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The Key to Happiness - Mental Health and Astrology: The Moon in the Signs pt. 2

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Astrology can do a lot of positive things for us. One of them is to boost our mental and emotional health – and two very basic parts of astrology are responsible for that: the sun and the Moon.

So, in this series of articles, we’ll jump into the 12 signs of the zodiac and how your Sun and your Moon operate in them. Then, we’ll go over the 12 houses (mathematical portions of the sky derived from your exact birth time, each portion signifies an area of life) to show you where you need to put your focus for optimal happiness and mental health. We also look at the zodiac sign (e.g. Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, etc.), which shows how they operate.

But first, what is the Moon in astrology?

The Moon in the nutshell is our bodies, our emotions, our unconscious, our hearts, souls, and happiness. When we live into our moons, we feel healthy. Even if we have a broken leg or other types of injury, we feel like there’s nothing wrong with us and manage life’s ups and downs beautifully. We also feel whole, like there’s nothing missing in our lives or ourselves.

Living into your Moon gives us a sense of life being joyful like we have something to get up for in the morning. We can enjoy things again and have healthy relationships with our emotions, our loved ones, and ourselves. While the sun helps reduce depression, the Moon helps prevent it entirely.

This leads me then to the sign of the Moon. First of all, knowing your Moon’s sign is just part of the puzzle. The house and her aspects also play a key role in how this astrological body functions – but the sign is one of the major parts, and the easiest to look up. Just google! Knowing your date of birth is usually enough, though in some cases, you’ll also need your exact time of birth.

The sign of the Moon shows how your emotions and

Living in Tune with Your Heart: The Moon in the Signs



The Moon in Libra is the Moon most affected by relationships. A.k.a., your happiness and mental and physical health depend on the quality of your connections – and while this moon is very relational, that starts with you.

You can be with a thousand people and still feel lonely if you’re disconnected from yourself. And, if you’re with the wrong people, your heart will hurt even worse than if you’re lonely. So, let’s first talk about your own needs and then about relational things.

The Moon in Libra lives in a world of paradoxes, especially emotionally. You may bounce from one emotional extreme to another in order to find balance – especially if you’ve been taught that anger and “ugly” emotions threaten the peace and harmony. Essentially, it’s like being on a seesaw: one side may be up in the air, but it’s not going to stay that way. As a matter of fact, the other side will come just as high. So, even if you suppress your anger and try to play doormat, the anger will come up at some point: so suppressing it can become dangerous for you.

A Moon in Libra person generally speaking craves harmony, peace, and beautiful things – art that speaks to them, things that just look pretty, music, nature, and so on. Filling yourself and your life up with these things is extremely necessary for your physical and emotional health as well as your happiness. You don’t do well in environments where there is constant conflict, so avoiding those can be good.

That being said, another part of what a Moon in Libra person needs is truthfulness and fairness – and those require conflicts from time to time. Here’s the issue. Often, people who are very harmony-driven will let an issue lie and fester, sweeping it under the rug rather than addressing it. That’s so understandable and very, very human. But it leads to issues later on if the problem keeps growing. Same goes for trying to bend over backward to fix the issue yourself, even if it’s someone else’s responsibility. People with this combination may throw themselves under the bus to keep the peace, but that builds resentment and emotional unhealth in relationships and yourself.

So, learn how you can address sensitive topics in a way that’s fair for everyone, and when to speak up and set boundaries with others. Also, learn to recognize when fairness and politeness need to take a backseat against injustice and truth: and then, let yourself fight for this to restore peace again.

That’s the biggest balancing act you could ever be involved in and definitely difficult at times… but it’s worth it, as it leads to harmony that lasts, happiness, and better health for you in all areas of life.

The next part of the Libran archetype (before we go into relationships) is the ability and the need for paradoxes. Libra knows the world is neither black, nor white, but both. And people with a lot of placements in Libra seek out experiences that show them a different side of life than they usually encounter – or they flip-flop between opposite expressions of the same thing, in art or life. Feed this part of yourself and life will become so much more interesting, vibrant, and worth living.

Lastly, let’s talk about relationships. A person with the Moon in Libra needs other people. Needs them as in, relationships keep you healthy and sane. Corona lockdown probably wasn’t fun for anyone, but for you? Man, I wanna hug you. Most people are taught to not need contact with others, to not take too much happiness from relationships. And there is value in those teachings, but for a person with the Moon in Libra, following these teachings creates mental and emotional trauma.

You’re meant to relate. You’re meant to love. Yes, you are your own person but needing other people makes you innately human – not less than yourself, not needy, not bad, and definitely not wrong. Humans are relational beings, we all need other humans. You more than others – and that’s beautiful.

People with the Moon in Libra are the glue that holds the family together. The glue that makes society a better, warmer place. The “mom/dad-friends” of the group. You have so much to give: don’t be scared of being exactly who you are, including your need to be with others.

(Please remember that the Moon in the sign is just one piece of a puzzle – the natal chart is complex and every facet brings something to a personality and a person’s mental and physical health. Also, this is not intended as professional medical advice (which you should probably know already). If you’d like more information about your astrology, consider booking a reading.)


The Moon in Scorpio has a bad rep among astrologers – but that’s undeserved. This is the most intuitive placement there is – people with the Moon in Scorpio have an uncanny ability to feel beneath the surface of things and ferret out the truth. They’re also able to intimately know just how powerful emotions can be, which can give them great insight into other people’s issues and minds.

Part of this gift comes with a price, and this is something that can be a learning curve for the individual (but note: it can improve with the right tools and practice). The Moon in Scorpio feels everything and feels everything deeply and passionately. This can add so much aliveness and beauty to them, but not every emotion is easy to deal with. And, if people only learn to deal with their emotions through repression, then depression and anxiety are real issues.

Depression happens when emotions are bottled up because bottling up one emotion leads to repressing all emotions to some extent. And eventually, the bottled-up emotion comes up with such a vengeance that there is no room for joy, pleasure, or anything other than numbness and the emotion in question. Another cause of depression is a lack of hope. And that’s unfortunately also something Scorpio placements can be prone to… as a side effect of a greater, more beautiful, positive gift.

As I mentioned before, Scorpio sees truth – and needs truth – as well as trust. This is the part of us capable of digging deep into any subject matter, deep enough to face the hardest and darkest aspects of humanity, as well as the beauty, power, and light. This is that part that won’t rest till we’re at the root, till we know everything: which is why Scorpio makes good investigators and researchers.

This need for truth is usually not fed when we’re children: essentially, people in our society raise children by lying to them. Those can be big lies or small ones, lies the adults believe or don’t believe but think children need, lies that protect the child (like: actually protect them), or ones that are senseless and could have been avoided. But anyhow, a child with a Scorpio Moon feels the untruth. And it hurts. So the course of action is to fixate on those lies and what’s hidden beneath (which is usually ugly) so they can always be in touch with the truth – so lack of truth won’t hurt their hearts. This can lead to a person learning to fixate on the things that are hidden, or the things that others are unwilling to see. And 90% of the time, that’s the hardest side of life.

What happens if someone primarily focuses on the hard side of life, and less so on the good – that is as real as the bad? Right, that person loses hope. Depression can occur. This is more a side-effect of our society than the Scorpio Moon, and other Scorpio placements are as vulnerable. It’s important for people with this placement to learn to fixate on happy things, too. Not in the “Pollyanna” type way, which means in a way that denies reality. Rather: the world is many shades of grey. Happy and sad things happen, beautiful things and awful things happen – to ignore the happy and beautiful things in favor of the awful and sad doesn’t make you any more truthful or truth-seeking than a Pollyanna. As a matter of fact, you’re just as delusional, you’re just having less fun while you’re at it. So: learn to focus on the positive as well as on the negative. That’s what puts you in touch with truth. Not just one or the other.

Now, let’s talk about some of the beauty of the Moon in Scorpio, and what brings you happiness. With this placement, there’s a natural need for intensity. You’re able to handle a lot, and your body and heart want to stretch and grow by handling a lot. By giving yourself healthy, manageable challenges, you feed your sense of happiness without overwhelm or the negative effects.

This brings me to the next thing: with the Moon in Scorpio comes resilience, and deep resilience. This is a placement for people who work in trauma fields like first responders or social work, criminal or medical fields, psychotherapy, or crisis management. These are the type of people who can literally attend a birth or sit with a loved one who’s having suicidal thoughts: you guys can handle that (if you’re in the right place in your own life and with yourself, obviously) and it gives you a sense of peace to be able to help in that way.

If you ever struggle, put yourself in a situation where you’re confronted with things that test your emotional resiliency from the outside (like being with a person who suffers). Please stay safe and make sane choices, but that’s usually a great way for you to kickstart your own healing processes and sense of aliveness. Literally confronting yourself with your own mortality can also be really enlivening for you. That may sound paradoxical, but… Scorpio Moons have a superpower: they can handle all facets of life if they’re just exposed to it but if they lack exposure, they turn on themselves – and that ain’t fun.

So, feed yourself with all aspects of life. (And that can also include the taboo, occult, and so on). That’s what creates happiness and good mental health.

(Please remember that the Moon in the sign is just one piece of a puzzle – the natal chart is complex and every facet brings something to a personality and a person’s mental and physical health. Also, this is not intended as professional medical advice (which you should probably know already). If you’d like more information about your astrology, consider booking a reading.)


The Moon in Sagittarius is very passionate and adventurous. The most important thing for you to know: in order to be both happy and healthy, you need fun, challenges, adventures, and newness. Boredom and staying in your comfort zone all the time are the worst things you can do to yourself health- and mental health-wise. Fun is your medicine – literally – and getting out there and doing something different is a balm to your soul.

Something else you need to feed your soul is freedom – as well as dancing with the unpredictability of life. Be spontaneous. Get lost a little in a city you’ve never been to. See where life takes you and have fun while you’re on that journey. Now, this is pretty much the opposite of what most people need, but for you it’s important. That being said, please stay sane and safe.

Next up is belief systems. The things you believe have a direct effect on your body. This is because Sagittarius is all about meaning-making. Here, the human psyche (everyone has Sagittarius somewhere in the chart) collects information and synthesizes it into filters: “The world is good” – leads to you focusing more on good things and interpreting the world more often as good. “The world is bad” – same thing, just in reverse.

With the Moon in this sign, it’s like there’s a direct line from your belief systems to how your body and your heart feel. Everyone is obviously affected by the things that they believe – but for you, the belief/body connection is more intimate and powerful. If you believe the world is a shitty place, you’re more likely to feel extremely bad physically or emotionally very quickly. Much more so than your run-of-the-mill pessimist. (You’re also more likely to accidentally manifest a reality that you believe in, so… seeing things overly negative may not be so smart for you.)

Now, most people with the Moon in Sagittarius are natural optimists. So that definitely boosts your resilience, health, and happiness – go you! But “belief systems” go way beyond the question of the water glass's liquid level.

Let’s talk about: religion. Inherited belief systems. And hey, let’s look at things psychologically: what do you believe about yourself? Religion, belief systems that come from childhood/parents/other people, and psychological beliefs can have a huge impact on your mental health, physical health, and resiliency as a person. The good news is that we can change our beliefs: and this is one of the best things about the Moon in Sagittarius.

It's not about finding the “right” beliefs to hold, it’s about holding the ones that are right for you. That means they should be truthful, but also that they should feel good to your heart and your body. If they feel wrong intuitively, they probably are for you. So, listen to the stories you tell yourself – and learn to take other people’s stories with a grain of salt.

That being said, part of the natural urge of the Moon in Sagittarius is to keep challenging your own belief systems – it’s kind of an inherent fuse against fanaticism. People with the Moon in Sagittarius thrive when they are exposed to a lot of different belief systems, which means that they crave cultural exchange, travel, and higher education on a range of topics, especially religion, philosophy, pedagogy in some cases, and so on. Which is really nice, since this also feeds your need to be adventurous.

One last thing: people with the Moon in Sagittarius can be pretty daredevilish and reckless depending on the rest of their natal chart. That’s cool, but this can get to the point where you’re that walking TV character who doesn’t want a doctor since “it’s just a flesh wound” and then dies with a Darwin award and half the audience face-palming in the seats. So… go see a doctor when necessary and take recovery time seriously, please. That being said, have fun!

(Please remember that the Moon in the sign is just one piece of a puzzle – the natal chart is complex and every facet brings something to a personality and a person’s mental and physical health. Also, this is not intended as professional medical advice (which you should probably know already). If you’d like more information about your astrology, consider booking a reading.)


The Moon in Capricorn can be incredibly challenging for people to witness – but it has great gifts, too. Today, we’re going to start with the challenges (and include remedies for them!) and then talk about the gifts, so: stay with me till the end, please, or you’ll miss out on the good parts.

The challenges: The Moon is literally how we feed ourselves. How we take care of our bodies and minds, emotional health, and our loved ones. It’s our unconscious, intuition, feelings, and everything about ourselves that’s not quite logical. The sign of Capricorn is the opposite: this is the archetype that gives all human beings (since we all have Capricorn somewhere in our charts) the ability to restrict ourselves and get rid of everything that could distract us from our goals. Those goals can be success, they can also be survival, or taking care of someone else. But fact is, Capricorn is really good at cutting off the “background noise” to get things done.

Problem is, that the Moon works through “background noise” and “distracting things.”

“Nah, I’ll eat later – I just have to finish this project now!” – Okay if it happens once, but what if this is a regular occurrence?

“We’re late with the house renovation; I don’t care that I hurt my foot – no, I can push through, hand me the hammer.” – But what will that do to your foot in the long run?

“No time to grieve, I need to take care of the funeral… the kids… oh, and we also need to go through granny’s stuff and…” – But what will it do to you if there’s always something more important than your heart?

Essentially, someone with a Capricorn Moon is so good at restricting themselves in an area that’s directly related to their mental and physical health that they can destroy their own mental and physical health. By accident, even. This is the sign most prone to eating disorders (especially those that come from restriction), workaholism, stress-related mental and physical diseases, and wounds that come from skipping rest or the appropriate recovery time for older wounds to heal.

Now, this doesn’t have to be your reality, because you can learn to deal with your Capricorn Moon in a really healthy and supportive way. Because here’s the deal:

Capricorn Moons are incredibly gifted.

If you have this combination, you are a master at planning, committing, and prioritizing things as well as following through on promises. If you manage to convince yourself that a) you are worth being a priority for yourself and if you b), learn what’s actually good and healthy for you to have (like X amount of rest, X amount of food, and so on) and this is actually funded in reality… then you are of to a really good start and will likely be able to cancel out this shadow side of the Capricorn Moon.

Another thing you need to learn is to be gentle with yourself and to listen to your intuition and your emotions. Capricorn Moons are inherently practical – a wonderful gift – and emotions and intuition can actually heighten your practicality.

Huh? Not what we hear in our society! But true nonetheless. Emotions are a gift that gives us information about the world and our own internal state. You may not think they’re too relevant, but they show you which priorities are worth pursuing and when you’re close to reaching a limit within yourself – which then means, “rest now for a short period of time or crash and burn later for longer.” They help you plan out your time and take care of yourself more effectively (among other things).

Intuition can give you nudges and an edge in business, work, and life. Having a “feeling” and exploring it first can lead you to the solution quicker than going through every option possible, except for the one you already “know” intrigues you. A lot of people with a Capricorn Moon are gifted at intuition in parenthood, power dynamics/power structures, and money. If you hone your gift and train it, you can have an effective tool at your disposal.

Lastly, what else do you need to be happy and healthy? The answer is three simple things: respect, success, and responsibility. Capricorn Moons need to find something they want to be good at and then become good at it, and then they have to somehow serve other people with that OR achieve a measurable success with it (their opinion here counts, not somebody else’s). That brings them self-respect, the number 1 thing they need for happiness and health. They also are naturally drawn to lead and take a position of authority towards other people, so they need the respect of others.

With this combination, you want to mature and grow as you go – and then you want to give something of what you created to others (in form of a gift to the few, a legacy for all, or anything in between). Pursue a life that lets you do all of the above and you’re as happy as a fish in water – and the goat on the mountain.

(Please remember that the Moon in the sign is just one piece of a puzzle – the natal chart is complex and every facet brings something to a personality and a person’s mental and physical health. Also, this is not intended as professional medical advice (which you should probably know already). If you’d like more information about your astrology, consider booking a reading.)


Let’s start with the most important thing: if you ever want to strangle your heart to death and harm your mental health, just force yourself into a box, streamline your personality so you’ll fit in, and try to be as much as other people as possible. Nauseous already? That’s why I said this would harm you. Welcome to your Aquarius Moon! The Moon of rebels, of being different, originality, and genius, you need to be a little different and proud of it in order to be healthy and happy mentally and physically.

Fun, right? Actually, this comes kind of naturally to most people with this placement (and also other placements, the Moon in Aquarius didn’t invent that, though it may feel like it). Your job is to figure out where you’re naturally different, how you naturally don’t fit in, and how to be authentic and true to yourself here – and proud of yourself, because you’re amazing.

Long story short, you have to let your inner freak flag fly at least a little bit. You also have to look at society at large and your immediate social environment specifically and figure out what they’re doing that doesn’t work for you. And then, you find another way of life.

This can be through dealing with your emotions differently, choosing a different type of home, doing parenthood differently (can include not becoming a parent at all), or having a very different way of dealing with your body or connecting with other people. It can also be through a thousand other wonderful things you’re (re-)inventing. But fact is, if you just keep doing what everyone else does, it’s slowly eroding your happiness and your sense of self from the inside out. That’s why this is called the Rebel Moon or the Inventor’s Moon by other astrologers.

Now, you don’t have to re-invent everything and you don’t have to get on every anti-disestablishmentarian train that’s going through town. As a matter of fact, that would be defeating the point, because what you’re here to do isn’t to be like a specific group of people that’s different. It’s to be you. It’s to be true to what already is inside of you and makes you different. It’s to be true to your beliefs and your eccentricities and to share them with others as the gift that they are. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever hop on that train or join a group of people: you’re here to do that. Just don’t give up your identity to be “different enough.”

Whenever we have a group of people, the differences of the individuals have the potential or strengthening and vitalizing the collective. If the differences are suppressed or hidden, the group loses a lot, even if they’ll never know. Just look at social psychology’s studies on brainstorming in groups, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Now, let’s talk about one pretty common shadow potential with this placement I suggest people watch out for: Dissociation.

The shadow potential of this combination is disconnecting from your emotions through going too much into the mental plane in order to understand them. A.k.a., you can be so concerned with analyzing and thinking about how you (should) feel that you’re slowly disconnecting from your body and the reality of how you do feel. This can look like: you’re in a situation where you think you’re alright, or where you think you should be alright all things considered. And your hands keep shaking and your body is doing all kinds of weird things you don’t understand because – you’re alright, remember? Well, no, you’re not. You’re disconnected from your feelings, but your body tells you symptomatically that something is off emotionally. That’s one way that dissociation can show up (especially if it’s milder dissociation). There are more severe ways, obviously, but I just wanted to give you an example that helps you recognize this.

Anyway, a shadow potential is just that – one possible way you can live into this, but there are many more. If this is you, learn to connect to your body and your feelings again by intentionally tuning in emotionally before you engage your head. I also suggest professional help if you’re really struggling and/or know you’ve gone through trauma/something that usually traumatizes others, though you don’t feel any trauma yet. The reason why I say that isn’t that this placement is prone to trauma or to having mental health issues (at least not more than other placements). It’s because this placement can potentially lead to you misinterpreting signals that you need help until you’re in deep shit, to say it bluntly. That being said, what choices you make and how you deal is completely up to you.

And, again! This placement doesn’t have to show up this way inside of you. There are so many ways to live into one astrological placement, this is just one option out of many. You can be perfectly fine, as a matter of fact, most people with this placement are.

Gifts of this placement and things that boost your health are to connect to others through both emotions and really, really good conversations. You like playing devil’s advocate and sharing your opinions and learnings with other people and hearing their thoughts, even if they’re radically different from yours (provided there is respect present and it’s a fun and intellectually stimulating conversation).

You may also be really drawn to wanting to improve humanity and doing good, especially for the outcasts, oddballs, and underdogs. Doing these things can make you really happy, especially if you get to avoid “regular humans” when you want to.

Lastly, here’s my advice for happiness and good mental health: learn how to be alone and find yourself, and to be true to yourself first. And then, find your tribe, people whom you really resonate with and who are good for you. They may not be many people, as people with a lot of Aquarius can be different (and “different” can rub some people the wrong way) – but find people you resonate with. No matter how few they are, this brings you happiness.

(Please remember that the Moon in the sign is just one piece of a puzzle – the natal chart is complex and every facet brings something to a personality and a person’s mental and physical health. Also, this is not intended as professional medical advice (which you should probably know already). If you’d like more information about your astrology, consider booking a reading.)


The Moon in Pisces is one of the most receptive placements for the Moon in astrology. This means that people who have this combination take up everything – and I mean everything. Highly Sensitive, often highly empathic and intuitive, there’s less of a filter between you and the outside world than for other people. Learning to navigate that sensitivity without overwhelming or shutting down is the core lesson for this sign, but it also brings a lot of beauty with it.

First of all, feeling is a gift. It means to participate in life fully and to take up more information than other people, especially information that’s too subtle for most to pick up. With this combination, you feel a lot emotionally in reaction to your environment. You process things more deeply and are more alive in many ways. That means that sometimes, you need to step back from the world and be with yourself only, so you can self-regulate and feed your inner introvert.

You may also directly experience other people’s emotions: be more prone to “catching” contagious joy, but also immediately know if someone’s hurting because you feel it. It makes sense to learn some shielding techniques to not be too overwhelmed by that. You may also need to learn that, just because someone else is hurting, doesn’t mean you can – or should – save them. People with this combination can really throw themselves on a knife to help other people and that’s not healthy.

1) People grow from overcoming adversity, they don’t grow if someone solves all their problems for them all the time. That doesn’t mean that you should never help, but it does mean to take a step back if you know someone can still handle something (even if it’s a stretch for them). It also means that when you help, do it in a supportive role, not as “the savior,” which can keep people stuck in learned helplessness or overwhelm unnecessarily.

2) People can form an unhealthy dependence on somebody who always comes and saves them. That can lead to them building resentment against you, even though that’s unfair. It can also lead to you being drained and unhappy, which isn’t fair to you.

3) Saving people all the time can lead to you attracting and forming connections with individuals who aren’t good for you. People who use you and only love you when you give, people who are toxic or turn on you at any point in time, or energy vampires. These are people you can be wounded by very easily, so please keep them out of your life whenever possible. And if you do attract them: it’s not your fault. The reason why people like this are drawn to you isn’t that you’re “wrong,” it’s that you’re so gifted and wonderful that they know you’ll give them what they want.

Fact is, you have a beautiful soul. You have a gift of helping and a gift of being there for others with unconditional love and acceptance, and that is a beautiful gift so many will never have. Some people can’t even imagine the type of love you’re capable of giving and the type of care that you can give to other people, especially your loved ones and/or children (if you feel drawn to that). This gift doesn’t just enrich others, it also enriches your life and creates happiness, health, and healing.

However, not everyone is worthy of your love. Not everyone is worthy of having access to your time and energy. Some people will take the gift that you are and treat it like trash deliberately or by accident. Others see you as a resource to drain. They don’t do that because it’s worthless, but because human beings can be cruel, dumb, and really selfish at times. It’s your job to have good boundaries and say No to people who hurt you, even if you feel that you “have no right,” or “it wasn’t that bad,” or “you don’t want to hurt their feelings.” That’s admirable, but the wrong move. Protect yourself, or you’ll be drained until there’s nothing left anymore. Also, lack of boundaries usually makes people feel that their behaviors are okay. Do you want people to be hurt as you have been? Then set boundaries.

And even with the people who are worthy of your love, boundaries are a good thing. With this combination, becoming a doormat or martyr for the people you love can be a tendency. The thing is, this can erode love over time. So please, learn when to take care of yourself first and how to communicate it.

Now, this leads me to something else. Remember when I said that unconditional love and also acceptance is your super-power? Acceptance doesn’t just go for people, but also life circumstances. Part of what you’re naturally good at (this may be modified by the rest of your horoscope) is to go with the flow in life and accept your circumstances. That’s great! But there are instances when you can get out of circumstances that harm you. Learn to recognize those and be a bit mindful of not falling into self-pity or learned helplessness so you’ll see your options.

Let’s get back to sensitivity for a second. Sensitivity isn’t just emotional, it’s also physical and intuitive. Physical High Sensitivity can mean that your body reacts more intensely to things like lack of sleep, car exhaust, chemicals, and your diet. Be sure to take care of yourself and only put in your body what’s good for you (at least the majority of the time). Some people with entire HSP birth charts need to subtly adjust their entire lives to this. If that’s you, your Moon is part of what makes you who you are and I also recommend doing research on Highly Sensitive People.

This brings me to the next point: intuition. With this placement, you’re likely very, very intuitive. But intuition is usually something that can be influenced by other factors. For instance, if your intuition is very feeling-based, then not having had enough sleep, being hungry, and so on can throw you off a little. Know what your triggers are and how to work around them. Also, respect your intuition and believe it. You’re right more often than you believe, you just have to learn your intuition’s “language” first.

Now, let’s talk about spirituality. One of the biggest weaknesses and strengths of this combination is a finely attuned spiritual antenna. Wait, why weakness? Our world is not good at giving people the space to be spiritual, or to value those gifts in people. There are also a lot of human beings out there who target others through so-called spiritual means. This can range from religious abuse or other misuses of spiritual authority to scammers, frauds, and bullies. Having a very attuned antenna can mean that you are more easily affected by this kind of misuse – but, because of that, you’re also able to realize what’s going on and whom to stay away from. If you listen to your instincts and move away from people who “feel wrong,” then you’ll eventually find the people or schools of beliefs that feel right, and therefore are right for you. On that note, please be very careful with people who claim that they know who you are better than you do – that is a huge red flag. The inherent intuitive capacities can also keep you safe from some of the shadow sides of this placement.

That being said, engaging in healthy spirituality is key to your happiness and health. For people with this combination, not being connected to a higher power (of your choosing) can feel like starvation and have consequences on your mental and physical health – and so can being in the “wrong” spiritual fields, so to speak (a.k.a., religious/spiritual communities where abuse happens, or that are unaligned with who you are). Being in touch with your intuition and a higher power, however, feels deeply nourishing, and more than that: If your heart were a rose, then healthy spirituality would make you feel like your heart was ever-opening, the rose ever-unfolding, every day of your life.

(Please remember that the Moon in the sign is just one piece of a puzzle – the natal chart is complex and every facet brings something to a personality and a person’s mental and physical health. Also, this is not intended as professional medical advice (which you should probably know already). If you’d like more information about your astrology, consider booking a reading.)

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Also, here are some follow-up links that may interest you like the Moon in the other signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo; the Moon in the Houses; and Your Sun Sign. Also, other astrological topics I recommend are: How Astrology Really Works as well as Twin Flames, Psyche, and Astrology.

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