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Spiritual Fertility and Astrology

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Astrology is an ancient art of looking at the sky to answer our questions. And what bigger question is there than: “Am I meant to have a child? And if yes, how do I prepare for that?”

These questions are ones that humans have had for millennia. And not just that. Many people connect with their future children in one way or another before or after conception. Dreams, premonitions, looking to the stars and dreaming, hoping for a sign, then receiving one.

In certain African tribes, mothers would go into the wilderness when they felt the call to get pregnant. They’d stay in nature and meditate until a song or melody came to them that would connect them to their future child. As soon as conception occurred, they’d then teach the song or melody to all of their villages.

This practice can be part of what’s called Spiritual or Conscious conception. The choice of wanting a child and connecting with a higher power and the child’s soul or spirit to help them enter this world, and help prepare you for parenthood.

Even in the Western world, Spiritual Conception has a part of our lives – it’s just less talked about. Many women in Catholicism connect to saints when they wish to become pregnant. There is a surge in involving Doulas in birth (whose job it is to spiritually and emotionally support the mother(-to-be) every step of the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum journey). And there’s even been more and more books and practitioners who actively connect people to their Spirit Babies (= spirits of the children waiting to be born through you.) I highly recommend the books Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen and Spiritual Fertility by Dr. Julie Von if this subject interests you.

Even without a spiritual or religious framework, many parents tell their children of weird or miraculous instances before conception or childbirth. A story I once heard was of a guy who woke up in the middle of the night, sweating because he had a dream of a young girl that he knew was going to be his daughter. He immediately reached out to a woman he’d been broken up with to reconnect and changed his entire life so he could become a father.

You may or may not believe that this spiritual stuff is all woo woo and nonsense. I wouldn’t blame you. Regardless of where you stand, you may wonder if you’re meant to have a child and when – and how – to prepare.

This is where astrology comes in.

In astrology, we see your path to pregnancy and conception. This is especially true for women or people who were born with a womb, but we can also see the road to becoming a parent in the charts of men or people born without a womb.

Be it through adoption, surrogates, donation of genetic material, or a run-of-a-mill conception and pregnancy; astrology can show how to get there.

Your moon, Ceres, Saturn, and 4th and 10th houses also show us what type of parent you’ll be. The 5th and 11th houses, signs, and rulers give additional information about the children you’ll have, various destiny points show you how to integrate your life purpose(s) with parenthood. Juno, as well as houses 12, 1, and 6, give additional vital information about your way to pregnancy.

Let’s give you a brief explanation of each symbolism.

The Main Symbols

The Moon.

The moon is one of the most elemental parts of your chart as it rules your emotions, your unconscious, and your physical body. It’s a significator of the home you came from and the home you built, your culture, your physical mother and mother figures, your genetic inheritance, and emotional residue from your childhood.

When it comes to being a parent, all of this matters a lot: because we carry legacies in our bones that are literally passed on to our children. (Remember, women carry the egg cells for themselves and their future children since week 20 of gestation – a.k.a., since before their birth. And epigenetic inheritance may even lead to your grandparents’ trauma affecting your own body as of today). The culture and myths around pregnancy and birth also carry a lot of weight on determining the health and ease of the pregnancy and birth experience for people with a womb… and the type of parent you’ll be regardless of your gender.

The moon rules everything cyclically in your life, including periods and other fertility-related things. It’s also about physical nurturing like food and breastfeeding, and emotional nurturance which is key to being a parent. In general, the moon talks about parenthood: whether you want to become a parent, and how you feel that’s going to impact your life.

It’s about a parent’s intuition and bond of unconditional love to their child as well as how they interpret their children’s needs and try to fulfill them.

Most importantly though, it’s about your own needs and emotional realities… which are key to becoming good parents, too.

The moon is one of the most important parts of your chart in general – its themes encompass more than I’ve mentioned here since it would literally take a 200-page-novel just to mention everything. So let’s just leave it at the fact that this is a key factor for parenthood and your children specifically.

The moon also has a close association with the sign of Cancer, so I also pay massive heed to this sign in particular.


Ceres is classified as a dwarf planet astronomically and put in the big drawer labeled “asteroids” by astrologers. Since it’s not as big as a “real planet” or as close to the Earth as the moon, it’s said to have a more narrow field of themes – and one that’s closely related to the moon.

It rules menarche (onset of the period), the period itself, transition into motherhood, physical pregnancy, physical fertility, abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, labor, birth, post-partum, conception, blood, death, grief, renewal, breastfeeding, hormones, postpartum healing, nurturance, and food. So it’s specifically related to every last aspect relevant for the journey from adult (hopefully) to parent, and beyond.

But it’s also a significator of what you need to feel nurtured and how you attempt to take care of others. With Ceres in an air sign, for example, you may need high-quality conversations with the people you love to feel fully happy in your relationships (regardless of the type of relationship). As a parent, you may take particular care to make sure your kid gets adequate education and has always someone to talk to.

While Ceres talks about parenthood specifically and a lot of themes regarding women’s health, it’s also found in the charts of people who aren’t affected by periods and don’t want to become parents. Here, we meet the other theme of Ceres: nurturing the people you love, animals you care about, or projects you believe in.

In an Earth sign, Ceres (who also rules agriculture and food/feeding-related systems) is the friend who’ll bake you cookies when you’re sad, the auntie that makes sure you have an emergency fund if you ever need one, the business person who actively cares for their employees and clients, or the environmentalist that fights to keep Earth healthy.


In astrology, parenthood is split up into two divisions. One of the divisions has to do with emotional and physical nurturance: we give the child what they need to grow and be healthy emotionally and physically. But as all of us know, a spoiled child is not necessarily growing up into a healthy or functional adult (or a person who’s fun to be around). So the other division in astrology has to do with a single word: maturity.

Life doesn’t always give you what you want, and a child who always gets their wishes fulfilled may struggle with that in the long haul. In the same vein, self-regulation and the skills necessary for survival aren’t always fun to learn and have to be built through discipline and patience over a long period of time. The rules of society and boundaries of being human have to be respected – and there are other rules and boundaries, such as “we don’t have the money to buy you two pair of shoes,” or “you’re too sick to play with your friends outside just now” that are more specific to individual situations – and need to be respected.

This doesn’t mean making up silly rules that serve no purpose, punishing your child, or being hard without the context where it makes sense to be hard – even though that’s the shadow of these energies. This division of astrology merely talks about natural processes of maturation in the face of human realities and growing up.

This may look like: “No, you can’t eat poison because it’ll kill you.” “No, you’re not going to throw your sister out of the window.” “No, it’s not okay to say that because it hurts other people.” “No, you can’t have another cookie, it’s not good for you.” Just like the more lunar and emotional side of parenting, this division is meant to set a child up for success in happiness in life. It merely recognizes that a child isn’t meant to grow up and become a 34-year-old toddler, but a mature individual capable of handling reality on their own and in the larger, collective context.

This division of astrology is ruled by Saturn. Saturn helps your own maturation journey and shows how you attempt to guide your child on that. It has to do with consequences, discipline, sticking to a routine, authority, material realities, boundaries of the outside world, boundaries you may set for yourself, and foundations that are so strong that they never break. It gives you the patience necessary for having children and the ability to raise them well.

It also talks about your father or father figure (along with the Sun and other astrological points) and your relationship to inner and outer authority, rules, boundaries, and regulations.

The 4th house.

The fourth house rules your home – both physically (house, culture, land you live on) and the home you have within yourself. It rules your origins (culture, land, nation, and physical house you grew up in), your birth family, your conception, and the family you make. It’s very connected to your heart and your innermost, private self, as well as the people you actually live with.

One of its rulers, the IC (which may or may not sit in the 4th house) gives additional information about the parent whom you felt most connected to emotionally, as well as the private self you show when you’ve lived with someone for 10+ years. It’s also deeply connected to the womb space, which is the physical womb or the energetic center within women and men where the womb would be.

Because it is so connected to the family you create and the background you come from, it’s vital for your journey to parenthood and your reality as a parent. Any planet here, plus the sign and ruler (plus the IC position and aspects) give a massive amount of information about your desire to become a parent and how that may go down.

The 5th house, in contrast, shows who your children are going to be (among other things).

The 10th house.

The 10th house shows your career, role in society, and role as an authority. Since all parents are automatically authorities for their children, the 10th house planets, sign, ruler, and MC (that also may or may not sit in the 10th) is key for showing whether you feel called to be a parent, and what type of parent you’ll be. The MC, in particular, is important here, since the MC stands for the biggest accomplishment or impact we’re here to make. In many people’s charts, that’s their children or role as a parent.

The 5th and 11th house.

These two houses have to do with the character and number of your children. The fifth is more concerned with your own kids, the eleventh with other people’s kids – such as adopted children or children in foster care. Gender may or may not be easy to distinguish, it depends on the chart. But the character and most important values and realities of your kids are to be found here.

Destiny Points

In astrology, multiple points have to do with your destiny and your soul’s purpose. The nodes, your sun, the nodal rulers, the 12th house, and asteroids Vesta, Psyche, and Eris – as well as Pluto.

The Sun.

The sun gives you vitality and the feeling of doing something in life that matters. It has to do you’re your identity and consciousness. Now, your sun doesn’t have to be connected to the symbolism of parenthood for you to become a parent. But looking at your sun’s needs can show you how to build a life that allows you to be a good parent and still prioritize your needs and remain happy – and healthy.

The Lunar Nodes.

The lunar nodes, also called Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are destiny points that show your growth in this lifetime as well as your soul and what it’s meant to be here. (Other significators for the soul are also Vesta, Psyche, and Pluto). How and in what way parenthood may be part of your life purpose will be signified here. A nodal configuration unconnected to parental themes (house, sign, ruler, aspects) is not a good base for becoming a parent.


Psyche rules all soul connections, karmic bonds, and is highly connected to the human psyche and soul. Since these are (metaphysically speaking) highly involved in the conception of a human being, Psyche is one of the key players I look to.


Eris shows a purpose that feels so vital to us that we’ll fight to see it in our lives, or die trying (in sentiment, or literally). If this is connected to children, it’s a good sign for parenthood. If it isn’t connected to children, it shows how you’ll need to plan and balance your life in order to make room for both this purpose and your kids (should you choose to have them). If you don’t live with Eris, you’re bound to become really unhappy… and, because Eris has a lot to do with anger, furious with the world.


Pluto rules transformation and soul purpose as well as the wounds that gather around our souls – which means it rules trauma and trauma-inducing experiences. In parenthood, Pluto is a pretty important point because it shows what we need to be conscious of when raising our children. Wounds we have may lead to making choices or projections on our children that can be outside of their highest good. Awareness of how this may play out can go a long way on keeping history from repeating itself. On top of that, parenthood is a big transformation.


Vesta rules the soul, devotion, and whatever is sacred to us. Since parenthood fits the bill for that, we’ll include it here. It also rules sexuality and what we make sacrifices for, which is a huge part of parenting.

The 12th house.

The 12th house has a lot of associations that I’m not going to go over here. But it’s also associated with karmic and epigenetic inheritance, ancestral healing (with the 8th), and… drumroll please! Conception. A lot of astrologers who became mothers noted the big correlation between their own 12th house and the progress of their third trimester, especially the eighth and ninth months and early labor. In one’s own natal chart, the 12th and 4th may show you how you were conceived. This house is also related to Spirit babies and everything that has to do with Spiritual Conception (as are Neptune aspects to planets related with parenthood).

Other key players


Juno is an asteroid (both astronomically and astrologically) that is associated with a bunch of stuff that’s not too relevant here, like marriage, the spouse, and business partner. (To learn more, read my articles on Juno-Uranus, Juno-Neptune, and Juno-Pluto aspects.)

But she’s also highly associated with timing, the calendar, and any transition or initiation we go through. Since parenthood is one of the most important transitions and initiations for a human being, I include her on the list.

The 1st house.

Someone’s life path and identity sit in their first house. Since parenthood heavily impact both, having a look at this part of your chart is vital, regardless of your gender or whether you physically carry your child within you or not. But for a person who gets pregnant, the first house gains even more importance: it’s related to the body – and bodies are physically impacted by pregnancy.

The 6th house.

In that regard, let’s quickly look at the house of health. Since pregnancy is something that affects the health of the person who gets pregnant, the sixth house carries much importance here. However, this is only the case for physical conception within your own body – if you’re a partner to a pregnant person, that’s not going to be relevant for you.

The signs Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn.

Cancer is closely associated with the moon and the fourth house, and is the archetype of the mother. This sign is highly associated with children, parenthood, and the wish to nurture and protect another human being.

Capricorn is closely associated with Saturn and the tenth house and creating a legacy, applying yourself to be the best authority figure you could be, and be a parent with integrity.

Lastly, Leo is the sign most associated with the fifth house and therefore, children and the inner child. Therefore, any astrological key player in these signs also has high significance for your journey to parenthood.

The decision to have a child or not is ultimately yours. No astrologer or other person can take this choice or this power to choose, away from you.

Not just that, but all human beings are intuitive. Especially when it comes to parenthood and/or your future children, your inner voice is the wisest. You are the person you need to listen to most.

Astrology is effectively meant to do one thing: give information. If we piece all of this information together, we gain a lot of intel about whether you’re meant to become a parent, how to get there, and what you need to know and do to prepare for the next stage of your life… which can and will align with your intuition around these themes and give you further information.

Astrology can even help you feel more connected to your future children through the in-depth knowledge you gain about the gifts you’re meant to pass on to your children, and the gifts they teach you in the process.

This is a delicate subject – and it is one I hold absolutely sacred.

There is nothing more special to me than the topic of parenthood and pregnancy or other avenues for babies to come into this world.

There is nothing more sacred than to help somebody connect to their own intuition and innate knowledge in their life.

There is nothing more humbling than to witness the goodness, miracle, and blessing of a beloved, wanted soul entering life.

If you’re considering booking a reading with me, I’d be deeply honored to help be your guide. You can book here.

Regardless of whether we ever meet or not, I’m happy to have you here and wish you an amazing day.

With so much love,



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