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Uranus in Taurus: Changing the Unchangeable, Liberation in Consistency (2018-2026)

Every 84 years, Uranus transits Taurus – and each time, it’s a profound, slow, and deep revolution.

Uranus is a planet that, in astrological terms, stands for rebellion, change, genius, individuality, revelation, revolution, technology, and breaking free. Taurus is the sign concerned with the things that stay the same. And that should set you up for the main theme of this astrological event: changing the unchangeable. Revolting for the right to stay the same. Changing the status quo so we can keep what we have, rather than eventually lose it. Root in what stays constant to find liberation.

Taurus also stands for much more that we’ve already seen change these past 5 years: the body, the land, stability, resources, fertility, life, femininity, sexuality… and so much more.

Let’s go in-depth and explore – but first, a list of dates for this astrological event.


In its current pass through Taurus, Uranus has been in the sign from:

May 15th – November 6th, 2018,

March 6th, 2019 – July 7th, 2025,

And November 8th, 2025 – April 6th, 2026.

In the past, it’s been in Taurus between June 1934 and May 1942.

The next time Uranus moves through Taurus will be from April 2102 to April 2110.

Changing the Unchangeable

Taurus is the slowest sign to change; Uranus is the part of us that wants nothing but change, innovation, and liberation from outdated modes of thinking. Together, Uranus in Taurus causes us to re-think, change up, and challenge the pillars of life as we know it: whatever you think is too sacrosanct ever to shift, whatever you think your foundations of life are (or what the foundations of life are for every human being): this is about to be challenged or changed in some way.

An energy like this is incredibly destabilizing to the system which can cause people to feel very anxious and overwhelmed. The good news is that this astrological event is temporary – long, but it ends – and that it happens every 84 years. This means that it’s a) highly unlikely for a human being to encounter it twice, and b) that every couple of generations has to deal with this – and thereby, set the foundations and reset the foundations for the people to come. If the people before us managed, we can too. Resetting our foundations also gives us the opportunity to rebuild them in a better way that works best for us.

Change – So You Can Keep What You Have

Often, when we hear “trying to evoke change,” we think of doing something different to get a different result from what we now have. Under Uranus in Taurus, this isn’t exactly what’s going on. Have you ever been in a situation that works really well for you, but you can see that your past or present methods may mess up that good result in due time? You then have to change the road you walk before it veers off to a destination you don’t want to go to – you need to change paths to keep going in the direction you want to follow.

A good example would be going on a gut-friendly, super-restrictive diet that’s supposed to rid your body of chronic inflammation. The diet’s working, your inflammations die down – all is as it should be. Your status quo right now is being in good health. But those kinds of diets, if done for too long, damage your health too, because you don’t get all the nutrients you need long-term (they tend to be too extreme to keep for life). Therefore, you have to change your diet again – to something more sustainable, but still gut-friendly – so that you can keep good results in your health. Changing the path to keep heading in the right direction (that you were already heading).

Uranus in Taurus shows us on a societal and individual level where we need to change things up to keep the good things we have in life. That doesn’t mean that some things couldn’t be made better (we both know there are plenty), it just means that keeping what you have and cherish requires some thought and out-of-the-box thinking.

Changing Things Back to What They Once Were

Uranus in Taurus can tend to be reactive. In the previous events, change happened that you figure out you don’t like: either because it doesn’t fit with you personally, or because it turns out to have nasty little consequences. Under Uranus entering Taurus, a huge inner pressure ensures an attempt to turn back time and bring back what used to work: only better. Because the reason things were changed up was that it didn’t fully work the first time around, now you have the opportunity to fix the mistakes the OG version held.

That being said, the desire to turn back time may fail as some cats won’t get back into the bag. That being said, the desire to bring back what you used to have can be fruitful – and even if it isn’t, it’s a great teacher that shows you what truly matters in life and is worth fighting for.

Sustainable Change

Part of Uranus in Taurus is to not focus on change for change’s sake (as Uranus likes to do in other signs) but to make change sustainable and worthwhile. After all, Taurus is all about nature: and nature doesn’t mess around unless it wants to play for keeps.

In part, this means that the topic of sustainability is a big driver for making changes in the world, which we see on the macro level in societal and economic discussions. However, this also happens on an individual level: under Uranus in Taurus, people want to individuate and create changes in their lives in ways that will last. A lot of times, the beginning of this astrological event caused a massive cataclysmic event in people’s lives that showed you what wasn’t working in the area Taurus occupies in your birth chart (if you want to learn more about this, skip for in the signs interpretations or book a reading with me for MORE information, individual information, and tips and tricks to deal with this energy!)

Then, as Uranus settles in Taurus, the theme becomes to individuate, make internal and external changes, and think outside the box in order to find ways to make this part of life sustainable for you.

Another aspect of the sustainable change under Uranus in Taurus is that change happens slowly. This can be frustrating at times, specifically if you aren’t surprised by a change that’s been in the cards for years (but you didn’t see it). However, slow and steady wins the race – it’s always the consistent actions done over long periods of time that evoke the most powerful and lasting change.

Liberation Through the Body

Uranus seeks to liberate and show us where we are unique: in Taurus, we explore liberation and our own uniqueness through our bodies. This means walking your talk, embodying your values, perspectives, and true self; owning who you are in such a complete way that it reflects in your very posture.

Working with the body also has a way of making us feel freer and more liberated as well.

Of course, the body can become part of a war for self-liberation with societal topics and certain laws – I’m sure you’ll find some examples of that in today’s current world. Other examples on an individual level could be the sense of liberation you feel when you stop eating restrictively to keep a certain weight. It could be to fight hard to gain physical flexibility or strength and to feel freer and more empowered because it works. It can be to give yourself permission to sleep as much as you need, rather than force yourself past your internal exhaustion to f.e. go to parties you only attend to fit in; or to get work done you could complete much quicker if you actually had energy.

Our bodies all add to our personal uniqueness in one way or another. Whether this is by having certain physical talents (or restrictions based on incurable health issues), whether that’s the way you look, or the way you show up in the world: bodies make us different. Under Uranus in Taurus, this difference is highlighted and the really brave ones stop hiding it.

Btw., the filters on social media, photoshop, plastic procedures, and high emphasis on make-up in today’s world are in stark contrast to Uranus in Taurus’s desire to stick out via what makes your body unique. Why then is this happening? Well, the answer to this is two-fold. Uranus doesn’t live in a bubble, so Pluto in Capricorn (power through conformity, power through fitting in) makes it harder to let one’s freak flag fly. It’ll be interesting how that’s playing out when Pluto enters Aquarius, sign of the weirdos who own it proudly (power of the trend-setter). That should be a shift in energy. The second answer is an astrological event that runs parallel to Uranus in Taurus: Neptune in Pisces 2011-2026 (the illusion of unnatural beauty being attainable). Neptune in Pisces makes it very, very tempting to try and appear perfect in an ethereal way or to weave illusions to achieve an impossible, inhuman standard you’ve convinced yourself others hold you to. This goes specifically for appearances.

It is my belief that Neptune in Pisces is responsible for the rise in artificial surface appearances, specifically via social media, while Uranus in Taurus brings the counter-movement of seeing and seeking beauty in the natural, very much human flaws and realities of the body. I’m a no-make-up kinda gal (mainly because my skin won’t let me wear stuff), so Uranus in Taurus’s “Rebel by Being Natural” very much applies to me, though I have no choice. In any case, not altering the way you look makes you unique and stick out in today’s world, often in a way that divides the onlooker. This is a very strong “Uranus in Taurus” theme, which is why I decided to harp on it a little.

(Also, please know there’s no shade thrown on wearing makeup, photoshop, and using filters, it’s just become a very intense phenomenon in the world at large and it takes courage to be different. You do you.)

Upheaval with Food, Weather, and the Land

I feel like it’s massively redundant to talk about this, but it’s worth a mention.

Uranus in Taurus causes upheaval and unexpected events in crops and other sources of food, the weather, nature in general, and the land itself. (Especially the land with Pluto in its last throes in Capricorn, specifically to be felt 2022-2024.)

There are also more and more people who show their governments the finger by buying land, growing their own crops, having farm animals, and homesteading. This is the absolute most Uranus in Taurus thing imaginable and people are doing it left, right, and center.

Femininity and Womanhood

Taurus signifies women, womanhood, and femininity at large. Uranus challenges our belief systems, actions, and overall reality of whatever sign the planet moves through: is it a wonder then how this astrological event put a giant spotlight on women at large? And what divisive and extreme conversations are taking place about womanhood and femininity across the globe?

Part of the movement that happens about women with Uranus in Taurus is always an intensification of conservatism. This is because Uranus in Taurus wants to evoke change through nature and bodies (which we f.e. see in people changing their bodies more and more), as well as evoking change that’s better fitting with nature or our bodies. One of the ways this played out is a much more change-bringing conversation around period products and how hormonal cycles involved with fertility constantly get disrupted in today’s world, which causes long-term health consequences and lowers people’s quality of life. Innovations are made and have been made to restore hormonal health and dial back on the artificiality and toxicity so that a more nature-based new approach (Uranus in Taurus) can bring the change we wish to see in our bodies (also Uranus in Taurus).

As always with Uranus, specifically in Taurus, there’s a movement for further change and a simultaneous movement that tries to turn back the clock, or at least to ground the too-extreme calls for change in a more sustainable and realistic call to action. This movement is very much necessary under Uranus in Taurus. So, while part of how this astrological event plays out is (always) a women’s liberation movement, there’s always another movement of women fighting to be recognized in roles they’ve always held, such as mother, daughter, sister, and wife.

Part of Uranus in Taurus is very specific topics such as fertility and birth – or things that have to do with life (vs. death), which is often something that’s grouped with femininity or womanhood, though it’s definitely an “all of humanity” kind of topic. Uranus in Taurus both tends to bring a return to the natural (natural forms of contraception or conception, etc.) and also on the other side a very significant technological development in those areas that bring more tech into very natural topics.


Last but not least, Uranus in Taurus affects finances and wealth. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people will lose money or become bankrupt, but it can also mean that your entire relationship with money shifts and becomes more focused on finding freedom through money or using money in ways that are aligned with you as an individual. Where are your resources coming from? What do you have to give up to gain them – and is this something you’re willing to give up?

Not a few people will go through a total transformation and crave financial freedom, or freedom from finances, over the course of this astrological event.

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Now, let’s place Uranus in Taurus in the signs.

In the Signs:

This is Uranus in Taurus for Sun and Rising Signs. Have fun!

Aries: This astrological event affects your money, income, values, and resources. While this could be very literal changes f.e. losing a job, this could also be finding a more freeing and empowering view on money or use of resources or finding a job that allows you to feel more free in life and make more money. Values become another, very real ground for change: what do you believe in? Where does it call for you to rock the boat with others? It’s time to find out and walk your talk. Your values may also dramatically change in the duration of this astrological event. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Taurus: This astrological event affects your sense of identity, your life direction, the way others perceive you, your appearance, and your very body. It’s time to get honest with what makes you different and then to live it, unapologetically. It’s time to come home to who you truly are and let the pieces fall where they may. Self-growth and upheavals in every aspect of your life, as well as your life direction in general, are to be expected. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Gemini: This astrological event affects you by causing the things that don’t serve anymore to end rather abruptly. Maybe you need more rest, maybe you’re much more energetically sensitive – and feel that this alienates you from others – and maybe it’s time to deal with the things that come up from your unconscious head-on. Fact is that this is a time to become conscious of what’s hidden and liberate yourself from the things that categorically hold you back – even when they’re within your psyche. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Cancer: This astrological event affects your friend groups, social circles, groups you move in, social media, fame/infamy, and visions, hopes, and dreams for the future. It’s time to find your tribe – and they’ll be the kind of people who won’t bow down to mainstream culture. It’s time to be yourself when other people are around, and it’s time to build towards a future that’s catered towards your individual hopes and dreams, not a cookie-cutter “I guess everyone does this” reality. Some people will experience a desire to walk towards social justice and fight for the underdog. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Leo: This astrological event affects your career, public image, public role, the mission and work you do in life, and the way you show up as an authority figure with responsibility for others. Responsibility and jobs you hold can feel like a vise that squeezes the aliveness out of you, or they can be a playground of self-expression, full of fun and positive challenge. Here, it’s your job to rebuild your world so you can have that feeling of freedom and navigate any changes in your role or work with ingenuity and grace. Bring your uniqueness to the stage. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Virgo: This astrological event affects your beliefs and the way you view the world at large politically, religiously, psychologically, philosophically, and so on. Travel, studies, and other ways of broadening your horizon can have massive ripple effects on your life. Any blinders you wear won’t stay on. Maybe you decide to move abroad or travel more to foreign cultures, but through whatever avenue life picks, you’ll end up seeing life in a way you haven’t thought possible. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Libra: This astrological event affects you the strongest from all other combinations as it hits the part of your chart concerned with the deep questions of life. Truths emerge and have the power to change everything. Intuition is highlighted and strengthened at this time while topics around life, death, and other people’s money or inheritances cause unexpected and total transformation. This event will help you find your power and make you more resilient than you’ve ever been. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Scorpio: This astrological event affects the way you relate with other people and where you make commitments. Relationships, specifically committed ones, can tie you down and keep you from being your true self, free and capable of walking your own path, or they can make you feel even more liberated as they support you in your uniqueness and drive to walk off the beaten path. Choose wisely. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Sagittarius: This astrological event affects your health, work-life balance, daily chores you do, where you’re of service, and habits. Some, though not all, people here may experience upheavals or liberations around questions on health. However, it’s likely that this astrological event expresses more through the work you do on the daily (at home, on the job, for other people), and whom you’re in service to, and how. Potential changes you see can also be new positions or job changes, as well as having to change habits or your environment. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Capricorn: This astrological event affects your romantic life, your heart, your hobbies, passions, the things you do for fun, your creative skills/work, your inner child, and potentially has to do with actual children as well. First, fertility and the topic of children are highlighted. Do make conscious choices on contraception if needed. Second, there’s a heightened need to be truly individualistic and authentic when it comes to dating and your love life, and the necessity to think out of the box when it comes to finding love. Your creativity may be erratic and unexpected but liberating to pursue. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Aquarius: This astrological event affects your deepest self, your home, roots, family, and the land you live on. Under this event, it’s time to rebuild your home and foundations so you can feel freer and more resilient as you weather the storm of upheavals structural changes bring with them. You may also decide to make changes to your family system or move. Fertility is highlighted. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

Pisces: This astrological event affects your mind, thoughts, and voice first and foremost: not necessarily literally, but via the way you perceive the world, your inner dialogue, and the way you communicate with others. It may be hard to hide the ways you stick out once you open your mouth. Learning and study can cause massive shifts in the way you perceive the world that then trickle into the rest of your life, and you may impact your local community (or be impacted by them) in unexpected ways. If you'd like to support my work, I'd really appreciate it if you could donate a sum of your choice to me here. Also, please share with a friend!

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