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Intuitive Cognition, Planting Dream Seeds: Neptune in Pisces (04/2011-01/2026)

Intuitive Cognition, Planting Dream Seeds: Neptune in Pisces (04/2011-01/2026)

Planet of intuition, illusion, compassion, and dreams super-charged in its home sign of Pisces: what an intense thing to witness. Starting in 2011 and ending in 2026, this is an event that happens about every 150 years… and that seeds the dreams for generations to come.

Introduction & Explanation of Terms

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Dates & Timeframes

April 4th – August 5th, 2011.

February 3rd, 2012 – March 30th, 2025.

October 22nd, 2025 – January 26th, 2026.

In history, the last time we’ve had this was in:



In the future, the next we’ll have this will be in:



What is Neptune?

Neptune is an outer planet, the farthest one in the Solar System recognized by astronomers to date. Astrologically, it rules spirituality, compassion, merging with something else, the energy realm, forgiveness, dreams, imagination, intuition, empathy, religion, losing yourself, drains, escapism, addiction, martyrdom, and victimhood.

What is Pisces?

Pisces is Neptune’s home sign as they’re thematically linked. It, too, deals with forgiveness, compassion, intuition, empathy, entanglements, spirituality, escapism, addiction, giving up, and victimhood.

Together, Neptune in Pisces is quite the interesting, super-charged combination of the best of the best, and the worst of the worst of both sign and planet.

Neptune in Pisces: The Power of Dreams

Neptune in Pisces reminds us that dreams aren’t just wastes of our time. Our reality is not just physical. Our world isn’t about the next paycheck, the next task, the perfect house or relationship, or vacation. There’s a depth to life. There’s a depth to human connection and interaction. There’s a depth to you.

Neptune in Pisces reminds us that we have a soul. That this soul is important. And that the energy we emit to others makes a difference.

Neptune in Pisces shows us that dreams are the seeds of reality and things that don’t just show us how the world is, but how it could be… which can help us change the world eventually. Neptune in Pisces shows us where the hidden realms make life meaningful and where not all important in life are visible.

Suffering, Mental Health Issues, and Addictions

Under Neptune in Pisces, there’s an elevated consciousness around mental health issues, the suffering of other people (or yourself!), and addictions. We become more aware of how high the suffering of the people around us is, and how some suffering may be unrelated to the present life circumstances – and still be crippling in its own way (as happens in some mental health issues).

This does not mean that Neptune in Pisces causes more mental health issues to arise, it just makes it a bigger part of our awareness that it’s already there. This includes but isn’t limited to, more diagnoses, more accessible and better treatments, and more people who are courageous enough to openly talk about these issues and de-stigmatize them.

Addictions, however, are another issue. Under Neptune in Pisces, substances or practices may become mainstream and turn into physical or chemical addictions. One example would be the spreading of opioids in the 19th century before people realized that it’s not a substance to take recreationally… without intense issues arising.

Under an astrological event of Neptune in Pisces, drugs and their effects on people may be trivialized, while behaviors that are just short of becoming an addiction may cross that demarcation line into addiction territory.

One way to avoid that is to think with your head about what you put in your body. Another is to deal with mental and emotional pain head-on rather than letting it build up enough that escapism into drugs sounds like a good idea.

This doesn’t mean that staying addiction-free is hard under Neptune in Pisces, people may just slide into something before they’re aware of it: but prioritizing awareness helps negate that issue. And remember, under any astrological event, recovery from addiction is possible. Staying clean/sober is probable. And help is always there for you and your loved ones.


Part of this configuration is that it’s unfortunately easier under this astrological event to fall into the trap of self-deceit, illusion, and lies. This is something that can’t fully be helped, though fostering awareness and keeping a firm grip on common sense is recommended. Fortunately, Neptune in Pisces makes it easier for our intuition to work… and intuition allows us to see through the lies we don’t know are there.

Intuition and Spirituality

Neptune in Pisces supercharges people’s extra-sensory awareness, unconscious perception, and intuition. Under this astrological event, intuition isn’t just stronger, it’s also more easily accessible and becomes necessary. This is why things such as astrology, tarot, oracle decks, and other means that connect you deeper to your intuition boom during this time frame.

Spirituality is another thing that’s part of this. Spirituality talks about an awareness and conscious interaction and/or relationship with a supernatural power. This is why religious people can be very spiritual if they seek a relationship with their beliefs, and why people can have a very strong spirituality without being religious.

Under this astrological event, spirituality in general, and the craving to find something to connect to are strengthened and more of a theme. While this need to connect can be escaped through numbing yourself or escaping into addictions, it is a normal part of being human and hard to ignore.


Under this configuration, we don’t want to fight so hard anymore. We want to surrender. To let go of the pressure, to let go of the goals that no longer serve us, to just let go. We ask for society to understand when we don’t want to try as hard anymore. We wonder why life became about doing, doing, doing all the time. We say: “It’s not enough to survive.” We de-armor. We crave the psychic rest.

And the funny thing is, under Neptune in Pisces, surrender erodes obstacles to some extent. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to fight anymore (or shouldn’t) – that just isn’t realistic. But it does mean that sometimes, taking a step back and doing something else allows the solution of a problem to come to us. Sometimes, surrendering in a fight leads the other person to de-armor as well (please use your common sense for this one, sometimes doesn’t mean all the time or in all situations). Sometimes, taking off the pressure is what allows what we want to happen (a peak example is trying to get pregnant and it doesn’t work; then stopping the “trying” and getting pregnant.)

Not only that, but categorically giving up on something can open the door for something better to come through: your dream career falls flat, but by giving up on it, you stumble over a career path that works even better. You give up on the person you thought you were going to marry, only to meet someone who’s a better fit. And so on.

However, the shadow side of this is when someone just gives up against an obstacle they could have overcome. The spouse of an abusive partner who won’t leave, though all opportunities are there. The teenager who won’t apply to his dream college because he heard that it was going to get tough. The person with cancer who won’t even go to the treatment or can’t be bothered to keep all radiation appointments. The forty-year-old who flees into drugs rather than quit her soul-draining job. The kid on the playground who lets others beat them without fighting back – for a number of reasons.

Giving up is a necessary part of human life – we all eventually end up in a fight for something we can’t achieve, or that isn’t good for us to have – but like everything, it has a negative side as well. Neptune in Pisces doesn’t save us from that, it shows us both.

Idolizing Victimhood

Neptune is about what we idolize, Pisces and Neptune both are about being a victim – not in the sense of “something bad happened to Tracy,” but more like: “Tracy is using the papercut as an excuse to mope and expects others to come save her.” We can go through genuinely traumatic and horrible stuff and be a victim of it without ever clinging to our identity of being a victim. We can struggle with the healing process after a horrible incident without giving up and/or expecting everyone else to take responsibility for us.

This section doesn’t talk about that though, it talks about making your past experience of being a victim so big and identity-giving that you’re a victim no matter your circumstances. Toxic victim-mentality, if you will.

Neptune in Pisces doesn’t just make it easier to fall into this mental trap, it also makes it easier for us to accept a toxic victim mentality from other people. The very compassion and empathy that Neptune in Pisces fosters can make it hard to draw a line that says: “Yes, it was horrible. And I’m still not responsible for their pain. It is not mine to carry, and I won’t accept their lashing out at me.”

Under this astrological event, victims can more easily be idolized as better people than those who don’t feel like victims (even if they’ve gone through similar experiences). People who claim to be swallowed by pain can be more easily seen as unable to move out of their own hell – even if they do have the means to get out (not everybody falls into that category).

The most dangerous here is when we’re tempted to give somebody a carte blanche because of their real traumatic experiences that then allow them to traumatize others. No amount of being victimized makes it okay for anyone to bleed on other people. Understanding should be fostered, forgiveness granted – but people are responsible for their actions and forgiveness should be earned.

Under Neptune in Pisces, being a victim may seem like something that gets you benefits you otherwise wouldn’t have (like acceptance, validation, and so on). However, it needs to be said that those benefits will likely dissipate as Neptune switches signs in 2025-2026.

However, there’s also a beautiful side to this equation.

Forgiveness, Compassion, and Empathy

Neptune in Pisces marks a time frame where we, as a society, become more and more aware of the power and necessity of forgiveness, compassion, and connection that hides behind arbitrary boxes we shove ourselves and each other into. People who have gone through things we’ve never personally experienced become the ones we fight to save, fight to connect, fight to understand. People who have made hard or inexplicable choices are ones we tend to forgive at the first sign that shows they’re sorry.

This astrological event makes it easier for us to connect and choose kindness for people with mental or physical health issues, and life circumstances we’ve never lived through and don’t easily “get” as per our own cognition. Humanitarian work and values are highlighted and people tend to be more charitable, kinder, and more inclined to help one another.

Forgiveness is more easily granted to give someone a second chance – at least on a surface level. True forgiveness is harder earned (and becomes more of a topic for you).

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