lots of intimate time without the proper protection, and now you find out you’re pregnant. Again, there were things leading up to this realization that caused the change. Things merely came to a head sooner/in a different way than you expected.

Catalysts make change happen by using the pieces that are already in play – if there are no pieces in place that would lead to a specific outcome, that outcome won’t happen. This is the way this eclipse operates; for better and for worse.

“I can’t keep doing things like this anymore.”

As mentioned in the analysis for the last eclipse on October 14th, this eclipse confronts us with what isn’t working so we’ll stop trying to break ourselves to make it work.

In the sky, the North Node in Aries conjunct fiery Eris retrograde which asks us to fight ourselves free from something, no holds barred. Mars (ruler of the North Node) sits in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and opposed Jupiter in Taurus, which is also in a wider conjunction to the Moon. This brings an intensity and an almost split-second decision that’ll have lasting, long-term consequences. Pluto squares the Nodes itself: a tell-tale sign for the kind of personal and global transformation that will be remembered for decades to come.

In summary, this eclipse is a line in the sand. Whatever you did, whatever your life looks like, whatever experiences were thrown at you in this eclipse season, one realization becomes crystal clear: “I can’t keep doing things like this anymore.” What “This” here is depends on the individual – there will be some predictions for the Rising Signs at the end of the article to help you figure it out, you can also come in for a session.

But whatever it is, you’ll have internally or externally passed the point of No Return. Maybe an outside change is the reason. Maybe you’ve just stepped over the limit of how much you’re willing to endure, and it’s a case of: “This is it. Change needs to happen. Now. No matter the cost.”

Cauterizing the Wound

If you cauterize a wound, you do something that’s very counter-intuitive. You take fire – real fire that can burn and damage you normally – and place it on a part of the body that’s already hurt and bleeding. And yet, the process actually protects you from more harm and keeps the bleeding in check. On this eclipse, you need to cauterize something so you can move forward and be protected.

There is no give. Something has to break so things can move forward. This is what this eclipse feels like.

The door has to be firmly shut so new doors can open.

Upheaval Is the Price of Peace

Keeping the status quo can keep the peace – some of the time. However, history (and our own experiences throughout life thus far) will also show that the opposite is true. If you keep the status quo for too long, it’ll lead to a complete demolition of true peace. As a matter of fact, upheaval and revolution naturally happen if we force ourselves down the beaten path too often.

Sometimes, true stability can only be reached by creating or accepting changes. So, create that change you know you need to see through. Under this eclipse, fighting the change that’s happening leads only to more chaos, not less. Sacrifice stability in the present to regain solid, indestructible stability later on.

Destiny Comes A’Calling

Eclipses are times when we feel things happen that seem “fated” somehow. This can be:

1) Having a realization that changes your life.

Someone I know very well suddenly realized out of the blue that she was on the wrong track when it came to her future career and quit what she was doing on the spot. She also realized that she was really, really sick and soon got treatment that saved her life.

2) An event that turns your world upside down.

Someone I know got a call on a Lunar eclipse that changed their life – because it allowed their family to finally find a home that was safe for them. But it did turn their world upside down.

3) The past coming up to be revisited.

Different examples of this would be an ex-boyfriend suddenly showing up at someone’s work because he suddenly works there, too, or a family member coming into another person’s life after years of radio silence.

Just because a person from your past shows up again, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to interact with them or let them into your life again. That’s up to you.

4) You’ll meet people who will become important in your future.

Plenty of people have conceived and/or given birth on Lunar Eclipses (in part because they naturally enhance fertility), which is the most obvious way this plays out.

Plus, there are plenty of people who meet future partners, business partners, or people they learn life lessons with on eclipses or entered relationships/commitments with them on eclipses.

5) Information is revealed that changes everything.

Secrets have a way of spilling on Eclipses, and we also tend to learn things that weren’t secrets that make all the difference.

Interrupted Sleep, High Intuition, High Anxiety

Eclipses are always energetically intense, this one more so than most. Most people notice that energy on an unconscious, body-based level even if they aren’t involved in astrology at all. Some of the ways you may find out are:

- Need for more rest

- Interrupted sleep or insomnia

- Vivid dreams (sometimes nightmares)

- Dreams that feel significant, but make no sense

- High intuition

- Anxiety, paranoia, and the feeling of impending doom in hyperdrive

- As a friend of mine put it: “Feeling like aliens abducted you and placed you in the same life, environment, and social circle you've always been in, only now everything is slightly off.”

- More hungry than usual/can’t eat well

All of this is common under eclipses (though not everyone experiences this).

Potential for accidents

Eclipses can also have an impact on the weather and raise the potential for nature-based accidents. In general, this is not a good time to:

- Leave your tech in places where it could be damaged

- Not have backups for your tech

- Do extreme sports or extreme activities with a potential for danger to life and limb

- Tracks into the wilderness without the appropriate gear, know-how, or safety measures

- Unnecessarily spending time in areas with a real risk of natural disaster (earthquakes, unstable caves, and so on)

- Stay outside in a lightning storm because “it’ll be fine.”

- Cozy up to poisonous/toxic animals

- And so on.

Note: this doesn’t mean that these things will go wrong for EVERYBODY under this eclipse, but the risk of something going wrong is still elevated. Proceed at your own risk.

However, this IS a good transit for life-saving surgery and risky medical procedures.

Predictions: Sun and Rising sign

Check your Sun and Rising Sign!


This eclipse asks you to redefine your values and monetary possessions. Whatever it is you need to change, it’ll have to do with either income or ethics.


This eclipse asks you to step into who you truly are. Something in your life may irrevocably end so something new begins: trust yourself and choose your destiny.


This eclipse asks you to say goodbye. What in your life needs to end? What in your life has ended already but hasn’t let you go? It’s time to cut the cords of attachment.


This eclipse asks you to re-evaluate your social circle, friend groups, and long-term goals. Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.


This eclipse is all about career and authority figures (be it your authority, or other people in your life acting as authority figures). Don’t give your power away, don’t sell your soul at work, and take charge of your life.


This eclipse is all about belief systems and the abroad/foreign to you. At this time, it’s time to chase a different perspective and engage in a test of faith.


This eclipse is all about truth and secrecy for you. Pay attention, as much may come to light… and don’t give away your own power to others who don’t deserve to hold it over you.


This eclipse is all about your relationships and commitments. Who should stay? Who needs to leave your life? How do you wish to better show up in love – and whom do you see with you when you’re old and gray?


This eclipse highlights topics around your daily chores and daily work – as well as your health. At this time, be sure to tend to your body and re-evaluate your workspace.


This eclipse highlights topics around children, fertility, romance, arts, and pleasure. At this time, your heart will show you what matters most and how to create the future you wish to hold: listen.


This eclipse is centered around family, the home, your roots, and your innermost self. Create a home that you’ll see yourself happy in for the years and decades to come… or start working towards that.


This eclipse deals with your local community, thoughts, perceptions, mind, communication, and travel. At this time, it’s important for you to stay open to new information entering your life through the oddest of synchronicities. Listen to your intuition and take seriously what you find out.

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