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Pluto Through the 11th House: the Power of Groups, Transformative Dreams (Transit & Natal Chart)

Updated: Jan 29

Having Pluto in your eleventh house (by quick trip or natal placement) is quite the change of pace. What’s up for change is nothing short of your community, your plans for your future, and even the ways you view fame – but that’s not all. To learn more about how this combination impacts you, keep reading!

But first of all, what is Pluto?

(If you'd like to skip this part, you can click here to get into the meat and potatoes of this article, or here if you'd like to see the list of dates for Pluto-in-the-11th-transits for different Rising Signs.)


Pluto is a (dwarf) planet that stands for total transformation, power, rebirth, the dark sides of life, what we need to survive, passion, and the strength we generate through having faced bad stuff in our lifetime. It’s also about joie de vivre and being “unfuckwithable” – the highest form of resiliency.

The 11th house:

The eleventh house stands for lots of interesting things, but the most important ones are: Your friends, your allies, your community, what you’re known for, fame, social media, and your future. The latter includes but isn’t limited to your dreams, hopes, and plans for the future, the way you strategize – but also, life over 50. A.k.a., most of our actual futures. It also rules groups in general.

Pluto Transit vs. in your Birth Chart

Being born with Pluto in your eleventh house means that the themes described in this article will more or less impact you throughout your life. Sometimes, they’re more active or important, sometimes, they’re in the background, but the area of life described by this house will remain the main stage for your journey of total personal reinvention and life changes. You can see your birth placement in your natal chart (feel free to come to say Hi in a consulting session with me & figure out where your Pluto lies).

However, as Pluto wanders through the sky in real-time, the planetary player may also enter your eleventh house for a temporary stay. That’s called a transit.

Pluto transits differ in length: the shortest is 12 years, and the longest is 32 years. So, as you can see, we’re talking about long frames of time – but ones that are still fractals of our lives rather than life sentences.

When does Pluto move into my 11th house?

If you’re wondering whether Pluto is in your 11th house currently, here’s a list of time frames for you! The overlaps between timeframes are due to something called planetary retrograde. In plain English, this means that Pluto “moves back and forth” as per our perspective from Earth.

Caution: This list ONLY works for your Rising Sign, it does not work for Sun Sign or Pluto Signs.

Aries Rising: With this Rising/Ascendant, you’ll have a Pluto 11th house transit from May to June 2023, January to September 2024, November 2024 to March 2043, and September 2043 to January 2044.

Pisces Rising: With this Rising/Ascendant, you’ve had this event from January to June 2008, then from November 2008 to March 2023, and finally from September to November of 2024. Next up, Pluto will move into your 12th house.

Other Rising Signs:


Aquarius Rising: Jan-Apr 1995, Nov 1995-Jan 2008, Jun-Nov 2008. (For you, Pluto is currently here.)

Capricorn Rising: Nov 1983-May 1984, Aug 1984-Jan 1995, Apr-Nov 1995. (For you, Pluto is currently here).

Sagittarius Rising: Oct 1971-Apr 1972, Jul 1972. Nov 1983, May-Aug 1984. (For you, Pluto is currently here.)

Scorpio Rising: Oct 1956-Jan 1957, Aug 1957-Apr 1958, Jun 1958-Oct 1971, Apr-Jul 1972. (For you, Pluto is currently here.)

Libra Rising: Oct-Nov 1937, Aug 1938-Feb 1939, June 1939-Oct 1956, Jan-Aug 1957, Apr-Jun 1958. (For you, Pluto is currently here.)


Taurus Rising: Mar-Sept 2043, Jan 2044-Jun 2066, Jul 2066-Apr 2067, Sept 2067-Feb 2068 (For you, Pluto is currently here).

Gemini Rising: Jun-Jul 2066, Apr-Sept 2067, Feb 2068-Jun 2095, Sept 2095-Apr 2098, Nov 2096-Mar 2097

Cancer Rising: Jun-Sept 2095, Apr-Nov 2096, Mar 2097-Jun 2127, Nov 2127-May 2128, Jan-Mar 2129. (For you, Pluto is currently here.)

(Leo Rising: Jun-Nov 2127, May 2128-Jan 2129, Mar 2129-Aug 2157, Nov 2157-Jun2158, Jan-May 2159. (For you, Pluto is currently here.))

(Virgo Rising: Aug-Nov 2157, Jun 2158-Jan2159, May 2159-Aug 2183, Jan-Jun 2184, Apr 2185. (For you, Pluto is currently here.))

And then, it’s Libra Rising’s turn, then Scorpio’s, Sagittarius’s, and so on.

Now, let's get into the meat and potatoes of this article. What does it mean to have Pluto in the eleventh house?

Pluto in the 11th House: The Power of Dreams

“Dreams are like stars: even if we can’t reach them, they’ll still guide us towards our destiny.”

I’m sure someone really smart and philosophical said this, but I only ever heard this gem of wisdom in a computer game called Delicious Emily’s True Love. Before you ask, it’s time management of a restaurant (hence the name “Delicious”). It’s also super cute… and a wonderful metaphor for this theme.

Part of the game’s plot is that restaurant-owner slash cook slash jane-of-all-trades Emily received a love letter from her summer crush 16 years after it was sent. Dreaming of true love, she leaves everything she knows to go on an odyssey-esque voyage back to Paris, to see if the stars align and she and her teen boyfriend of old are meant to be. The trip is an absolute disaster on many, many levels – and, (spoiler alert,) she leaves Paris broken-hearted only to realize that her True Love had been back at home the entire time… and was about to leave for good. However, the experiences she’d had chasing her past flame gave her the courage to choose love and claim what she’d always wanted. Now, why does this fit as a metaphor?

With Pluto going through the 11th house (or there in your birth chart), you’ll often make radical choices in order to pursue your dreams – sometimes even ones that are obviously the wrong choices, crazy, or potentially detrimental to you. (The example: Emily leaves her business for a guy she hasn’t spoken to for 16 years).

Therefore, advice for this placement comes in three points:

1) Be sure you really want this.

Sometimes, we think we want something – but the object of our desire is actually just a convenient way to get to whatever it is we really want to have. (For example, Emily wanted a perfect kind of love, she thought that specific guy was her way there.) If we get confused about what we really want, we spend our energy, time, and efforts on the wrong things – and may get in trouble.

2) Be sure the dream is good for you.

Sometimes, what we think we want is a mirage that would never, ever make us happy if it were achieved. So, ask yourself: what would your life look like if you succeeded in getting it? Is that something that you want?

3) Really mind your Ps and Qs when it comes to attempting to realize your dreams.

Your latest plan may feel like a great idea, but is it actually? Is it sustainable? Did you do enough research? Is this the right time? Can you deal with the fallout? Sometimes, you just have to hold your breath and jump in head-first, but during Pluto in the 11th, you may tend to jump before you’re ready – or in the wrong waters. Therefore, triple-check what you’re doing before doing it.

Now, let’s come to the final but perhaps most important aspect of the above – and the one that leads us full circle for this quote. With Pluto in your 11th house, temporarily or for good, you’ll sometimes chase the wrong dreams with the right results. A.k.a., the things you learned while pouring your heart out into the wrong thing may be what leads you to the right things. While this doesn’t mean that knowingly walking the wrong road is a grade-A plan (it’s not), unknowingly being on the wrong path will often work out for the better.

Be strategic, be mindful of the tendency to overdo things – but trust that even if things don’t work out, they’ll work out for the better for you. “Dreams are like stars. Even if you can never reach them, they’ll still guide you towards your destiny.”

The Path You Walk Will Change You

The (metaphorical) path you’re on in life, specifically in realizing your dreams and goals, will always transform you in big ways – that then lead to you making changes to your dreams, goals, and community. For someone with Pluto in the 11th house of their birth chart, this is a fact of life – and one that’s much stronger than other people may experience. For people who have Pluto traveling through their 11th house, this event temporarily introduces a massive amount of personal transformation and long-reaching game-changing choices that trigger each other.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with people long-term while they experienced this astrological event: and their journeys over 10+ years were utterly fascinating. Each step they took led to transformations within their psyche that were life-changing and that caused them to adjust their goals and life directions on a foundational level. This, in turn, caused more changes within them – and brought them on another new path. It was like life was bread-crumbing them, and each crumb led to a massive change in their experience.

But the good news is that while lots of things were in flux for those people, they became stronger individuals for having ridden those waves of change. The skills they learned, and the way their perspectives changed, led to a synthesis of skill sets and experiences that made them experts in their own rights and incredibly valuable, world-wise, and healthy people. Of course, not everyone who’s gone through this transit will automatically become a great or wise person – but many people do.

With this event on your doorstep, you need to be aware that you may change your mind on goals and your life direction overall – multiple times. With any other planet than Pluto, the advice could be to sit it out and change after the planet is over, but since Pluto is going to spend 20 years in Aquarius, that may not be an option.

For people who have this in their birth chart, the same advice goes: know that the long-term goals and plans you make may feel unshakable for you, but will change with time and experience – and much more profoundly than “is normal.” However, those changes (and the work you’ve done previously to follow the old goals and life direction) teach you valuable things. Being prepared for the unpreparable complete change of goals is important for people with this combination.

Real or Treacherous Hope

This is the house of hope – having a positive outlook on the future (or a negative one). With Pluto moving through this house, you may find yourself focusing overly on the negative potential future outcomes. What if everything goes wrong? What if life in 30 years isn’t worth living?

This can be fuel for you that helps you fight for lasting personal or collective changes, but it can also drag you down and pull you under. The first rule of thumb is always to prioritize your mental health. The second is never to let the future you anticipate hold you hostage. Humans have survived terrible circumstances and even found happiness there: so even if all goes wrong, you can still do that. Besides, you can change a lot in your life – and the world at large.

Hope is the antidote to this sort of depression.

That being said, hope can be as ironclad a prison as despair is: sometimes, we stay in the wrong relationships, the wrong jobs, and the wrong places in life because we cling to a false hope that everything will work out in the end: and everyone around us knows it won’t. With Pluto in the 11th house, there may come a time when we have to let hope die a final death… and build a new life that’s worth being happy about.

Long-term consequences

With Pluto in the 11th house as an event or birth placement, you may find yourself obsessed with your potential future(s). What’s the right path to take? Will the bagel you eat right now make you obese in 3 years to come? Being mindful of future consequences is always a good thing, but if overdone, it can become an unhealthy obsession that destroys your mental health. Under this event/birth placement, it’s important to be aware of that and temper the tendency towards obsession with mindfulness.

However, this very tendency is a necessary teacher. Pluto traveling through the 11th house may mean that it’s time to set the tracks for our future lives, specifically for life after 50. So, what you’ll do now will have an (even more profound) long-lasting effect on you. Knowing this, what do you cultivate?

Regardless of whether this is your birth placement or an event: find your passions and make them sustainable long-term – long-term. If you find toxic patterns or addictions, this is the time to think about what they’ll do to you when you’re older: do you want to hold your grandbabies one day? Maybe taking heroin isn’t a good idea then. You get the drift.

With Pluto in this house, you see (or will see, if it’s an event rather than a birth placement), how much our present actions determine our future. But you also see that you always have the capacity to do a full one-eighty and transform the results you’ll see in the decades to come.

Social Life

The eleventh house is, before anything else, highly social. Here, we see your community at large, your friends, your allies, and the groups you move in. We also see social media… another community or big group most of us move into.

With Pluto in this house, groups, and social life are up for a giant rehaul. Firstly, with this combination, you’ll become aware of the power that groups of people have on you. Science says that we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with (I personally disagree, but the 5 people we spend the most time with DEFINITELY have a profound effect on our personalities and our lives). Peer pressure has been one of the most damaging and miracle-bringing tools in history. Our immune systems suffer when we feel like we don’t belong somewhere.

That shows you the power our social life has on us. (And under this event/birth placement, it’s important to be hyper-conscious of that power, especially the darker sides of it).

So, how does your community influence you? Where do you feel you belong? Do you feel like you have to do something to keep belonging somewhere – if yes, can you live with what you need to do? Or does it mean betraying your soul?

The power groups have over you, and which groups you move in, becomes fertile ground for changes: both changes you personally go through, and changes within those groups. Sometimes, people with 11th-house transits change their friend groups. At others, they “just” change how they relate to them.

Lastly, under Pluto in the 11th house, you’ll meet LOTS of people who have the power to change you. Some of them may not be good for you: Pluto can deal with some very intense and negative personality traits and while not everyone will run into, f.e. abusive people, most people with Pluto in the 11th have met (and in some cases, dodged) these individuals. The good news is, that meeting someone doesn’t mean you’ll let them into your life.

On the positive side, you’ll meet good friends and teachers that show you how to live life as a fully empowered human being, and people who help you develop/find your passions. Honest and true friends are around the corner for you to find – just be a little mindful as not everyone who claims to be the above is a good friend.


This leads us finally to the last segment here: fame. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean large-scale internet “so-and-so many million clicks on YouTube”-type fame we know nowadays; fame can also mean that your hometown knows you’re the best bet for the apple pie contest. (Though social media fame is definitely a theme here.)

Under Pluto in your 11th house, part of the transformations within you and of your life may have to do with your relationship to or your status with fame. Not everyone wants it, some people only want it on a very small scale (like me), and others dream of becoming the next Taylor Swift or Gaius Julius Caesar. Your dreams here and your relationship with fame may change profoundly – and/or, change you.

What will you do to be famous? What would you like to be famous for? What are you willing to do to get there? What price are you going to pay once you have it?

Further Reading

So much for Pluto in the 11th house, in the birth chart, and/or transit! There’s lots more to say, trust me, but this should be enough for now.

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