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How Astrology Really Works

Astrology isn’t what most people think it is… it’s a whole lot more complicated than that. But, I promise, this time, I’ll manage to keep it short. Let’s jump right in!

Astrology is like a giant buffet completely tailored to you – not every type of food under the sun is available, but enough to give you a bunch of choices. And those choices then dictate what you make of your life, just as much as the availability does.

So, nothing’s predetermined to a T: you get to have your say.

Astrology as predetermined potential

First and foremost, astrology shows someone’s or something’s potential – potential for good, potential for bad, potential for everything in between – but the trick is that you get to choose what you make of it.

Think of it like DNA: you can have genes that give you intelligence or talent for pottery. But if you never crack a book or put your hands in clay, you’re not going to notice. Likewise, if you don’t train pottery or use your intellect regularly, you’re not going to realize your full potential; people less talented than you will be better as they’re practicing more. Same with addiction: you can have genetic factors that make developing addiction a lot easier for you than for others – for sleeping pills, alcohol, or drugs, for instance – but if you never touch that or are really, really careful about how you use them? Nothing happens. You’re fine and will remain fine.

Astrology works exactly like that. Someone can have very, very specific potential to be a specific type of way or encounter specific types of experiences: say, someone can have the potential to be a really good mom. But, if that person never chooses to become a parent, then that’s not going to be lived into in that way.

Next up: astrology doesn’t just show your personality, it also shows a blueprint for your entire life. Again, only as potential: you get to choose what you do or don’t do, but every possible option, every strength and weakness, and everything that’s going to work well – or not well – for you is symbolized in some way.

That includes which jobs you’d be good at – not in name, but job description.

It also shows your relationships: whom you date, whom you marry, your mother and father (biologically as well as actual parents), siblings, bosses, employees, trainers, preachers, coworkers, in-laws, priests, pets, kids, grandkids, aunties… you name it, it’s represented. (And that representation is pretty complicated: f.e., for your mom, it’s YOUR Moon, Ceres, 4th house, IC/MC axis, placements in Cancer in house, sign, and with their aspects, plus the rulers of all five, also with house, sign, and aspects each –for the father the same with YOUR 10th house, MC/IC axis, Sun, Saturn, and placements in Capricorn. The combination of all of that shows how you perceive your parents, and since your parents are complex beings… the combination of the archetypes comes up with pretty explicit and not just focus on one or two things, but more.)

This symbolism works on 3 levels: 1) it shows whom you’d let into your life in the role of dating, spouse, business partners, etc.; 2) it shows what kind of people you generally attract with or without conscious input on your end (say, your parents!) and 3) we see what you even want and need from the people that fulfill those roles – vs. how it could go wrong.

Again, potential isn’t just potential for good, it’s also “what’s the worst possible thing that could happen?” Astrology shows both and everything in between. It’s the job of an astrologer to explain what’s the best possibility, what the possible pitfalls are, and how to avoid them so you can be happy. And also how to navigate a complicated relationship so it can become happier for you!

So… what about prediction?

Astrology and prediction

Prediction in astrology can be highly accurate. I’m not going to dispute that. That being said… most people do it wrong. So, what you see in the magazines on prediction is about as accurate as a fifth grader doing Math meant for 10th grade: all the processes and results are wrong with very few exceptions in between.

First, predictions need more than your sun sign. Your entire chart – all planets that astronomy knows about, all houses, all signs, and all asteroids (we may work with/know about/don’t work with/know about) are factors here. And then, you do have options with the energies that “hit you.”

Here’s how it actually works.

Your astrological blueprint – that you were born with – is your map of potential. If the planets as they are now “connect,” with that blueprint in some way, your innate potential is triggered by – you guessed it: more potential.

The potential can be for change (Uranus), it can be potential for growth and maturity (Saturn), transformation (Pluto) or any number of things depending on which planet up in the sky is doing what – and with what part of your natal astrology chart.

Here’s the deal: you get to choose what to do with the potential. Consciously or subconsciously, you react to the energy and do something with it.

That’s not to say that humans can control everything – we can’t, or the world would be easier to manage (and not as interesting). BUT an astrological event that, for example, brings the desire to be free (Uranus) to your relationships plays out differently depending on your choice:

1), you and your partner do something together that feels really liberating – like going to a roller coaster park or cosplaying or whatever it is in your case – it feels freeing, so it is freeing.

2), you break up with someone – that’s “freeing,” too (or they break up with you).

3), you re-evaluate your relationship and throw out expectations, belief systems, and/or traditions that don’t work for you two – freeing!

4), you get together with someone that makes you feel free.

5), you open your relationship for new people or kink, explore new ways of life together, make big changes to your joint life that feel liberating, etc.

There are a lot more options on how this can play out, trust me – but this gives you a general idea of how this works. Which option will be realized then depend on three things: your overall chart, how you react to the outside energies, and how you deal with the inside-energies of the area that’s impacted anyway.

In plain English, if your relationships are targeted – well, what do your relationships look like right now? How do you love? Are you happy? Are you with the right person? What have you done with your “relationship blueprint potential” so far? That impacts things way more than pop astrology gives it credit for.

That being said, predictive astrology is really great at a) helping you plan ahead – if you know that you have some energies that facilitate making changes coming up in 2 months, then you might want to make that big move you’ve been thinking about at that time. And b), it can help you understand what’s going on right now, how to work with the energies, and help you feel better/use an opportunity to your advantage – and how long something will last. Plus, we can tease out general themes to expect in the near or far future, cycles you go through regularly (like, which energies or themes keep repeating, why, and how to work with that), and when something completely new can come up for you.

So, as you can see, it’s a lot more complicated than: “ALL CAPRICORN SUNS WILL FIND LOVE THIS WEEKEND!” or “EVERYONE BORN IN THE SIGN OF TAURUS WILL HAVE A PIANO FALLING ON THEIR HEAD!” That’s simply nonsense.

So, that’s how the basics of astrology work!

I hope you liked this little introduction – I’m sure there’s more to come.

If you want to book a session with me, you can do so here or just leave me a message :)

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